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Keto Calculator

This is a simple calculator to measure your nutritional needs on a ketogenic diet. Put in your information and adjust your percentages as needed. I’ve tried to include a couple of studies in this, to give an idea where I got the formulas from and why they work.

Your Measurements

Enter your total body weight in pounds or kilograms, and your total bodyfat percentage. If you don’t know your bodyfat, you can visually estimate your body fat percentage.

Enter Body Weight (lbs.)
Enter Body Weight (kgs.)
Enter Body Fat Percentage


Energy Expenditure

This will give us an idea of how much the minimum amount of calories your body will burn in a day. Here we are calculating the Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and the Thermic Effect of Food (TEF). The BMR is simple the amount of calories we burn while our bodies are at rest, and the TEF is the amount of calories we burn  from eating and digesting food.We are using the Katch-McCardle formula which takes lean body mass into account.

Net Weight (Pounds)
Net Weight (Kilograms)
BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate)
TEF (Thermic Effect of Food)


Activity Level

Based on your activity level, we will get a more realistic look at the average amount of calories your body burns per day.

Sedentary. Not much daily activity, little to no exercise.
Lightly active. Daytime walking. 1–3 hours a week of light exercise.
Moderately active. Active day job. Exercise 3–5 hours a week.
Very active. Intense exercise 6-7 days a week.
Extremely active. Training twice a day, very intense workouts.
Total Daily Energy Expenditure (kcal)


Do you exercise?


Do you want to lose weight, maintain your weight, or gain mass? Choose your goals appropriately and only ever use a 10-15% calorie surplus or 15-30% deficit. Any higher of a deficit can have negative effects on your dieting, based on this study.

Deficit or Surplus Percentage %
Lose Weight
Maintain Weight
Gain Mass
Total Calories to Consume

Carbohydrates & Protein

It is highly recommended in a ketogenic diet that you keep your carb intake below 30g per day. You want to stay within healthy protein ranges, in order to retain muscle mass or gain muscle mass depending on your goals. We suggest between 0.8g – 1.2g per pound of lean body mass based on these studies if you want to build muscle. We suggest around 0.6g per pound of lean body mass if you want to maintain muscle (DON’T BE WORRIED IF THIS IS RED).If you want to learn more about how the body uses these, check out macronutrients on a keto diet.

Daily Protein Ratio (g/lbm)
Daily Carb Intake (g)


Here are your nutritional macros. You should eat according to these, and try to spread your meals out during the day. Don’t worry about getting exact numbers to the tee. You can afford a 5% fluctuation in either direction, but as long as you are close to your ranges it will balance itself out.

0 kcal Daily Calorie Intake
0 g Net Carbs (0%, 0 kcal)
0 g Protein (0%, 0 kcal)
0 g Fat (0%, 0 kcal)

If you are stumped on what you should be eating or what you can eat to get close to these values, you can take a look at my 7 Day Keto Diet Plan for ideas.


Darthluiggi – Formulas and tweaking. He’s over at reddit/r/ketogains. He  spent over 10 years tweaking the formulas and did a fantastic job!
Craig – Formatting and conversions from original keto calculator into JavaScript.

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  1. Danny

    I just wanted to say thank you for making this keto calculator! I have been on a few other websites and they have not given me what I wanted. I did not see good results for the past 3 weeks now and decided to strictly follow what your macros were.

    I’ve been using this for the last week and a half and the results are great! thank you!

    • ruledme

      No problem! Glad you’re finding success in your diet – you’ll get to your goals I’m sure :)

      I based this off of Martin’s keto calculator but decided to go more in depth with protein and exercise. Based on the research I did, his protein counts were a bit low, so I have adjusted them for less loss of muscle mass.

      Feel free to ask any question you might have about keto around the site, I try to post something new every day, but even if I don’t I try to stay active.

  2. clara

    according to the keto calculator, I am to eat 1868 kcal a day. I use myfitnesspal to keep track of what I eat. According to myfitnesspal, I should eat 1200 kcal a day to lose about 1 lb a week. This seems like a lot of discrepancy. I understand the theory behind the ketogenic diet, but I should be ultimately in caloric deficit daily to lose weight, no? Also, in some other keto calculator on the web, I should keep my caloric intake at around 1600 a day. Am I going to be able to lose weight at all eating 1868 kcal even if I follow the ketogenic diet?
    Thanks in advance for your response.

    • Craig


      Did you read the instructions next to each title? You can edit your calorie deficit depending on what you weigh. You should also be editing your protein ratios if you are sedentary. Most likely you did not adjust these and that’s why there’s such a large difference between the other keto calculator and this one.

      • clara

        yep, I did do all that. I am pretty active and work out 5 to 6 days a week ( HIIT and weights). It would be nice to eat 1800 calories a day and still lose weight if this keto calculator is correct.

        • Craig


          If you’re doing HIIT and Weights then yes I think that 1800 calories would allow you to lose weight. 1800 is even pretty low for that amount of working out.

      • keshia

        Craig, I was wondering the same as Clara. My macro info is spot on with hers. I don’t know her height, age or current weight but I did notice that the macros of a fellow ketoer who is male, 5’9 and 220 lbs are lower than mine. So am I on the right track? I’m a 5’4 female, 40 years old, 152 lbs (lost 2 lbs since Jan 15th) with 20-22% BF. I only do 10-20 minutes of cardio daily but I weight train 45-60 minutes 5 days a week.

        • Craig


          It really depends on what your end goals are for this. If you want to lose weight, or if you want to gain muscle mass. Since you’re already relatively low body fat for a woman, I figure you want to gain muscle mass?

          If you want to lose weight, you have to go into a calorie deficit, but if you want to gain weight you need to be at a calorie surplus. Most likely the male friend who is a ketoer has a high deficit because he wants to lose weight. When you’re lower bodyfat, your deficit needs to be much lower because your fat stores cannot cover a large deficit like his could.

          Anyway, let me know your goals and I can help out. For you, for losing weight I got:
          2003 kcal Daily Calorie Intake
          20 g Net Carbs (4%, 80 kcal)
          73 g Protein (15%, 292 kcal)
          181 g Fat (81%, 1631 kcal)

          And for gaining mass, I got:
          2448 kcal Daily Calorie Intake
          20 g Net Carbs (3%, 80 kcal)
          97 g Protein (16%, 389 kcal)
          220 g Fat (81%, 1978 kcal)

          So if you want to do something like that between your off days and your lifting days, that’s fine – but just know that it’s pretty difficult (if not impossible after a few weeks) to gain muscle mass without being in a calorie surplus.

          • keshia

            Thanks Craig. My goal is to lower my body fat more while maintaining what muscle I do have. So if I’m understanding this right, based on your response, A 20% deficit is too high and I need to ADD a few more calories to lose the fat?

          • Craig

            Right Keshia,

            What I would do is calculate all your macros with all your exercise included, and then do a 5-10% deficit on that. That way your fat stores can cover the deficits and it won’t be too large. Too large of a deficit can cause metabolic damage.

          • keshia

            Another question please. I’m never sure how to categorize my activity level. Yes, I go all out for that hour in the gym but I’m a full time wife and mom. So the rest of my day entails things like house/yard work and errands. So I usually just put lightly active. What’s your opinion about that?

          • Craig

            That’s fine. You could get away with moderately active, but the best thing for you to do would be to have an accurate idea of your exercise so you can accurately find your macros. I think around 2000-2300 calories will be something to what you’ll be needing.

  3. Crystal

    Hey there. So my husband and I are starting this diet tomorrow. I am 5’8 127 lbs. and my husband is 215 6’0. My goal is not to lose more than a couple of lbs. but to lose the soft stuff and get some definition. My husband needs the lbs. I have read a lot about ketogenic diets and the ratios vary a bit. What I got from this calculator was a pretty high caloric intake. Now I was told to not even worry about the calories just your macro ratio. Also the protein seemed high as well. Can you offer us any tips as we start? I just want to do this right. Thanks!

    • Craig


      Sure. So for you – you should be at a calorie deficit. But since you’re pretty low weight already, I suggest something like a 5-10% deficit (No more than 10%). To get “defined” while losing weight is pretty much impossible. You CAN gain muscle in a calorie deficit, but only for the first few weeks and you’d have to be doing quite intense strength training. You might want to consider doing a surplus, to gain both fat and muscle, and then switching to a “cut phase” where you cut your fat but keep your muscle.

      As for your husband, if he needs to gain – he should be in a calorie surplus. Normally for suplus’ I suggest 10%.

      The protein in my calculator is, by default, higher than most. For someone that is inactive and trying to lose weight, I always suggest using a 0.6g ratio. For someone that is active, keep it default. When losing weight, you can lose muscle, and I personally find that a bit higher protein that other calculators do help with preservation of muscle during the weight loss. Some other people disagree, but I link to the studies that I read through to come to the conclusion I did.

      Hope that explains everything – as for tips, just read through some of the articles on the website. I spent a lot of time writing them and they’re packed full of information. If you want to get on a more personal level, you can join our facebook group too: https://www.facebook.com/groups/keto.diet/

      See you on the site (and maybe on facebook)!

      • Crystal

        Completely agree. I wasn’t happy with the lower protein intake. I love my protein. So I initially put a 15% deficit purely because I am at the low end on my weight and my BMI is 19.4%. I just want to be cut. Thanks so much for your quick response and I am sure you will be hearing from me again!

        • Craig

          Yeah I wouldn’t suggest 15% deficit. Per pound of fat, you “generally” (and that’s assuming a lot of conditions) can cover 50 calories per 1 pound of fat. So keep that in mind when you calculate your deficits. Too high of a deficit can be counter-productive and also cause metabolic damage. See you around :)

  4. maria

    Hi! Thank you for the calculator:)!!! I am planning on starting the Ketogenic diet on March 1. I am 188lbs, 5ft3in.My body fat percentage is an estimated 45%. My goal weight is around 110-120. I did the calculations for a 10% deficit and for a 25% deficit. I am sedentary but plan on walking at least 30 minuets daily. Which deficit would be most effective at losing the weight quickly and is still healthy so that I don’t cause metabolic damage.

  5. Suz

    Please please help me, I am so confused with the working out of cal and carbs. I am a 44 yrs, female, weight is 68kg and height is 167cm and desprately need to loos 2kg per week. I will be forever greatfull if you can help me with how much cal and carb to eat before I start on my keto diet.



    • Craig


      Losing 2kg per week is extremely unhealthy weight loss, so you’ll never be able to lose that much without doing a large amount of damage to both your body and your metabolism. As for your macros, I don’t know what your bodyfat % is, so I can’t really help out.

      Best of luck

  6. Sony

    Hey Craig,
    Loving your site! It has become my go to for everything. I’m on week 2 of ketogenic diet and realized I need to be more detailed about my macros. I’m 4’11, 111 lbs but 35% BF (hence the keto)and I’m doing Jillian Michaels get Ripped in 30 (5-6x/week). I’m trying to figure out how I can lose FAT, but maintain muscle/get stronger –> get leaner BF%?

    I’m using Myfitness pal to log in all of my habits and macros. So, hopefully with your help I can aim for the right numbers.
    Thank you in advance for your help!

    • Craig

      Hey Sony, thanks! What I would suggest is to keep a 0.8g protein ratio (it’s default, so no need to change anything) but use moderately active as your activity level. Don’t worry about putting any of your exercise into the calculator (just leave it as moderately active). You should be eating a decent amount of calories a day to keep up with the exercise, but enough to keep yourself in a deficit. Keto is a pretty muscle sparing diet, so you shouldn’t worry too much about maintaining muscle. Gaining muscle is kind of iffy, you might see some progress at first, but after that you can’t really gain much muscle without a calorie surplus. So, for now, just continue losing weight – the rest sounds great. Keep track of your macros and you’ll be set :)

      We have a facebook group (link is in the sidebar – Ketogenic Living) that you can join. Many people help out and support there. See you around (or in the group)!

      • Sony

        Thanks so much! While I push hard for that 30 min – 45 min workout, the rest of my day is mostly sitting around. Do you think mod activity is still applicable?

        Also, when it comes to nutrition bars like Quest bars- should I pay attention to all carb or only net carbs? Thank you!

        • Sony

          Also, what’s a good deficit to do? I did the calculation for a 25% deficit since it says to stick within 15-25? Thank you for all of your help. =)

          • Craig

            Since you’re exercising I suggest keeping it between 15-20%. 25% may be too high considering your exercise also. Moderately active is still fine to use.

            As for Quest Bars and things of that sort – some are OK and some are not. Erythritol is common in a lot of these, which directly passes through the digestive tract (humans don’t have the enzymes to break it down, so I never count them). It’s up to you whether you want to count them or not, but I never had a problem with Erythritol.

  7. Barry

    Hey Craig,
    I had a friend who has done this diet has lost over 100 pounds so I wanted to start the diet on March First. I am 6’4 about 320 and I would say about 45 -50% BF and want to lose weight. Also I work in retail so I am constantly walking around on my feet. I was doing good with the calculator until I got to the surplus/deficit section. Wanted to get further clarification on that section. Also, the hardest part of this diet for me is giving up juice! I am addicted lol… Wanted to know do you have any tips or alternatives for this? My friend switched to diet soda but I’m not really a fan. I was looking at maybe diet snapple or coke zero? Thanks in advance

    • Craig

      You should be fine doing a 20% deficit. You have enough fat stores to be able to cover a larger deficit (even with your job taken into account). As for juice, I don’t really have a solution. I always recommend water – and a lot of it. You could try the different flavorings for drinks that are sugar free (like Crystal Light, Mio, etc.).

      If you have any more questions let me know, we also have a facebook group that helps people out (it’s called Ketogenic Living, the link is in the side bar).

      All the best and good luck!

  8. Dallas

    Hey there, so I’ve been doing ketogenic for about 3 weeks now and I’ve lost 17 pounds, however I have found I have been stalled for about a week. I recently introduced a whey isolate (with sucralose, only 1g carb per scoop), as I could not get the required 80-85g protein/day. I am a vegetarian so it’s not as easy to get no-low carb protein sources. I have been doing the lowest carb veggie meats and they haven’t been a problem so far. I am not currently working out, but I do plan on doing some weights/cardio just to tone up. I also do bulletproof in the morning.

    I’m not really sure what is causing the stall or what I can do. I read about the fat fast, but I cannot bring nuts into my house since my roommate is allergic. Do I cut out the whey and see if it helps, even though my protein intake will then only be at 40-50g/day?

    Any input is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    • Craig

      Awesome job so far Dallas! Are you allowed to eat eggs? If so, you could bring eggs into the mix to up your protein and cut back on the isolate.

      If not, keep with it for a little longer – sometimes I see stalls for 1-2 weeks and then they start losing again. :) Best of luck and let me know what happens!

      • Dallas

        I can definitely eat eggs, and I try to, I just have difficulty finding ways to eat them, since overly “egg-y” tastes make me gag. I’ve tried steamed (with some cheese), boiled, and egg salad, but they aren’t things I want to eat every day. Since most spices have hidden carbs, I can’t exactly jazz them up that way either. Who knew eggs could be such a predicament?!

        I’m heading to California in 2.5 weeks and want to lose another 10 pounds before I go so I can rock a bikini. This is why my stall is causing panic. I will try reducing the isolate and adding in some exercise and hope and pray my body wants to burn fat!

        • Craig

          That works – just make sure your deficit is not too high. You can get away with spices on eggs because it’s not like you’re going to be adding a tablespoon of spice to some eggs. More like 1/2 tsp. of some spices to 3-4 eggs (which is 18-24g protein). So you can add some spices, it wouldn’t make a large difference I’d say :)

          Either way let me know what happens!

          • Dallas

            Just an update..I decided to do a fat fast. I’m on day 2, so far down 1 pound in the day and a half I’ve been doing it. It seems to be the break through I needed. After finishing I will resume with tweaked macros.

            Question though..yesterday I had BP coffee in the a.m, 15 macadamias throughout the day, 3 tbsp. of natural peanut butter, and a vega hydrator (an electrolyte drink). Does that sound decent to you? I wasn’t hungry throughout the day, and I’m positive I can manage the same for the next 2 days (I may stretch out to 5 days total depending). That makes it 898 cals, 89% fat, 5% protein, 6% carbs.

          • Craig

            Dallas, that sounds right for a fat fast – but I highly suggest not stretching it longer than 3 days time. Honestly, fat fasting is just for getting into keto or breaking a plateau and I am a little bit against it. Losing 1 pound in a day (though it’s probably a lot of water) is still an unhealthy way to think about weight. You should be aiming for 1-2 pounds a week, max. Just keep that in mind and don’t get too crazy with the fat fasting ;)

  9. BN

    Craig, first of all many thanks for putting all this together. It’s a really great site and a really great help!

    So I’ve just started this and my Macros worked out to be (wanting to lose weight – and putting a deficit of 15%):

    KCals – 2159
    Net Carbs – 25g which I set
    Protein – 151g (daily protein ration of 1)
    Fat – 162g

    I worked out my eating today to have been:

    KCals – 2028
    Net Carbs – 24.4
    Protein – 126.3g (daily protein ration of 1)
    Fat – 173.2g

    I also went for a 5k run today / and I generally weight train quite intensively for 40/45mins 3 times a week. My lifestyle otherwise is fairly sedentary.

    So given my lifestyle/exercise regime, if I ate as I actually did today – is there any danger in that? Am I over or under anything significantly?

    Thanks again!

    • Craig

      Thanks BN!

      What is your actual weight? If you’re relatively heavy (body fat % wise) you can afford to go into a higher deficit, so I wouldn’t mind you sitting at those numbers. But, if you’re more lean (lower bodyfat %) then you’d probably need to increase your calories a bit to put up with the exercise. You’re not in danger really for a little while, so you have time to sort it all out and figure out what works for you the best, That said, I certainly don’t think a larger deficit than 35% in total (if you’re quite heavy) would be that healthy.

      All the best!

      • BN

        Thanks for the quick reply Craig!

        I’m 182lbs / 5’10” / and using the visual estimation I’m probably in the 15%-19% body fat range.

        • Craig


          Yeah, you’d definitely want to up the calories a bit. You don’t have too much to lose, so your fat stores can’t cover as much as a very heavy person, for example. Anyway, hope that helps – best of luck :)

  10. Katherine

    Hi Craig,

    I’ve got a couple of questions…

    I’ve been doing LCHF since Jan (always been low carb in the past but more LCHP).

    I’m 175 cm tall, weigh 63.5 kg and have 25 % body fat (about 50 kg lean mass). I used to be extremely overweight, about 160 kg (BMI >50) and through D&E and weight loss surgery I have lost 95 kg or so. I have a considerable amount of excess skin which influences by body fat % (according to the dexa-scan technician). My ‘trunk’ body fat is 16.5 % but legs (where most of the skin is) is 30 %. So I don’t really have an accurate body fat vs excess skin measurement. However, according to the dexa-scan my lean mass is 50 g.

    I’m trying to lose a few more kg before I have surgery to remove the skin. I’ve entered by data into your keto-calculator and got the following:
    1327 kcal Daily Calorie Intake
    25 g Net Carbs (8%, 100 kcal)
    63 g Protein (19%, 252 kcal)
    108 g Fat (73%, 975 kcal)

    That is basically what I eat, give or take a bit. I’m very strict with my carbs and really do try to get my protein and fat in but some days it is a bit low. I’ve had zero weight loss and I’m starting to wonder why….

    Just to complicate things, I’m wondering if my WLS history – a lap band and now a gastric bypass would be affecting things? With the lap band I used to eat 1,000 – 1,200 calories a day and have done so since about 2006. So I’m wondering if there have been long-term alterations to my metabolic rate? I’m a scientist by training so I’ve tried to search the literature but it’s a very sketchy subject with no clear answers – any thoughts?

    I realise that my deficit is quite large but if I eat anymore my weight goes up – I got down to 62.5 kg at once stage and now I’ve gained about 1 kg or so. I am assuming that it’s muscle given that I do 30 min pilates and 1 hr of callanetics per week…

    I’m definitely in ketosis – I check my fasting ketones in the morning and also in the evening. My readings range from 0.6 – 3.2 mmol/L but generally they’re higher in the morning than the afternoon. I’ve no history of diabetes or anything – my BG levels are < 5.5 mmol/L.

    Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!

    • Craig


      I actually suggest upping the calories a bit and working on a smaller deficit. Yes, you’ll gain some weight at first, but you can actually repair the metabolic damage that was done from lap band surgery/eating little/etc. It does take time, though, so you’d have to push through it. This metabolic damage could very well be the reason you’re not losing weight, unfortunately.

      • Katherine

        Thanks Craig!

        I’ve been reading around your site and come to a similar conclusion :) I’ll see how I go – I really do wonder about the long-term damage to my metabolism and really hoping that I can start to repair my body..

        Thanks again – and thanks for such a *fantastic* site – with references :)

        • Craig

          Appreciate it Katherine :)

          The timing for how long it’ll take for repair is kind of dependent on the person so I can’t give too much more details on that. But once you do start healing properly, you should see better results! Wish you the best!

  11. TJ

    Hi Craig,
    Wanted to know if you could give me a hand at what my macros need to be. Needing to drop at least
    80lbs. Currently at 248, wanting to get between 165-175 (larger build). I am sedentary, but would like to take
    up daily walking of at least 30 minutes; but haven’t as yet. My BMI, I think that’s what it asked for is high, the 45% or higher =(. If you need any other info…let me know.
    Thanks a bunch! Tj

    • Craig

      TJ, it asks for your Bodyfat %, not for your BMI. I took a guess and put in that you were 34% Bodyfat, but I think you should check out the “visual guide to estimating bodyfat” so you can be a bit more accurate.

      With those numbers, I got:
      1998 kcal Daily Calorie Intake
      20 g Net Carbs (4%, 80 kcal)
      98 g Protein (20%, 393 kcal)
      169 g Fat (76%, 1525 kcal)

      • Tj

        Okay, so it is 45% that I need =( WELL I AM WORKING ON IT ;)
        So, I just go enter it with that in mind? Isn’t that kind of calorie per day going to make me gain even more??? I’m so use to seeing that 1200 is needed to lose. Wow.
        Thanks for your help, again, Tj

        • Craig

          Tj, yeah you still have to feed your body energy. You could go into an aggressive deficit of 30% if you’re 45% bodyfat, though, since your fat stores can cover the deficit :)

  12. Keshia

    Hi Craig, I need some advice. I’ve been doing Keto almost 3 months now and can’t lose 1 pound. I consulted with a very popular keto person who mentioned that cortisol may be an issue. My 5 day split workout may be too much stress, therefore preventing me from keto adapting. What do you think about that? Do I really need to limit my workouts to lose weight (only 10-15 pounds)? Thanks for your input.

    • Craig


      I think Stephanie is criminal to charge so much for her consultations. I keep hearing over and over how little success people have had. First make sure you’re eating enough for your workouts, and then make sure your macros are on point (AKA getting enough fat/moderate protein/low carb). If you are still having problems it could be a number of reasons so you can email me or catch me on facebook to go more in depth :)

      • Keshia

        PHEW…..I’m sooo glad you didn’t say to stop working out! Lol… I’m not a man, but I know that there are plenty of men on keto that kill it in the gym everyday….so why not me! Thanks, I’ll send you my specifics.

  13. simone

    Hi Craig
    Great site! Thanks so much for the content. It’s really informative. I just had a couple of quick questions regarding my macros.
    I used your calculator and it came up with 52g protein, 20g carbs, 170g fat.
    I am trying to lose 4kg to get into fitness modelling as well as building muscle. I weight train everyday and do intense cardio about 3 times a week (mainly interval sprints). I’m a bit concerned with the minimal protein being 52g for an entire day. Can you tell me if this sounds right?
    I’m a PT and have used cutting diets, bulking diets etc but now I’m really focused on losing body fat and would like to be around 14-16%. At the moment I’m sitting at around 22% but not sure how accurate the reading is on my scales. I’d really appreciate your feedback!
    Thanks Craig!

    • Craig


      If you’re doing weight lifting you’ll need to use a higher protein ratio. The default is set to 0.6 and that is meant more for sedentary people. Try something like 0.8 – 1.0 ratio and you’ll get better number more suited for someone with your work out regimen!

      Hope that helps :)

  14. Quyen


    Can someone help me calculate my macros? I’ve used several calculators and they all come out with different figures which is getting confusing to say the least!

    My info: 175cm height, 75kg weight, 15% BF, I do 2x 1hr cardio sessions a week (20min rowing at 9 setting, 20min skipping, 15 min cycling at 6 setting), I also do PUSH PULL weights 4 times a week (roughly 3 exercises per muscle group, 3-4 sets, 8-10 reps….including compound exercises like squats, bench, deadlift,etc.) each weight workout takes about 2 hours

    The part I’m not sure about with the above calculator is the Exercise part and how much calories to add in order to offset my calorie count.

    My aim to get my maintain my muscle mass and get my body fat down to 10%.

    Thanks for any help, much appreciated!

    • Craig


      You’re going to have to experiment with macros for yourself to see what works out. It’s pretty difficult to reduce bodyfat while maintaining or building muscle, so you may have to cut working down some and decrease calories a bit in that time frame (as I’m sure you know, it’s called a cut).

  15. Alicia

    Hi Craig,

    I’m 5’5″ and weigh 143lbs. I work out 2-3 times a week cardio 20 mins each time sometimes if inspired, 40 minutes. I’m looking to lose 15-20lbs. I’ve been low carb for 2 months and so far lost 10lbs. My body fat i would estimate 27%. I used your calculator and it said around 1381 calories. How can i loose weight quickly (over the next month or so), am i calculating correctly? I’d like to get down to 15-20% body fat for now. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    • Craig

      Alicia, my best advice I can give you is to stop trying to lose weight “quickly”. It took time to gain weight, it’s going to take time to lose weight. Losing weight very rapidly is just unhealthy and will have negative consequences attached to it.

      • Alicia

        I would be happy with losing 10-15lbs over any amount of time but im wondering if my calculations are correct. I have been stuck at the scale for over a week and need to see if i’m doing this all correctly. Based on my numbers, what do you think?

        • Craig

          Alicia, I got these numbers using the same numbers you gave me:
          1410 kcal Daily Calorie Intake
          20 g Net Carbs (6%, 80 kcal)
          63 g Protein (18%, 251 kcal)
          120 g Fat (77%, 1079 kcal)

          I would suggest upping your calories on the days you are doing working out, though, by 100-200 (just up your fat intake and protein intake slightly).
          Hope that helps.

          • Alicia

            Thank you so much! I’ve only been at 100g fat each day and i almost always go over my protein intake by 70g!!!! My carbs have been great lately and they are anywhere between 10g and 17g a day. I just have been stuck on that scale for what feels like forever!

          • Craig

            Alicia, if you’re going over on protein by that much then I am thinking that would be your problem. Excess protein is turned into glucose during gluconeogeneis, and this could be causing your stall. Reduce your protein, up your fat, and see where that takes you.

  16. AndyWear

    The calculator is confusing me. I don’t really know how much energy or calories I’m burning when I work out. Right now I’ve been inactive because of an injury, but I calculated based on what I plan on doing when I get back into working out. Workouts I usually do are: dead lifts, bench press, shoulder press, hip rotation with weighted olympic bars, basic sit ups and crunches, clean and press. I usually workout for about an hour, minus my warm ups and stretches. On the weekends sometimes I go hiking which lasts for 4-7 hours. I plan on maybe playing basketball once or twice a week. When I play, its usually 2-3 hours. I also rock climb once or twice a week for about 2 hours a day. Once I’m active again I think I’m fairly active but I still gain weight.

    I’m male, 5’2, 160 pounds right now. I’m pretty muscular but based on the charts I’m about 34 percent in body fat.

    This was my result:

    1854 kcal Daily Calorie Intake
    20 g Net Carbs (4%, 80 kcal)
    63 g Protein (14%, 253 kcal)
    169 g Fat (82%, 1521 kcal)

    Does this sound alright to you?

    • Craig


      That sounds a little low, calories wise, for working out as much as you plan to. I’d suggest upping the calories (lowering the deficit you’ll be in) and go from there. I’d think something like 2000-2200 would be around where you’d want to be.

  17. Jenn

    Hi Craig, thank you so much for your site! It is very helpful.

    I am just beginning my research on going Keto and have been reading all about it for the past week or so and want to get started. I am having a tough time generating my macros though and the calories seem crazy high! I am used to only eating 1200-1500 calories per day and I work out (bootcamp 4x/wk, kickboxing 1-2x/wk, 20min cardio at gym or 3mi walks on day off), but have not been losing weight. I do recognize that I have built muscle and dropped body fat % – used to be at around 34% and am now around 28%. I am 5’6″ and 168lb, my main goal is to get down to around 145lb.

    Could you take a look at what the input I got for my macros are and guide me here? With a 30% deficit. Also, should I lower my carbs?

    No workout days:
    1793 kcal Daily Calorie Intake
    20 g Net Carbs (4%, 80 kcal)
    72 g Protein (16%, 290 kcal)
    158 g Fat (79%, 1424 kcal)

    Workout days:
    2108 kcal Daily Calorie Intake
    20 g Net Carbs (4%, 80 kcal)
    72 g Protein (14%, 290 kcal)
    193 g Fat (82%, 1739 kcal)

    thanks so much!!

    • Craig

      Hey Jenn, you’re welcome! The macros look great – you shouldn’t need to reduce carbs any more than that since you’ll still want to get some veg into your diet :)

      • Jenn

        Thanks Craig, but are my calorie counts too high? Should I strive to eat the 1793 even if I workout that day?

        Also, I love veggies…I’m having a tough time keeping the carbs down because of them.

        Ok, one last question…. in myfitpal tracker… do you subtract the total carb-fiber to get the net carbs for 20g?


        • Craig

          They don’t seem to be all that high. Try cutting some veggies out and eating grass fed, organic organ meats if you’re having problems with vegetables bringing your carbs too high.

  18. Michelle

    I have been doing low carb for a while now but I cannot seem to get below 166 lbs no matter what I do. I drink 3 qts of water+ other liquids (no caffeine or diet soda, in case you wonder), eat plenty of fat, exercise 3 x a week for 30 mins 3 times a week at least at moderate intensity. my macros are 5% carb 15% protein 80% fat. I eat between 1600 – 1700 daily. Sometimes I wonder if I eat too much, and some times I wonder if I need to eat more. I have lost a lot of weight, but I have been stuck for months so I must be doing something wrong. I used to be 265lbs, but currently 166lbs. I know it takes time, but this is really getting ridiculous in my opinion. Very frustrating. Should I cut back on fat and increase protein? Cut Calories, or increase them? Increase activity? Please advise. I appreciate any help you can give me.

    • Craig


      You may want to increase the amount you eat to see if that helps. Normally as you lose weight you have to eat a bit more because your fat stores can’t cover the deficit as easily.

  19. Heidi

    Hi Craig
    Well I started a keto diet in Feb 2014 and I managed yo gain about 8-10 lbs. I think it was the butter. :) so that wasn’t what I was going for. Now I’m going to work to take the weight off that I gained plus an additional 10 lbs .
    I am 5’10” 173 lbs and 25% bf. I lift heavy weights 3x per week. The heart rate monitor I wear says I’m burning about 400 calories per session approx. that might be high but the sessions are fairly intense with kettle bells and squats deadlift complexes for example.
    Another 3 days I do cardio HIITS and the some additional running at about 75% of my LT for total of 30-45 min.
    I’m not looking to gain, I’d like to lose fat and get cut for summer which is quickly approaching. I’m cool with doing some of this through the summer months.
    My question is how large of a deficit can I make?
    Thank you for your time :)

  20. Chris

    Hi Craig,

    Thanks for all the informative info you have been posting. It really simplifies it for a newbie.

    I would like to double check something if I may, I have just done a DEXA scan, and calculated my lean mass to be 69kg (25kg fat, 3.2kg bone) totalling 97kgs.

    i’m 171cm tall and 28y.o.

    im at an office job but try and do weights 3 times a week (20 reps, lower weight) trying to maintain muscle mass and lose fat, as well as walk on average about an 80 minutes a day on top of daily activities (some days zero, some days 3 hours).

    my question is would a 25% deficit be too much even if im not hungry? and could this hinder weight loss?

    I also supplement by taking l-glutamine and acetyl l-carnitine (3-5 grams each per day). Is it fine to continue with this?

    thanks so much again for the information you have put up so far. It’s been incredible :-)

    • Craig

      Hey Chris – thank you! Your supplements are fine to continue to take, but I’d go ahead and make it something like a 15% deficit. Since you’re doing some activity, you’d see larger muscle loss if you were to go into a 25% deficit. You’re going to lose SOME muscle when you lose weight, but to keep it to a minimum, you want to go about it the right way :)

  21. Chris

    thanks for the lighting quick reply. Ill start the SKD on Monday after I pick up some ketosticks over the weekend. ill also probably up the protein from 0.6g per lb of LBM to 0.7g-0.8g and adjust as required as im still doing 3 days of weight training. thanks again!

  22. jkhd

    Greetings, I’m a 60 yr old woman, 5’4″ and 150 lbs. I am currently on Thyroid meds and have started growth hormone also. Over the past few years, I have put on 20 lbs, while exercising 7 days a week, from 1 to 2 hours a day. Instead of losing, I put weight on. I started the Keto woe about 5 months ago, have lost 6 pounds, but can’t seem to shake the remaining 15-20 pounds. I had been 128 to 132 and that would be my goal weight. I workout now with weights 5 days a week, for about an hour. My macros have been 20 g of carbs, sometimes not meeting that, 129 g of fat and 82 protein. Where do I go from here?

    • Craig

      Hey there,

      You could try cutting protein down just a tad and increasing fats a bit more. Without knowing too much more about what you’re eating, there’s not too many suggestions I can give.

  23. Cynthia


    I would really appreciate your help. I struggle to loose weight. I do not have a gallbladder also. My height is 5″2 and my current weight is 166. I started this diet at 159 and have been putting on weight gradually. That is a shame because I love the diet. I would like to loose 30 pounds. I mostly sedentary with the exception of a 20 minute walk in the morning and a 10 minute walk in the afternoon. The rest of the day I sit at a desk. Can you help me estimate the right macros for me. I tried 1400 calories and also 950 calories. Did not loose in any occasion. I have been doing this diet since last November. Thank you! The only time I lost weight I was on a 750 calorie diet. I do not want to live like that anymore

    • Craig


      You’ll have to reach through each section of the calculator and see what kind of numbers you get. I’d estimate you’d need to eat around 1400-1600 calories a day. That said, you have to stick with it for some time. Even though you don’t have a gallbladder, there’s plenty of people that don’t have a gallbladder and can do this (they have to introduce fats slowly into their diets – normally with other foods also).

      If you were eating such a small amount of calories, you have to also realize that you may have done some metabolic damage to yourself. If that’s the case, it can take months to repair that damage. May I also ask – have you had your bloodwork done recently on hormones? If you stuck to 1400 calories for a month at least then it may be a hormone issue too. There’s a lot of questions that arise when someone isn’t losing weight – the first one I always ask is: Are you eating enough calories, and are you getting enough fats?

  24. Les

    Hey Craig,
    I’m 105kgs body fat 46% and just been diagnosed with insulin resistance. My nutritionist has given me tips and suggested this diet as it appears my body doesn’t cope with carbs. Ive been doing it for 3 days and been using keto sticks and still no sign of ketosis! What do you recommend and how many calories should I be eating? I’m keen to lose 1kg a week. Thanks in advance :)

    • Craig

      Hey les,

      You’ll have to go through the calculator to roughly figure out your macros. What I suggest is to leave mostly everything default so you get a good starting point. It’ll take a few more days most likely to enter ketosis, but when you do you’ll most likely begin to feel the energy levels. It also may take up to a month to become fully fat adapted (which is a bit different than just ketosis). I wish you the best in your journey!

  25. Krista Boutilier

    Hi there, First of all thank you for the great calculator!! I’ve been doing Keto since March 1st of this year, I’ve lost 19lbs so far. I started at 248 lbs so I have a lot to still lose. I’ve been using the macros as set by the calculator (1334 kcals, 6% carbs, 21% protein & 73 fat) Most days my net carbs are between 12-16grams, I always hit my fat grams & protein is right on as well. Despite this I’ve been struggling with the same couple of pounds for the last month, in fact this morning I was up 3 lbs (net carbs yesterday was 2.4%), also I cannot get my ketones up. I’ve been blood testing daily & the highest I’ve had is 1.3 and my average is 0.8. This morning I was 0.4. Its very frustrating!! I’ve tried raising my fat a bit & lowering protein but saw no results so I went back to what your calculator recommended. I have PCOS, could this change how my macros should be set? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! Krista

    • Craig

      Hey Krista,

      It’s hard to say with PCOS because some people report they have to eat less calories and some people are they have to eat more to lose. You could self experiment a bit and see which one works for you. I would suggest maybe upping the fat a little bit (10-20g) and seeing where that takes you. Stick with it for 2-3 weeks and then weigh in. Daily weight changes are natural on keto and can be up to 5 lbs. at a time (up and down) due to water weight. Make sure you keep that in mind!

      • krista Boutilier

        Hi again Craig!

        Thanks I’ll give that a shot & see how it goes. WHen I raise the fat I assume I should drop the protein a bit, is that correct? I almost think I do best when I cycle my calories, if I go low a day or two & then high for a day or two. Perhaps I’ll incoorporate the higher fat with calorie cycling for a few weeks. Figuring things out with PCOS is definitely trail & error.

        Thanks again!! Krista

        • Craig

          That sounds fine Krista – long as you cycle with your body’s needs (some days you’re just more hungry than others) it shouldn’t be a big deal :)

  26. Beth

    Hello Craig,
    I just finished the Keto-Calculator and I think my brain blew a fuse. I am 60 years old and have been obese my entire life. I currently weigh 300 pounds. In the past 20 years my lowest weight was 240 pounds. I have never been able to loose weight on any diet of more than 800 calories a day. I have tried low carb diets in the past but stalled after a 5 or 10 pound loss. My keto-calculator says I should be eating 2010 calories, 20 net carbs, 99 protein grams and 170 fat grams. I have very limited movement due to arthritis in my knees and hips. Which translates to no exercise. I am house bound and sit at my desk all day. For the past 3 weeks I have been on a LCHF diet, keeping my calories at around 1200 a day and carbs below 30 and fat at around 50% of total calories. I have only lost 2 pounds and all I see is another failure ahead. My question to you, Is it possible for someone like me to actually lose weight eating what my keto-calculator recommends for my daily intake?

    • Craig

      Beth, I could imagine that you’re not losing weight because of your protein intake. If fat is only 50% of your caloric intake, then protein will be much higher than you need – which translates into glucose when protein goes through the process of gluconeogenesis. What I suggest to you is to stay strict with yourself with your tracking so you ca get a good idea on what to do.

      As for the other problems, I can see you losing weight with that aforementioned amount of calories. BUT, with that said, you may gain some weight at first. It sounds to me like over the years of dieting (and extreme calorie restriction) that you’ve done some serious metabolic damage to yourself. Eating 1800+ calories in a day may make you gain a few pounds at first, but it will help heal your metabolism to function normally (and that’s what you’d want in the end, right?) So I suggest slowly upping your calories as you feel comfortable to the amount you found on the calculator. Since you are overweight, it may not harm to go to 1800 or so calories depending on how you feel (of course, just gauge how you feel, not the actual numbers). The most crucial element to it all is making sure that you are getting enough fat. Limit your protein and severely limit your carbs. Fats are what you need and want in order for this diet to work. Having too much protein will force your body to not be in a state of ketosis.

      Hope that helps!

  27. angie

    I am 5’3 i currently weigh 154 body percent fat is unfortunately 31.6%
    I have been doing some research and have decided to part take in the keto diet/lifestyle.
    I have downloaded your 30 day ketogenic diet!! thank you
    I am looking to lose about 30pounds. in order to get my body into ketogenic mode..would you suggest to changing any of the values produced by your calculator?
    1242 kcal Daily Calorie Intake
    20 g Net Carbs (6%, 80 kcal)
    63 g Protein (20%, 253 kcal)
    101 g Fat (73%, 909 kcal)

    am very new to this any advice will be appreciated
    thank you for your time

    • Craig


      Considering your size, you may want to change the default calorie deficit to a lower number. Maybe 15% deficit or a 10% deficit (rather than a 20%). I think that might help you out a bit more :)

  28. 'K'

    I read be vigilant with water intake, may I ask whats the idea water intake for maximum weightless in Ketosis, does water help or hinder ?

    Also, random question, can I have almond milk ?

    Many thanks

    ‘K’ :)

    • Craig


      Water is important in ketosis as it’s a natural diuretic. It will also help regulate your body and hunger levels properly. I normally tell people to drink at least 100 oz. water in a day, but normally go for 120 oz (1 gallon).

      You can have unsweetened almond milk, but just make sure you check the nutrition label a lot of companies will sweeten with sugar.

      Hope that helps!

  29. Liana


    I’m 5’1 and weigh 106.8lb with 16.1% body fat (as of today)
    I’ve been living the keto lifestyle for about 1.5 months now
    I started out at 115lbs with 21% body fat (as of late Feb)
    I wanted to get your input on what is the correct amount of calories I should be eating because I feel like my loss has been very slow.

    I workout M-F at 5am (20min cardio and 20-30min weight training). I also do some light walking around lunch time.
    Sat-Sun are my long distance days (4-7 miles)
    Would this be considered Lightly or Moderately Active?

    Based on your calculator, if I want to have a 30% deficit, these are my macros:

    1249 kcal Daily Calorie Intake
    20 g Net Carbs (6%, 80 kcal)
    72 g Protein (23%, 287 kcal)
    98 g Fat (71%, 882 kcal)

    I find it very difficult to eat between 1200 – 1400 if I don’t IF.
    Also I don’t think I’ve ever gone 20g net carbs or under…I usually range around 25 – 50g.
    Please let me know your input and whether or not these macros are a safe range.

    Thank you in advance!

    • Craig

      Liana, you’re a small girl so losing is going to be slow no matter how you look at it. You can’t let the weight loss stories of very overweight people skew your perception of weight loss in already lean people. 30% caloric deficit seems way too high for you, especially for your activity levels. I’d suggest something more in the range of the 10-15% area.

      Hope that helps,

  30. 'K'

    Are you familiar with the VLCD Cambridge meal replacement – that state you loss weight by being in Ketosis. Do you think it would work – be advisable to mix or merge the Keto diet and cambridge – as they both offer the same method of weight loss.

    I ask this as I have very a try bad thyroid problem and have screwed my metabolism over many years of extreme dieting, and now I prefer to almost live on shakes, including protein shakes and juicing.

    I very much appreciate your time and knowledge.

    Many thanks

    • Craig


      Very low calorie diets can work, but you have to consider what “weight loss” means. Weight loss is a combination of fat, muscle, and water. In high protein, low carb, low fat and ultimately low calorie diets you tend to lose a lot more muscle and a lot less fat than you would on a higher fat, normal calorie, and moderate protein diet.

      I have hashimotos and I’ve had no problem losing weight – but you have to understand and know what you are doing. The ratio at which you lose weight is more important than the total weight lost, in my eyes. If you lose a lot of muscle and keep some of the fat, by the time you are at your “goal weight” you will still look “skinny fat”. I’d suggest trying to repair and heal your metabolism, rather than continue with what you’re doing.

      • 'K'

        A very interesting response, thank you so much.

        If you have any ideas or suggestions for repairing and healing my metabolism, I would very much appreciate it, I will also, see if I can investigate it myself.

        Much appreciated and thought provoking.


        • Craig

          Sure thing K. Pretty much eating correctly (proper fat/protein/carb ratio) and proper caloric amounts. The calories may need to be worked up to, but at 800-1000 range, you are looking at a really high deficit, so try to cut that down to a smaller deficit.

  31. Adeline

    Hey! I started Keto about 3 weeks ago and this has really helped set my macros in place. Just purchased Keto-fied too! It’s gonna be fun!

    Thank you so much!

  32. Kathy

    I am much bigger than the visual calculator. I am 5’2″ and weigh 265 pounds. My waist is 50 inches and my hips are 58 inches. So would I still use the 45% body fat number or would I increase it? Thanks for this site. You rule!

    • Kathy

      forgot to mention that I am 61 years old and sedentary. I walk around my apartment a little bit and manage to climb 1 flight of stairs once a day, but that is about it. thanks again.

    • Craig


      You could use 50% as your BF number, and then see how that works for you to begin with. I think just switching your diets and trying to live healthier will help you out a lot in the beginning. Once you start losing weight, you can begin to adjust :)

  33. JK

    You really made a great reference for this. Very informative. Thank you for taking the time to put this all together.

    I had a question for you. I was following another websites Keto Calculator and my amounts were a bit different from what I got on here. I’m 6’4 just hovering around 200 lbs at the moment. I go to the gym at least 5 days a week in the mornings where I do light cardio and some weights, and about 3-4 evenings a week where again I do light cardio and more of a charged weight workout focusing on certain muscle groups. My main issue is I want to make sure I am able to at the very least retain my form while cutting down a bit. I’ve been out of the game for about 2 years due to a spine surgery and finally strong enough to get back into the routine.

    Right now I am following a 2100 Calorie, 150 Fat, 20 Carb, and 170 Protein per day intake. I know I am losing weight but I am afraid that maybe it’s counter productive to my muscle growth. I’m probably around 17-19% body fat according to the pictures. Do you think I should be taking in more fat/protein? I’m having a hard time even eating what I am at now. I take about 32G protein in the morning in a shake and the same after my nightly work out. I’ve always lived a low fat diet lifestyle so the switch to high fat has been pretty tough. What do you think? I have an office job so I sit around for about 10 hours a day but am very active before and after work being a gym rat.

    Thanks again, this website is awesome and I’ve had some of your recipes… they are great! (that sausage/spinach/wine/tomato saute blew my mind)

    • Craig

      Hey JK,

      The difference between mine and the other is pretty much the way we calculate total calories. I cite the studies that I use to do mine, he cites his. It’s more of a personal difference in why we use the different studies we use to determine total calories.

      Most of what you’re doing sounds fine, but you may want to up the fat even more (I know, I know). How long have you been doing keto for? It might take some time before you see a real performance boost in the gym. It takes around 4-6 weeks to become keto adapted (fat adapted, completely) and that’s when you will get that performance you might be searching for. I ran your numbers through the calc for something that’s less aggressive with the deficit (since you’re trying to preserve) and got something closer to this:

      2251 kcal Daily Calorie Intake
      20 g Net Carbs (4%, 80 kcal)
      164 g Protein (29%, 656 kcal)
      168 g Fat (67%, 1515 kcal)

      I’d suggest eating some more fats to what you are currently doing, my estimations are actually on the low end of the spectrum. The protein seems okay with me. For the gym, fats before, protein after – which sounds similar to what you’re doing now.

      Keto is pretty muscle sparing, even with working out, so I don’t think you’ll need to worry too much about that. Though, if you do go into an aggressive caloric deficit then you may lose some muscle – which is just inevitable with weight loss.

      Hope that helps but if you have more questions let me know – thanks for all the kind words!

  34. Allison

    I Crossfit 5 times a week and 2-3 times a week do extra 30 min of cardio. I’m 5’7″, 140#, body fat is 22%.. The calculator is telling me I need over 3400 calories daily!!??… I had to have done something wrong! I want to gain mass.
    Help me please, thanks!

  35. Karmen

    Hi Craig ! I am 50 years old female, 140 lb., 5.4 H. This is my result:
    1616 kcal Daily Calorie Intake
    20 g Net Carbs (5%, 80 kcal)
    64 g Protein (16%, 255 kcal)
    142 g Fat (79%, 1281 kcal)

    My question is; What can I eat per day to make this 64 g Protein -16% ? I am afraid ,that I can eat more…
    Do I have to calculate every day all my meals in Fitday , to be sure that I am doing good with all this % ?
    Thank you so much ! I am new here and very exited ! I like your site !

    • Craig


      It’s best to track your foods to make sure you are not overeating for at least the first 2 weeks to get an idea of what you’re doing. This percent can vary from meal to meal, but at the end of the day you want to have the majority of your food being fats.

      Hope that helps!

  36. Rachel

    Hi Craig,

    Good site!

    I’ve been reading up about a keto diet for about a month now and have actively moved in to a Keto diet over the past 2 1/2 weeks but hadn’t been counting calories only the % split of the macros so hadn’t seen a shift on the scales. I found in the past week my hungry has more or less disappeared, on further reading I’ve discovered that I really do need to count calories so have been doing this since Saturday via MFP.

    I find if I eat breakfast (3x strips of bacon & egg for example), I’m really not hungry at all come lunch, I tend to have a bit of fat and keep going to dinner. Based on the last 3 days I’ve been 100-200 calories less than the recommendations in this calculator. Does it matter? I’m honestly not hungry but I don’t want to do damage either. I’m currently 174 pounds / 170cm / approx 35% body fat and 5 months post partum (I say this because I’m sure hormones after a baby are still a little whacked).

    Any advice would be great!
    Thanks =)

    • Craig


      Are you breast feeding? Normally women who do want to increase calories a bit, so I’m surprised your body isn’t naturally more hungry. If you’re not hungry at all, you should be okay. Do what you’re comfortable with for the time being :)

      • Rachel

        Thanks Craig,
        No I’m not breastfeeding. So I figure, I just listen to my body and hopefully it starts shrinking! ;)

  37. Carmen

    Does gender matter when establishing your macros? i.e; would a 250 lb male with 40% fat have the same macros as a 250 female with 40% fat? Thank you, Carmen

    • Craig

      From the studies I based the calculator on, it would be very close in the TDEE – so gender doesn’t usually matter. But that said, the muscle composition of men and women are normally not all that close. Women generally walk around with 100lbs or less of muscle on them, while men usually have a lot more muscle. You will rarely see a 250 female with 40% fat, unless in strongman/strongwomen competitions.

  38. Kate

    Hi Andy,

    I’ve been on a Ketogenic diet for the past 6 weeks and have only lost 4 kgs (and all in the first week!)… needless to say the keto diet was not calorie based, and we were eating 2000-2200 a day if eating to recommendation. I’m 113kgs, 173cm, and I’m getting married in 7 months so have been working really hard to loose the weight. My outcome was (not exercising) – does that sounds right?
    1683 kcal Daily Calorie Intake
    20 g Net Carbs (5%, 80 kcal)
    79 g Protein (19%, 317 kcal)
    143 g Fat (76%, 1286 kcal)

  39. Charles

    Hello !

    Just like many others I got a little lost with all the keto calculators on the net, right now I’m following a keto diet with my wife, and in her case her numbers are :
    94 kg, 45% estimated body fat, 1m71, little to no sport, sedentary (housewife with an adorable 6 months Wonder in her hands) and -little nasty bonus- a Hashimoto hypothyroid condition (in the US it seems common and well known when here in France doctors tends to look her up like a curious beast ….)

    Anyway we were on a 1150 kcal / 85 fat / 80 prot / 10 Net carb diet.
    She is starting to hit a plateau after an initial 2.5kg loss. We started looking on the net for some clues for this plateau bump and when we found your website we tried the calculator and got the following results :

    1317 kcal Daily Calorie Intake
    10 g Net Carbs (3%, 40 kcal)
    68 g Protein (21%, 274 kcal)
    111 g Fat (76%, 1003 kcal)

    Needless to say we are a bit puzzled, could she break that plateau and continue her weight loss (she aims ideally 1m71 for 70 but if she gets to 88 she’d be mighty happy about it :p).

    Obviously we were 12g prot too high, 26g fat short and 100kcal short, are we miscalculating things or would your numbers be the ones we should follow ?

    Thank you in advance for your advice :)

    • Craig

      I’d suggest following the numbers you got from the calculator. Her original numbers seem a bit low (which can cause stall in itself). But I also suggest getting the fat and protein ratios correct – they are vital to this whole process. Look into some other things such as milk, cheese and other dairy. That can cause stalls when eaten in larger amounts than usual.

      There’s a post I made about weight loss plateau’s (give a quick search on the side bar for it) and it might also shed some light on things. I’m hashimotos hypothyroid myself, so I do know you can lose weight with it. Is she currently taking medication for it (thyroxine?). Either way, I hope that helps – make sure she is drinking enough water through the day (about 2 litres)!

  40. Sara


    I’m so confused! lol I need help with my macros, please. Im 211 5’6 female. I’ve been on the Keto
    diet for 3 weeks, I’m losing, but I’m not sure if my macros are right. Ive gone to several different
    calculators and they all say something different. My workout is light, recovering from an accident, so
    really not much at all, but plan on in the next week or so. Heres what I’m getting…1754 cal, 77 proteins,
    20 carbs and 152 fat…That to me sounds way off… Thanks!

    • Craig

      Sara, that sounds fine to me. As long as you are doing light work outs, then 1700 calories is a realistic number to still lose weight on :)

  41. Marty

    You have done such an excellent job with all your information and with your FB fan page. Thank you. I’ve been on the keto diet for over 3 weeks. I’m feeling wonderful and have lost 6 pounds. I just want to make sure I am on the right track. I want to lose about 40 lbs. total and continue on this WOE always. Using your keto calculator my parameters would be 1661 kcal, 30g (7%) carbs, 66g (16%) protein, and 142g (77%) fat.

    I am a 59 year-old woman, currently 184 pounds, averaging 40 min/day of either brisk waslking or pilates. Does this seem like I’m on the right track? And I am a little unsure how to convert this to MyFitnessPal as it seems to only use increments of 5% in the macros. Also, do I add daily exercise data into MyFitnessPal since exercise was already considered in the keto calculator?

    Thank you so much for your help. :)

    • Craig

      Marty, you can use MFP and go by the gram ratios that it shows. You should be able to get your macros just about on track using their system of percentages (if it’s off by a little, it should be no big deal). You sound like you’re on the right track, so I think you’ll do just fine! :)

  42. Shana

    I am fascinated and really interested in starting a leto diet, but even with this calculator, I am lost. Maybe I’m too blonde. I am 29, 5’4″, and 195 lbs (gasp, I know). I want to lose weight and build muscle. I am a work from home mom, so currently my daily activity is housework, but I have access to a gym in my neighborhood and I have someone to watch the kiddo 5x a week. What should my macros look like? Should I focus on cardio primarily, weights? Or just a mixture of the two? I am motivated to do this, but want to make sure I’m doing it right. I eventually want to get super ripped, but I know I need to get this fluff off.

    • Craig

      Hey Shana.

      I tried to explain each section in the keto calculator, so I’d just ask you to go through and read all of the headings again and try one more time before I do them for you. You should just be able to enter your weight and bodyfat % (if you don’t know it, you can use the visual estimation). Since you want to lose weight and build muscle, I suggest a warm-up (10-15 mins) of cardio or HIIT and then the rest of your session (30-40 minutes) of lifting. You can find different lifting routines online. I have also wrote an article on the 5×5 strength routine which is great for beginners (should only be about 20-25 minutes).

      You’ll have to go to the gym (or at least have access to weights at home). You could do body resistance exercises, but using weights and straining your muscles (heavy lifting, not very many reps) will be the best bet. I suggest you use a “maintenance” on calculator but use “moderately active” as the activity factor. Don’t bother putting any exercise in at the moment and gauge how you feel after going to the gym. You should also be using something like a 0.9 protein ratio (instead of the default 0.6).

      Lastly, your body takes some time to truly become keto adapted (efficiently burning the fat as fuel), so you may want to get adjusted to it first before going to the gym. If you start keto and go to the gym right away, you might find yourself fatigued in the beginning.

    • Craig

      Hey Dan,

      Refresh the page and make sure you let it load fully before entering any numbers (about 4-5 seconds). Then it should work fine :)

      I had to code it to load after all of the other jscript code, so it takes a couple of seconds sometimes.

  43. Dan Christie

    WOW thanks for the quick response. Still nothing though. I tried at work last night and at home now. I can do all other steps just nothing in the Energy Exp. IDK maybe i have 2 bad computers lol.

    • Craig

      Sure! May I ask what internet browser you are using? I just tried through my phone, my computer, and my laptop and all of them worked. So I’m not sure what would be going on.

      I tested via android browser (based on chrome), chrome, and firefox. I don’t have internet explorer on any of my computers, though.

  44. nick

    so i have lost 30lbs in past 3 months with this and love it! i want to use the ketogenic diet to build muscle now and it states i need to eat 314g of fat a day! i dont think that is feasible without eating too many saturated fats or too much omega 6. when i was eating alot of omega 6, i was getting joint pain.

    any suggestions on attaining that much fat a day???

    • Craig


      I would gauge first to see how your body feels and if you do need that much fat. Sometimes with exercise the calculator can overestimate some. Specifically depending on what you choose as the options.

      To get that much fat without getting the large amount of omega 6’s, you could specifically focus on saturated fats. Coconut oil, olive oil, butter, animal fats, etc. This will help out with balancing the omega-3 to omega-6 ratio.

  45. Tammy

    Hi Craig! You’ve been very helpful to me as I am a beginner. I, like many others, did the calculator and came up with the following:
    I weight about 141 pounds and am 5’3. I used a calculator to figure out that my fat percentage is, I think 24.97%. I would love to lose between 15 – 20 pounds. What is a macro? Is that the protein?

    1857 kcal daily calorie intake
    20 g Net Carbs
    63 g Protein
    169 g Fat

    I also work out about three times a week. Nothing major: swimming, walk/run, etc. I can do the carb count. That is easy to figure out, but the macros is what confuses me. I just wanted to confirm that macros is protein. Is the calculator usually pretty accurate when trying to lose weight? I would love to get past this weight which I’ve been at forever. Even after having four kids, my body always seems to end of around 140! :)

    Thank you for helping me and so many others get healthy!


  46. Niraj

    Hi Craig

    Thanks for a great site and all the amazing info. I will be starting the diet next week and just getting everything sorted out so would appreciate it if you could kindly look at my calculations to see if I am on the right track.

    Age: 40
    Weight: 96kg
    Height: 174cm
    Body fat: 40% (estimate)
    Activity Level: Sedentary but will be walking for 45min daily and doing sit ups, push ups and squats daily as well.

    My goal is to lose 16kg by the second week of December this year which will brig me down to 80kg (man those were good days when I was 80kg…:-)). My calculations say that my daily cal intake should be 1634kcal with 20g crab, 76g protein and 139g fat… are these correct?

    Thanking you in advance.

    • Craig

      Hey Niraj,

      I calculated these:
      1736 kcal Daily Calorie Intake
      20 g Net Carbs (5%, 80 kcal)
      89 g Protein (20%, 356 kcal)
      144 g Fat (75%, 1300 kcal)

      Just based on the fact that you’re going to be doing some walking and exercise, I figure using a slightly small deficit and adding in a bit of protein will help.

      • Niraj

        Thank you for the prompt response Craig. I just have a couple more questions…

        I am taking the family Disneyland in December and there is a very good chance that I might fall off the wagon for a week or two.

        Will my body get out of ketosis totally? Even if I continue to exercise regularly…
        Will the weight come back on twice as fast?
        Will I ever be able to eat rice and bread etc freely?

        Thanks in advance again.


        • Craig

          Sure thing – and sorry for the late response with this one. If you fall off the wagon for even 1 day, it will knock you out of ketosis. Though with exercise you can quickly get back in – this won’t be the case with a 1-2 week splurge on carby foods. I suggest trying to pre-pack some snacks to hold you over, but if all else fails you’d have been on this diet for a long time so you’ll have gained a lot of the benefits from it :)

          Putting weight back on is really in your own control – if you stop eating this way, then it’s up to you to keep nutrients proper. If you binge eat carbs again, I won’t say that you won’t put weight back on, because you probably will.

          You can transition back out of this diet and eat carbs/rice/bread again – but you might notice how horrible you actually feel eating these foods after spending a good amount of time on this diet (seriously, we evolved on fats – so it’s good for us). A lot of people transition out of keto to go to a Paleo diet, which is less restrictive on carbs and more focused on eating whole/real foods.

          Hope that helps!

          • Niraj

            Thanks for that Craig.

            Just one last query mate… If I did take a break from the diet 2 or 3 times a year, and then went back onto it will I be doing any harm to my body? The breaks would be no longer then a week at a time.

            You see I take a couple of trips away every year for my parent’s birthdays etc were the whole family gathers and… well lets just say I seem to go on a seefood diet…. where I see food and eat it.

            Is there any danger in my body going into ketosis and out 2 or 3 times a year?


          • Craig

            I mean that kind of depends on a lot of factors. The foods you eat will impact how you feel – so you may not even want to go off the diet. But there isn’t any “real” danger of going off the diet a few times a year – at least nothing significant compared to staying on a high carb/processed food diet.

  47. Sim

    Hi Craig –

    Thanks for the awesome calculator. I gave birth 13 months ago and was able to drop all the pregnancy weight and an extra 15 lbs through nursing (apparently, it puts you in a keto state if done amply). Since weaning my child, I have gained 10 lb (sedentary lifestyle + persistent sugar cravings). I am 5’2″ and now at 115 lbs. I would like to shed 10 lbs. Is there any way to target weight loss? All my weight resides in the abdominal area (belly bulge and love handles)….is there a carb:fat:protein ratio that will target belly fat specifically?


    • Craig

      Fat loss is never really “targetted”. Of course you can target muscle growth in certain areas, but fat loss will usually happen all around the body. It’s just up to you to stick with it until you look how you want.

  48. kathy

    Hello Craig, I was wondering if these macros seem right to you. I am currently 257lbs and 62.25 inches tall. I used the calculator that was suggested to find my body fat percentage and the result was 66.4%. So my macros would be 1230 calories, 20 carbs, 52 protein and 105 fat.

    • Craig

      As long as your bodyfat % is correct, then yes – those macros are correct. Since you have a decent amount of weight to lose (a lot of it is body fat, so you can afford a larger deficit than most), you will need to recalculate your macros in 10 pound increments. Every time you lose 10 lbs, try to redo your macros to see what you need (it should increase as you lose body fat).

          • Kathy

            I just finished filling in MFP and it said that I am eating too few calories and that I will not be able to get the nutrition that I need and will go into starvation mode. Should I be concerned?

          • Craig

            I would make sure that your bodyfat % is correct, because that plays a huge calculation in the way your calories are calculated. 66.4% seems quite high for someone your weight, so I would double check with that to make sure it’s correct first if you are worried.

          • kathy

            I recalculated and got 64.6%. It’s really hard to get a hip measurement when I have a big old stomach apron hanging in the way. I think I will just go with 60% which will give me 1390 calories, 61 protein, 118 fat and of course 20 grams or less of carbs. Also, I am 61 years old and 62.25 inches tall and very sedentary. I hope I will be able to lose weight at this level.

          • Craig

            Sounds good Kathy. At 60% body fat, you will have a large amount of fat stores to dig into for energy, so I wouldn’t worry if MFP says you’re in starvation mode. If you feel absolutely starving, then eat more – bottom line. If you feel as though you’re okay – then keep with it :)

  49. sarah

    Hi Craig, loving the site and the books. I’m into my 8th week, started at 198lbs and down to 180lbs so far. im losing between 1 to 2 lbs a week.

    Do you think my levels are correct or do i need to tweak… Im 38, 5ft 3″, 180lbs, 1400calories, carbs 18g, fat 93g, protein 122g. i dont do any exercise but i do have a 1 year old and 5 year old so quite active with them.

    Thanks for your help.

    • Craig

      Sarah, I can’t tell without knowing your bodyfat%, but it sounds close to about right. You may need to increase calories slightly as you lose some weight so just double check on that.

      • sarah buck

        Thanks Craig, body fat is 33% and now down to 171lbs, i’ve increased my calories to 1510 and my fat 76, protein 126 that’s as close as i can get on mfp to 5%. 18%. and 76%.

        I seem to be a little stuck as not lost for a couple of weeks but loving the lifestyle and i’ll keep at it.

        Thanks again.

  50. op

    I weigh 153 lbs. work out 3 time a week. 2 days primarily of compound movements with moderate to heavy weight, and a total body circuit day. If i follow the calcs i am reducing my protein from my usual diet of about 130 – 150 grams daily. Should i keep my protein high on work out days (say .8 or .9g/lb of lean body mass)? and .6 on days i’m not working out or just always on the higher side? I think i’ve been in ketosis for a few days now but i feel flat and flabby how long before i see measureable results?

    • Craig

      It will take a few weeks to see results from keto, but you have to be strict with yourself if you are going to commit to it. As for your protein, I would aim for a 0.9 – 1.1g protein per pound of lean body mass during work out days :)

      • op

        thanks craig. ok one more question how many grams of protein per meal should i not exceed?? i read some things on the internet that say if you eat too much protein per sitting you get kicked out of keto. again i’m 153 lbs, and work out 3 times per week.

        • Craig

          I’ve read articles that say to not exceed 29g protein, I’ve read articles that say don’t exceed 35g protein, and I’ve read articles that include IF and say that it doesn’t matter as much as some people think. If you’re having a huge problem with losing weight, then I would suggest trying to not go over 35g protein per meal – but if you’re not having a huge problem and you’re doing IF at the same time, I wouldn’t worry too much about it :)

  51. Indira

    Hi, I’m a newbie on keto diet. I’ve been on regular diet for 18 months already ,I’ve los 130+pounds by now; however, my current goal it’s to get rid of my fat and get a leaner and toned look. Im tring to calculate the necessary macros to get in ketosis. Im 5’6″,165lbs, very active (i do circuit training and heavy lifting 5-6 days a week) please help ! :-)

    • Craig

      Indira, you just need to read the instructions above each section and then fill in your information. You’ll need to enter weight, bodyfat %, protein ratio, and exercise.

  52. Kathy

    Hi Craig….I’m confused about something, I’ve been following a keto diet for a couple of months now at a macro ratio of 5% carb, 65% fat and 30% protein. This seems to be the standard for the keto diet. When I input my numbers into your calculator it tells me I need 17% protein and 78% fat. I don’t understand why it’s such a huge discrepancy, wouldn’t that much fat be an issue? (when I did the calculations I was 173 lb, bodyfat of 37%, little exercise (just walking the dog)) People are saying that your calculators are the best they’ve seen on the web and I would tend to believe that (especially since I have your recipe books which are amazing) but I’m hesitant to change my macros because I don’t really understand why there’s such a huge difference. Thanks!!!

    • Craig


      The ketogenic diet is relatively muscle sparing, so you don’t need to eat too much protein in order to preserve muscle mass. Excess protein will just be converted into glucose (which you don’t want) by the process of gluconeogenesis. So, you don’t want to have too much protein in your body, otherwise your body will create glucose and your blood ketone levels will go down. 30% is quite high protein for keto, though. Normally the 20-25% is more of a “normal” range but 15-20% is more of the “weight loss” standard if exercise isn’t in the equation.

  53. Amy


    Just a little concerned about the numbers I’m getting off the keto calculator and want to get your recommendations. I am 5’9″ 145 and 19-20% BF (I think) and have been at a weight loss plateau for 2.5 months with IIFYM and 1750 kcal/day. I lift 3 days per week (full body), Run 25 mi/week, 5 days functional training x 1 hour (step mill 30min, row 10 min, various resistance exercises to strengthen shoulders and knees), 4-5 hours HIIT per week. This has been my routine 2+ years and I split everything into morning and evening workouts. My goals are not weight loss per se, but dropping body fat and controlling anxiety (which is MUCH worse with sugars). I do not wish to add more muscle mass at this time and would be okay with some muscle loss.
    The keto calculator puts me up around 2900 kcal/day which is much higher than any other calculator I’ve used. My body appears very efficient with calories but am curious about the concept of “metabolic damage” and have tried eating at maintenance only to rapidly gain weight. What do you recommend?

    • Craig


      What you can do is instead of using both the activity level AND filling in the amount of exercise you do, is just to use the activity level by itself (don’t fill in the actual hours you exercise unless you know exactly how much you do via heart rate monitor). This should reflect a better number for you. If you feel like that’s enough for your body then no big deal. But, if you’re feeling tired, hungry, and lacking energy a lot – then I suggest increasing the calories.

  54. Candypoetrygirl

    Stumbled onto your website via Pinterest and downloaded the 30-day plan!
    I am so excited to get started!
    Thank you for the keto calculator because I do worry about macronutrients and filling in my very complex looking weight chart weekly.

    I just read you a few hours ago but i am already thankful for all your hard work!


    • Craig

      Glad to hear Candy! I try my hardest to bring as much information to the table as I can with my knowledge :) Thank you for the awesome feedback!

  55. Brooke

    Hi Craig,

    Your site is great! buuuut I’m still confused on whether or not my macros are correct. Can you help me out?

  56. Vera

    I am currently on a very low calorie diet offered by my doctors office. It is described by the doctor as a ketogenic diet. It is about 108 grams protein, 40 grams carb, about 24 grams fat, and 800 calories a day. I have lost 14 pounds in one month but I can no longer afford to be on the program and quite honestly I am hungry and I miss real food. I do want to stay on a ketogenic diet though and I found your website. I weigh 185 and I am 5’4″ with about 37% body fat. I put in a 25% deficit and my macros are

    1383 kcal Daily Calorie Intake
    20 g Net Carbs (6%, 80 kcal)
    67 g Protein (19%, 266 kcal)
    115 g Fat (75%, 1037 kcal)

    That is a big difference from what i have been consuming. Does that seem like good numbers? Should I do anything special to transition or just switch over? I was wondering if a 2 day fat fast would help. I tested for ketosis while I have been on this vlcd and the strips only read a small amount of ketones, and I have no clue if I am truly in ketosis or if I’m losing weight due to the large calorie deficit.

    I did low carb when I was 19 and lost 100 pounds in less than a year very easily. Now that i am almost 30 with a very stressful job with long hours I struggle with doing a low carb diet on my own. I think having these set numbers to follow will help, along with strict planning and no cheating. Thank you for your awesome website with great info and recipes.

    • Craig

      That kind of diet will put you in ketosis, but it won’t be nutritional ketosis. You will most likely lose weight because of the huge calorie deficit, but you will also create damage to your metabolism.

      I suggest that you start at a 30% deficit, and over the next month work your way up in calories to a 20% deficit. This way, your metabolism takes some time to repair itself and you don’t pack on pounds while you do it. The macros there look fine to me (seeing as keto is a high fat diet), but I would suggest working your way up and even higher in calories than that. 25% deficit is still quite large, so you should want to work towards a 20% deficit.

      The fat fast wouldn’t make a big difference, I would suggest doing a regular eating schedule so that your metabolism can begin repairing itself – 800 calories is very low so don’t expect very quick weight loss in the beginning.

      Staying strict is definitely key. I think you’ll find a ton of awesome recipes on the site – and I also have a meal plan you can download for free if you can’t afford to donate a few bucks for it. If you have any more questions feel free to post! Thanks for stopping by and hope to see more of you around :)

      • Vera

        Thank you so much for the reply and support. Your love for this lifestyle and passion for helping others is very apparent throughout your site. I have a feeling I will we stopping by daily :)

  57. Twins

    Hey, I’m here to thank you for all the good job. I’m really enjoying my life with this keto-diet. Everything is new again as I can eat what I love without any guilt. I’ve been on a LCHF for 2months but I started using your calculator about a week and 2days ago. I immediately started having headaches and other symptoms I never had for those two months on LCHF, maybe that’s because I wasn’t really on a very low carb.
    I weigh 167lbs, 29%bf, 5f6″ female. I workout 5-6days a week, otherwise I’m quite sedentary. I have stop feeling the headaches as I was drinking about 3-4litres of water with1tsp of sea salt to stay normal. I have been very strict with my self on 11g net carbs, 72g protein and 142g fat. I am beginning to feel like I’m not losing any fat because my measurements did not change. Usually on my former diet my measures change weekly with a half inch on every measurement which I was ok with. I just wanted something very quick, much enjoyable and easy that’s why I started this. How long will it take to see results or am I doing something wrong. I feel fatter. I’ll appreciate your advice

    • Craig

      On your previous diet, how many calories were you eating a day? If it was a low amount then there may be some metabolic damage. It is pretty common for people that go into a normal calorie range to gain a little weight first and then, once they equalize, start losing again.

  58. Twins

    I want to thank you for your concern for everyone out there. You are really kind because many other sites like yours don’t get to answer questions as quick as you do. Thanks again.
    I’m a female 166lbs, 29%bf, 5f6″. I’ve been on this diet for a week plus. I’m happy with everthing so far. I started low carb( in a different way) since 2months now and I’ve lost 8lbs so far. I later found out about ketosis and I’m giving the keto-diet a try. I want to get done to 145lbs so I ve over 20lbs to lose.
    Presently I eat an average of 1650cals, 142g fat, 71g protein and 11g net carbs. I’ve not lost a pound since I began. Pls I’m I doing something wrong. I workout 5-6days a week. I do HIIT workouts for an average of 45minutes. Aside from this I’m totally sedentary.
    Pls advice. When will I start to see changes. Can I up my carbs after the first two weeks and lastly can I eat fried plantain and low sugar fruits( berries and tart kiwi).

    • Craig

      I answered your question before, but now you have given some more information. I would say your calories may be too low, and your protein may also be too low if you’re doing HIIT. Try for a larger calorie range (bring your activity level up) and a protein ratio of 0.8g.

      I would not suggest carbing up after the first 2 weeks because that would pretty much subtract all the work you’ve put into it. You want to become fat adapted, and this can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks – which takes time. If you start introducing fruits and higher gylcemic carbs into this, then it will work against the progress you’ve gained. I would suggest staying away from fruits and other things if you plan to take this seriously (at least until you become fat adapted).

  59. Ayush


    I am 120 kgs and I workout 6-7 days a week. I do cardio 10 mins followed by weight training. One body part per day.
    After weigh training I do 30 minutes of hard cardio again.

    I plan of doing 20/4 IF with Keto Diet.

    I am starting this lifestyle tomorrow. My friend is already following this type of a lifestyle with a carb cycle once every 4 weeks or so.

    The thing that I am fearing most is that if I do a calorie deficit of 700-1000 calories, and eat 70-90 gms of protein with more fat and 25 gms of carbs basically eat 1200 calories in below division.
    35 % of calories from FAT
    45 % of calories from Protien
    18 % of calories from Fibre
    2 % of calories from Fat

    I am just worried of long term health risks if I eat like this and fast as both IF and High Protein Low Carbs Diet are said to have ketosis as a general characteristic.

    I am worried Keto has following disadvantages:

    1. Studies show long-term, low-carb diet may damage the metabolism, particularly when combined with a low calorie diet and excessive cardio exercise.
    2. Very Restrictive Diet
    3. Possible stress on the kidneys, environmental and energy-resource unsoundness, and monotony
    4. Nausea, Vomiting, Bad Breadth, Odorous Urine
    5. Dizziness
    6. Headaches
    7. Loss of Calcium
    8. Loss of Muscle
    9. Cardiac arrhythmias
    10. Liver Problems

    I have read KETO is very popular, nevertheless, may have undesirable effects on health.

    I want to start KETO with If to lose weight for an event in 8 weeks.

    Kindly reply soon
    Kindly reply or email at [email protected]


    • Craig


      There is a huge difference between being fat adapted through ketosis and forcing yourself into ketosis through (pretty much) starvation. Yes, eating high protein and extremely low calorie with put you in ketosis, but this is not the point of this website. This website shows how to attain nutritional ketosis (and eventual fat adaption that follow with it). Ketosis from a nutritional perspective is not a diet that you severely reduce calories on. Actually, given that you exercise so much, you’d be looking at like 1600+ calorie range. But, your percentages are skewed. You don’t need that much extra protein from cardio alone (only for the weight lifting), so you can use the calculator to add in a 0.8 or 0.9g protein ratio.

      1. Yes, all long term severely reduced calorie diets will cause metabolic damage. This is not the point of keto.
      2. It’s not that restrictive when you’re eating 70-80% calories from fats. Actually, you get a lot of options.
      3. The protein in the diet you mention can put stress on the kidneys. There is a slight strain on the kidneys in keto, but drinking proper amounts of water would clear that up/
      4. Nausea and vomiting and not all that common on keto. Bad breath and smelly urine are, though, because you are expelling unused ketones in the form of acetone.
      5. This is common with a severely restricted calorie diet.
      6. Headaches are common in the first week, but if you drink salt and take a multi, then you will most likely replenish your electrolytes and not have such symptoms.
      7. Most of us take multivitamins, but you can also find a lot of nutrients in fatty animals and organ meats.
      8. Keto is muscle sparing. Of course if you’re doing a severely restricted calorie diet combined with excessive cardio (which it seems like you may be doing), then muscle loss is going to happen. If you’re eating a proper keto diet with a mix of HIIT Cardio and Weight Training…then you shouldn’t be losing muscle.
      9. Not all that common, but sometimes linked with a lack of magnesium or potassium, which many supplement or get from organ meats.
      10. There’s actually studies that show the opposite if you’re properly following keto.

      What would be the point in doing IF for you? It seems like if you are going to eat under 1,000 calories a day, then it won’t really matter when you eat. You need to research this diet more, because this diet has nothing to do with starvation when done correctly. In fact, you should be pretty satiated throughout the day because you will be eating majority of fats and moderate protein. The diet you’re describing is a diet that is intended for fast weight loss, but causes severe metabolic damage, muscle loss, and usually ends up getting the weight put back on afterwards.

      Check out the other information on the site and really take a look at the type of ketosis I am talking about (specifically, nutritional ketosis). Starvation is just an unhealthy way to reach your goals.

      Hope that helps, but I sincerely hope you don’t choose to do the type of diet you’re talking about.

  60. brent best

    The calculator said I should be at 111g of protein per day but I am 6’8 246 pounds and Im trying to add muscle mass. Earlier in the article it said I can go to 1.2g of protein if im trying to add muscle mass. What are your thoughts? My fats are at 357g and carbs at 20g

  61. Nikki


    I am 5’5 and currently weigh 175 lbs with a body percent fat estimated at 42% (fat is all upper body).
    I am looking to lose about 40 – 45 pounds. in order to get my body into ketogenic mode..would you suggest changing any of the values produced by your calculator? Note: I do HIIT Training 5 days a week for 30 min/day and 1 day of yoga and 1 day of pilates for 30 min/day.

    2,283 kcal Daily Calorie Intake
    20 g Net Carbs (4%, 80 kcal)
    61 g Protein (11%, 244 kcal)
    218 g Fat (86%, 1960 kcal)

    I am desparate for this lifestyle to work. I know that I am very carb sensitive and I am hoping this diet works. I would be very much apprecative of any advice to ensure that I start my new lifestyle change off in the right direction.

    Thank you!!!

    • Craig

      I would start at these macros, and then adjust 2 weeks after you have started based on if you are losing or not. If this is what the calculator gave you, go for it and then adjust later :)

      • Carl

        Hi Craig,as per your request here are my numbers..
        3192 kcal Daily Calorie Intake
        30 g Net Carbs (4%, 120 kcal)
        162 g Protein (20%, 648 kcal)
        269 g Fat (76%, 2424 kcal)

        bodyweight is 300 lbs,goal is weight loss and very active due to training and work.Thanks.

        • Craig

          Hey Carl, can you give me your bodyfat % also?

          What kind of training and work do you do? I’d like to know so I can properly adjust macros as needed.


          • Carl

            Hey Craig, i’d say bodyfat at 40% and training is 30 minutes cardio,30 minutes weight training and work is physical 10 hour shifts building diggers/dumpers so similar to labouring.

          • Craig

            I’d start off with something like this:

            2816 kcal Daily Calorie Intake
            20 g Net Carbs (3%, 80 kcal)
            162 g Protein (23%, 648 kcal)
            232 g Fat (74%, 2088 kcal)

            But, if you find yourself getting hungry then return to the macros you had. If you haven’t already started going to the gym, or are brand new to keto, you may want to hold off on the extra exercise for a few weeks until you become fat adapted (you’ll feel that energy surge when you become fat adapted). Looks like you’re well on your way to the right track, though. I wish you the best :)

  62. Carl

    Thanks Craig appreciate the help and the support mate.I’ve been training regularly again lately so i’ll see how it goes without the carbs,may need to take a break or reduce the days.Looking forward to trying a bullet proof coffee pre workout,definitely looking forward the keto energy surge!!

    • Craig

      Sure thing! Try to get that BPC in 1-2 hours before the workout. If you drink it all pre-workout (20-30 mins prior) then you might feel a bit sick. I know me and some others did. If you drink it 1-2 hours before, it gives you some time to get the energy, too. Good luck – always feel free to post questions.

  63. Lisa

    Hey Craig, I am not really trying to lose weight, but have made the switch to the keto lifestyle because of the energy it gives me. I train 5-6 days a week with a variety of HIIT, weights and power yoga in the AM. I LOVE the original bulletproof coffee recipe and drink two cups everyday. Should I be eating some protein for breakfast as well because of the intense workouts? Or maybe add half a scoop of whey protein to one of the cups of coffee (thats actually really good). But then I find that if I were to add protein to breakfast, then I am way over my protein ratio for the day by dinner. I’ve actually lost weight without even trying because of this lifestyle-it’s great. Any help you can give would be appreciated, it’s still very new to me as I’ve been a vegan for a long time so big change!

    • Craig

      Lisa, you could just do pure protein post workout, but if you’re finding that you’re having trouble with the protein staying down, then I’d suggest trying to balance your other meals or plan a day ahead so you can work everything out so that it is proper when it comes to the end of the day.

  64. Lisa

    I’m a bit confused too. I love this calculator, but can you recommend a good food counter? I used cronometer for years and it was awesome when I was veg, now I’ve made the switch to keto and it’s no good for me. Also, I never really tracked my protein intake before and am having a difficult time finding things to eat that don’t put me well over my protein ratio for the day. I love to start my day with two cups of bulletproof coffee, but I would love to put a scoop of chocolate whey protein in the second cup for after my workout, but of course there is a huge amount of protein in it. Even if I just eat an omelet with my coffee I seem to be in trouble. Maybe I don’t need the protein in the morning, but I’ve always had protein after my workouts. I train pretty hard, alternating between hiit with weights and strong power yoga. It seems I need something to help my body recover other than just the caffeine and fats. But then I struggle with going over my protein intake for the day. I guess I should also mention I’m not trying to lose weight but just maintain. Any help would be appreciated

    • Craig

      I use an excel spreadsheet to calculate macros, but I have used MyFitnessPal in the past and it has done fine. As for the other stuff – I answered in your previous comment :)

  65. Candice

    Hi Craig,

    I am very new to this keto lifestyle and your site has been my go to guide for everything keto! You’re amazing! Thank you for all of your hard work and excessive research, you make it so easy for us to grasp this healthy lifestyle.

    I have a quick question concerning the keto calculations and MFP’s calculations.
    I’m 5’4, 111 lb, 23.7 body fat, work out 90min/5x per wk (60min cardio/30min weights). I’m not trying to lose weight, but I would like to be more toned, not sure if that would mean I am trying to gain muscle or maintain what I already have.
    My question is, once I put in my daily exercises plus the calories burned in MFP, I am left with higher numbers of macros. Would I really have to consume all of those macros or can I stick to your keto calculations. Yours is so much more doable than trying to consume 200g of fat and 85g of protein.
    Thank you so much in advance :)

    P.S. Made your choc chip cookies and the taste and texture were awesome. In my 2nd batch, I swapped out the chocolate chips for macadamia nuts and unsweetened coconut flakes for my dad and he loved em!

    • Craig

      Awesome to hear on the cookies Candice!

      What I would do is fill out the keto calculator on here. You’ll probably end up with a good 2,000 calories to eat during the day if you’re wanting to maintain. So I’d suggest following those. Some people can get away with less, especially since you’re doing a lot of cardio. But, if you want to be more toned, I’d say reduce the cardio, increase the weight training, and follow the macros (the higher ones). You need calories and fuel to build muscle – and the protein and fats will help with this :)

  66. Twins

    Hey Craig,
    I hope this finds you well. Thanks for taking the pain to answer. I’ve been away and there was no internet available for a couple of days so I just saw your answer to my question. Once I had even sent another question on eating fruits after two weeks of beginning this but I could not find your reply until now. I didn’t eat the fruits until today. I eat some black berries but I’ll stop so that it doesn’t affect my progress. I think you are right about the metabolic damage as I eat only 1200 cal on my former diet and I do HIIT 5-6days on a low carb diet, low protein diet. My food was mostly fat. I stopped after using your calculator. I now eat 1650 cal but honestly I’ve been gaining weight, having acne and constipation is worse. I cant afford probiotics tabs. Pls is there any advice on what to do so I can start losing weight. I believe in this diet though everyone around me now make fun of me thinking how could you eat all these fats and expect to lose weight. I’ll appreciate your kind words.
    Note: I was 167lbs with body fat 29% starting this diet
    I’m now 172 after 2weeks. With body fat 30%
    I eat 1650cal 142g fat, 71protein, 15g carbs.
    I want to get down to 145lbs

    • Craig

      At the moment, do you do any exercise? You said you do HIIT on a low carb, low protein diet. So I am a little confused if you’re still doing it or not. Let me get an idea of what your daily eating habits look like also :)

  67. Twins

    I train while fasting, at the last hour of my fast which is 16/8 fast. I dont eat meat because I have a very serious digestive issue with meat. My breakfast is usually bpc then I eat chicken, eggs, tuna and mackerel. I only eat spinach, broccoli , cauliflower , romaine lettuce as a side. I drink coconut and almond milk made by myself but I still stay within my net carb range of 11-15g.
    I drink green tea and 2-3litres of water with salt.

  68. Twins

    I hope I’m not confusing, I drink 2cups bpc then 16hrs later I start to eat those I mentioned. My fats come mainly from coconut oil, red palm oil, ghee and olive oil (for dressing).

    • Craig

      If you’re still having a problem with the weight loss, I may suggest trying to do your diet without the IF. Just balanced meals (not higher than 30g of protein in 1 sitting, if you can) and it may help out with your range of ketosis :)

  69. Madrid2014

    Hello Craig. I hope you are well.

    I have been doing a lot of research on the Keto diet, It seems so logical in using it to lose the unwanted fat.

    I have started the diet today.

    I train with weights three times a week Mon / Wed / Fri. I train each day for about an hour. I haven’t done any cardio.

    I would say my body fat is maybe 22 % or more. I’m still wanting to train three times a week and keep my progress with the muscle, but I want to lose some fat as well. Especially on the belly. It’s a bit of a pot belly from too many beers. I stopped drinking now though, but it’s still there. Probably the inner fat [visceral fat ]

    I have used the Keto calculator above for the Deficit or Surplus Percentage [ Gain Mass ] Does the calculation look ok Craig ? Thanks.

    3161 kcal Daily Calorie Intake
    20 g Net Carbs (3%, 80 kcal)
    75 g Protein (10%, 300 kcal)
    309 g Fat (88%, 2780 kcal)

    • Craig

      If you’re wanting to gain mass, then you won’t lose fat. You will gain both muscle and fat at the same time. Depending on your goals, this could be good – but you’d have to do a calorie deficit in the end to “cut” the fat. Otherwise, if you don’t normally exercise too much, if you start training at a slight deficit, it is possible to put both muscle on and lose fat – though this will fade after 2 months or so.

      Usually I tell people to decide what they want – because after a few months (if you haven’t trained) then losing fat and gaining muscle is pretty difficult to do at the same time.

  70. Madrid2014

    Thanks for the reply Craig.

    I have been thinking about it and I’m going to miss trying to gain mass for now. I need to lose this belly fat.

    I have done the calorie intake again Craig and chose the Moderately active this time. I will still do the weights but not go full out. Are these calculations better ?

    2069 kcal Daily Calorie Intake
    20 g Net Carbs (4%, 80 kcal)
    73 g Protein (14%, 293 kcal)
    188 g Fat (82%, 1695 kcal)

    Thanks Craig.

    • Craig

      Those sound better, yes. You may want to increase protein just a hair because of the fact you’ll still be doing weight lifting. But other than that, they look just fine :)

  71. Madrid2014

    Thanks Craig.

    I will just add some more protein then.

    I think it’s so much easier when you can just work with the values in grams. :-)

    • Craig

      Sounds like a plan :) I’m one of the few that still believe in caloric deficits to lose weight. And, although there are a lot of other factors, calories still play a part in it to me (and from the other successes that I’ve seen from people that visit the site). I wish you the best of luck in your journey!

  72. Madrid2014

    Yes Craig. The calories do play a big part in. If we take the massive bodybuilders for example. They eat about six to seven times a day, the ones on the steroids need to eat big to get big.

    They have a different diet yes, but if the diet is changed as well as the values, then the calories are important to lose weight. I actually enjoy checking the nutritional labels to see exactly what I am taking in, plus writing them down.

    Thanks again Craig. :-)

  73. Alex

    Hello Craig,

    I’m 6’1″ 260lbs with BF about 33%. I’m former military, and just got back into working out. Fasted a.m. cardio 30 mins 5 days and weight training 30 mins 3 days a week. Is the 20% deficit okay for me? Here are my requirements according to the calculator:

    2742 kcal Daily Calorie Intake
    20 g Net Carbs (3%, 80 kcal)
    105 g Protein (15%, 418 kcal)
    249 g Fat (82%, 2244 kcal)

  74. Alex

    Also, I used moderately active since it’s about 4 hours or so of working out per week. Will my performance be affected before fully adapted? Any information you can provide will be helpful. Thanks.

    • Craig

      Yeah, you will definitely feel a performance decrease for a couple of weeks between induction and fat adaption, but once you’re there you’ll feel better than ever :)

  75. Christina

    Hey Craig! Thanks for this calculator.

    I’m 5’10 and 170lbs with 28% BF. Trying to get to 150-155. I do 45-60 mins of weight training 5-6 days a week and 20 minute HIIT 2-3 days/week. I have a new trainer who’s had me on keto for about a month, but I haven’t lost any weight. She’s been having me eat 1300 calories/day with a weekly cheat meal/carb night.

    The calculator says I should be eating about 1900-2000 calories. Do you think raising my calories would help me start losing weight? I work super hard, so I’m really confused why I haven’t seen much progress.


    • Craig

      Well your 1300 calories + the training regimen you are on sounds extremely low calorie. I’d say you need to increase them, yes, but you might expect to put on a pound or two before you start losing. If you plan to increase, increase slowly over the course of 2 weeks or so, so you metabolism can adjust to normal over time. Right now, your metabolism is probably shot from the lack of energy/food you’re giving your body, so adjusting slowly would be the best bet here.

  76. Nasim

    Hi Craig !

    I’m 5’3 and 114.5 lbs with around 22% body fat. I do cardio for an hour 2 times a week and strength training an hour per week. I’m trying to get down to 108 lbs while maintaining my muscle mass. These are my macros based on the calculator. Please let me know if they look fine. (I used 20% deficit which I’m not sure about that either)

    1425 kcal Daily Calorie Intake
    20 g Net Carbs (6%, 80 kcal)
    54 g Protein (15%, 215 kcal)
    126 g Fat (79%, 1130 kcal)

    right now I’m on a low carb low fat diet. I eat mostly proteins and green vegetables with total calories of 100-1100 per day but based on the calculator I’m able to eat more while loosing weight !!! I’m kinda afraid to do that cause 1425 cal daily is way more than what I’m eating right now. Am I gonna see weight gain in the beginning and is there any way to prevent that ? Do you thing I should use a higher deficit number ?

    Thank you so much !

    • Craig


      You want to work up to your calories over 2-3 week period, although I’d say you need to eat more than that. A 10% deficit would probably be better in your situation since you’re already quite small. You may see a slight bit of weight gain, but eating 1000 calories a day may have given you some metabolic damage, and you should work on repairing that so your body can work normally. Low fat, low-carb diets are good for weight loss, but they also promote muscle loss and increased weight gain afterward (due to metabolic damage). Hope that helps, stick with it!

      • Nasim

        Thank you so much !

        I was thinking about doing the fat fasting just for 2 days to start going into ketosis. What do you think about that ?

        • Craig

          I don’t see the point, to be honest Nasim. You seem to just want to lose weight quickly if you’re using a high deficit and want to do fat fasting – this can cause metabolic damage and will end up being counter-productive to weight loss. I would try to stick with proper macros before suggesting a fat fast.

  77. MADRID2014

    Hey Craig.

    Just a little progress report. I have been on the Keto diet two weeks now. I have lost 5lb in weight already. I know that the initial weight loss is just water weight loss. How long does it actually take to start losing the fat ?

    I have done some measuring [ especially the belly ] and it’s the same size as it was before the diet. I know it does take time but any idea how long before the fat [ visceral fat ] starts burning off ?

    Thanks Craig.

    • Craig

      Normally once you are actually fat adapted, the fat will start coming off at a good pace. This is around 4-6 weeks in. Though you should see some actual fat loss in the next 2 weeks.

      • MADRID2014

        Thanks for replying Craig.

        I know it takes time for the fat loss to happen. I don’t think that I have that much water to lose to be honest, well that’s if the visceral fat doesn’t hold much water lol.
        My neck, shoulders, arms and legs are a pretty normal size, it’s the belly that sticks out a bit. I know we can’t spot reduce the fat the fat will start dropping off from the body where the least fat is first. The belly will probably be the last place. But no problem, I will keep ketoing on.. :-)

        Thanks Craig.

        • Craig

          Sounds like a plan – give it some time and I think it’ll show some more results. It’s all about having patience when it comes to weight loss :)

          • MADRID2014

            Most definitely is patience Craig.

            It took quite a while for it to come on, so it will take a while for it to come off..lol

            Thanks Craig. :-)

          • Craig

            For sure, I’m glad you said that :) It does take time for weight loss, and if you have the patience for it, you’ll be rewarded! Good luck!

  78. Caitlin

    First let me say, wow! That’s amazing how much time and energy you give to every question!
    Okay, I’m still getting the hang of all this, just starting really.
    I’m 25 female, 5’1 and 198 lbs. (does height and gender play into the calculator?) My numbers came out to be 1454 kcal Daily Calorie Intake, 20g Net Carbs (6%, 80 kcal), 65 g Protein (18%, 261 kcal), 124g Fat (77%, 1113 kcal). I’m still stuggling with keeping my protein down, always comes out to 73 or so. I believe going up to 10g over doesn’t hurt, right?
    Would you say having PCOS and insulin resistance would warrant a change in numbers?
    There are so many places to look for answers, I don’t even know where to start.

    • Craig

      Being PCOS can influence numbers but I highly suggest you experiment first to see if you need to adjust. The protein counts can be difficult, but I’m sure you’ll figure out some inventive ways to get fats in without the protein. I use a method of calculating macros based on bodyfat and weight (which gives lean body mass). It shouldn’t matter if you’re a man or woman, it’s based on how much fat and how much muscle you have (more muscle = higher TDEE = more calories needed). Going up 10g in protein shouldn’t hurt a lot, but I’d suggest keeping to around the values you got, and then adjusting to see what changes.

      Hope that helps :) Since you’re just starting, I definitely think you should just keep track of your macros and adjust to your own preference/where you feel best, and see if you lose weight (remember at least 2 weeks experimentation). That way you can continue adjusting to see where things are going wrong IF things are actually going wrong.

    • Craig

      You may have to wait for the page to fully load before you type the numbers in. Give it a few extra seconds when you get to the page, and then once it’s finished loading, it should work. There’s a javascript file I coded to work as the calculator, and there’s other javascript on the site that has to load first (for interaction) so just give it a couple extra seconds :)

  79. Nasim

    Thank you so much for your answer !

    So starting from today I’ll go on the keto diet with 10% deficit ( which is around 1570 kcal as you mentioned). I’ll work up my calories to that over 2-3 weeks and hopefully I’ll see results. The reason I really want to do this diet is that this diet seems easier to maintain in longterm comparing to low cal diet. Also I’ve been feeling tired recently during the day with the low cal diet.

    FYI: I made my coffee with coconut oil and heavy cream today and omg it was soooooo delicious !!!!

  80. April

    I’m 5’9″, 180 lbs, approximately 34% body fat. I workout 5-6 days a week, lifting weights for about 2 hours 3 days a week and then 45 – 60 minute cardio workout 2 – 3 days a week. I would like to be a 20 to 25% body fat 160 to 165 lbs.

    My initial thoughts are to have 25 carbs right before I workout (30 to 60 min) and limit other carbs to 25. I am not sure how to determine how many kcals I burn per minute for my exercise. Based on my current stats and using 1 Kcal burnt per minute of cardio & weights the following is my recommendation:

    2,674 kcal Daily Calories
    50 g net carbs – 7%
    144 g protein (used 1.2) – 22%
    211 g fat – 71%

    Thoughts? Recommendations?

    • Craig

      1.2 might be a bit high considering you’re only weight lifting a few times a week. You might want to scale back to 1.0 or 1.1g protein per pound lean body mass. As for eating carbs prior to your workout, I normally suggest trying a standard ketogenic diet (not eating extra carbs prior to workout) first. It takes around 4-6 weeks to become fat adapted (when you get all your strength back), but I think it’s the best bet for people looking to lose weight. A lot of your exercise is going to be endurance exercise, which really gets little benefit from carbs.

      As for your calories, if you don’t have an accurate way to measure your calories burnt (a heart rate monitor that’s accurate), then don’t fill the exercise section out and use the activity factor instead.

      Hope that helps!

      • April

        Thank you so much for responding and the advice. I took your recommendations and recalculated. This calculator and your response is so helpful. I actually weighed 270# at my heaviest and my lightest was a 158# with definite muscle wasting. I was to be a super lean 160-165#! Thanks again! New goals below!

        2306 kcal Daily Calories
        30 g Net Carbs – 5%
        120 g Protein – 21%
        190 g Fat – 74%

          • April

            So I dropped my protein from 120 to 109 grams of protein and adjusted the other %’s according to the calculator.

            I worked out last night, lifting weights. During the last part of my workout I started drinking a protein shake. It has 2 g of fat, 2 net carbs, and 50 grams of protein. I checked my ketone level last night and it was 0.3. I checked it this morning and it was 0.7. I plan to check it again this afternoon.

            Appreciate your thoughts!

            My question is the protein I am having for workout recovery throwing me out of ketosis? Should I break the protein up and have 25 grams earlier in the afternoon as in a snack and only do 25 grams for recovery.

          • Craig

            I would suggest breaking up the protein between 2 meals if that’s what your ketone levels are getting to. The protein shake isn’t exactly throwing you out of ketosis, but the protein itself is in excess and at once, so it can get turned into glucose. Normally if you work out extremely hard, you can afford to do this, but if you’re seeing your blood ketone levels that low, I’d suggest breaking it up.

  81. April

    In a month, which includes 1 week transitioning to a Keto diet and 2 weeks’ish in ketosis, I am down 1.2% BF (1.8#) and picked up 2.7# of lean mass. I am super happy with the results!!!

    I had been playing around with protein at 1.0 and have dropped it today to 0.8. I want to gain a little lean mass but reduce fat from 32.8% to 25% and reduce total mass from 176 to 160-165#. I workout 5-6 days a week doing CrossFit 2 days, Weight Lifting 3 days, and 1 active recovery day (long walk, elliptical, low impact).

    0.8 puts me at 96 grams of protein a day. Thoughts?

    • Craig


      0.8 sounds alright, you should just keep your eye on it and make sure you don’t feel any side effects from it (noticeably weaker, etc.). Otherwise, I don’t see a problem in reducing protein slightly :)

  82. IshaMode

    Hi Craig,

    I’ve been a regular lifter for the past 3-4 years but can never seem to get to the single digit body fat. I’m a male currently at 225lbs and about 15-20% body fat with a goal of getting to 185lbs and hopefully single digit BF%. I lift heavy 4 times a week (deadliest, squats, bench press, military presses …etc) and do about 30 mins of cardio 4 days a week.

    For the past year I was on a high protein low fat diet eat about 220g protein, 45g fat and 140 carbs (100g on rest days) averaging about 1700-1800 cal with a weekly reefed at around 2200 cal on Sunday’s. I have reached a point where I’m stalling with very little return on all my effort in dieting and exercise.

    I work out first thing in the AM and would like to shift to a TKD diet. My goal is definitely weight /fatloss and I’m not sure what my deficit % and macros should be. I have decent muscle mass and would like to retain as much as possible. Any guidance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

    • Craig


      Stay with a higher protein value like 1.1g per pound of lean body mass. You will want a smaller deficit of around 10% to begin with. I would suggest trying a standard ketogenic diet first (for at least 2 months, so you can become fat adapted) to see what will work best for you. You will feel weaker at first, but will gain all the strength back over a few weeks.

      The reason I’m not suggesting TKD just yet is because your main goal is fat loss. Keto is muscle sparing so you shouldn’t lose much muscle during the whole weight loss period (though not surprisingly, you may lose a bit just because of general weight loss).

  83. April

    How do you feel about using the 0.6 grams multiplier on non lifting days and 0.8 – 1.0 on lifting days/high intensity days?

    Also I feel like the very active may be too many calories because while I workout 5-6 days a week, I have a sedentary job. I was thinking of using moderately active but only doing a 15% deficit. Trying to figure out which ratios will help me get to a 20-25% 160#

    • Craig

      I think you can just experiment a little bit and see what ends up working best for you. Some people prefer eating lower calories/protein on their off-days, while others eat big all the time. It’s really personal preference and what you see working best for you.

  84. Laura

    Hi Craig. I’m loving your site and purchased your 30 meal plan the other day and came back today to re-download it, I had downloaded the original at work and didn’t have it this morning to start trying out your recipes. As with everyone else, I need a little help with my macros. I’m trying to stay at 1200 calories/day. I’m mid 40s, sedentary/desk job, 143 lbs, 5’3″. I’m really excited to be trying this! I started drinking bulletproof coffee w/MCT and Kerrygold butter a month ago and love it, but being mid 40 and perimenopausal, losing weight has been almost impossible for the last few years. No matter what diet I try, I’m usually hungry, tired, and staring at a scale that never changes. I’m hoping the keto diet is the answer and I’m looking to get down to 125lb. I love to cook and I’m happy that your recipes are REAL food, because I just can’t get myself to do one more juice fast, one more diet that involves food delivery that tastes like cardboard and doesn’t fill me up and spend any more money on fad diets that I just can’t stick to.

    • Craig

      I hope it works out for you Laura – for your body weight, 1200 calories seems a tad on the low end of the spectrum. If you sign up for the newsletter, you can get a guide to calculating your macros using the keto calculator on the site. It should be pretty easy to do :) If you need any help just let me know!

  85. Mish

    Hi Craig. This is completely new to me. I cant work out my Macros on the calculator as there are some things I am not understanding here. In short, I am 51 yrs old, 5 ft tall, weigh 73 kgs & would like to get to 50kgs, although this may not be totally realistic, given my age? I believe at a guess my BMI must be around the 35 – 40% range. I do zero exercise but this will come. I have eaten unhealthy my whole life, was diagnosed D2 in Dec 2013 & am winning with changing this by excluding carbs in my diet. Have read loads on LCHF lifestyle & getting the jist of it & now taking things very seriously. The exercise will come but I need to get my eating habits right first – Can you help me here with my Macros and Calorie intake based on what I have given you here? Would really appreciate it.

    • Craig

      Hey Mish. It’s important to understand that BMI and bodyfat percentage is two different things. BMI is more of a number that is inaccurate depending on how much muscle you have. Bodyfat is the actual percentage of fat on your body. It’s important that the bodyfat number is correct, as most of the calculations are based off of this number – so once you have an idea of what your bodyfat % is at, let me know and I can help you out :)

  86. Mahwish

    Hi Craig,
    I am on a mega Keto stall for over 6 weeks now. Although the weight is not increasing; I am not losing as well!!! Its standing like a rock on 73 kg.
    I am doing everything right and following all the steps, and am spot on the macros. Don’t really know what to do!!

    My weight is 73 kg, height 170 cm and body fat 30.1% BMI 25.5
    I started Keto in june and lost about 6 kg in the first 6 weeks… It has been almost 2 months and weight is just not dropping.

    I am worried that I might lose all the determination soon, It is pulling me down, everyday now…
    I really don’t want to go back to the old lifestyle of comfort eating!!

    Please help..


    • Craig

      Hey Mahwish – I would go back and recalculate your macros. Make sure that they’re on point and that your deficit isn’t too high. After that, I’d re-evaluate the amount of dairy and nuts in your diet. If it’s a lot, try to cut back on it. Lastly, I’d make sure you’re tracking everything correctly. There’s a lot of hidden carbs in things that are listed on MyFitnessPal and other trackers that show 0 but are actually 0.8 or almost 1g of carbs for a small amount.

      You may find it more successful to go back to a “simpler” way of eating for a while, not including any treats into your diet, but keeping it straightforward and simplistic.

      Hope that helps!

  87. kiki

    Hiya Craig,

    I have downloaded the 30-day guide and read through to get tips before I start. I have a few questions about my calculations in the keto calculator. I am 5’4 at 196lbs :( coming form 133 about a year and more ago. :-( I will like to get back down and be at 130, so I have 66pounds to shed off (LONG JOURNEY!)
    I estimated visually that my body fat percentage is at 44%..picked the last number in the range as it was between 34-44% i think.

    At 44% fat and 20% deficit it gave me 1910 which seems so high but i was willing to do it. Then i played around with the deficit part taking it from 20 to 25% and it brought my calories down to 1790:
    1790 kcal Daily Calorie Intake at 20% deficit
    20 g Net Carbs (4%, 80 kcal)
    88 g Protein (18%, 352 kcal)
    164 g Fat (77%, 1478 kcal)

    1790 kcal Daily Calorie Intake at 25% deficit
    20 g Net Carbs (4%, 80 kcal)
    88 g Protein (20%, 352 kcal)
    151 g Fat (76%, 1359 kcal)

    Can I use the 25% deficit or is it okay if I push it to 30% deficit. I’m going to struggle to eat up to the calories i think. Plus I need to use up this fat in my body :-)


    P/S: I pace walk for 30minutes and take kickboxing class for an hour, 4 times a week. and I strength train or will be strength training 2-3days a week during the 4days.

    • Craig

      With the amount of exercise you’re going to be doing, I wouldn’t take yourself past a 20% deficit. It sounds like you’re going to be in the gym 7 days a week – so I’d suggest staying at 20% (or even reducing to 15%). I think once you’re starting to exercise more and you become keto adapted, you’ll notice a change in your hunger levels.

      • kiki

        Hiya Craig,

        Thank you for the response. I will actually work out 4 times a week on average but will go with the 20% as you stated. Today was day 1 and my deficit was too high. I barely made 1000 calories. I’m going to love writing down what I eat because it seems im always eating this bad. I didn’t make up to the required fat or carb and exceeded my protein by 31. I actually wil stick close to your menu and not try to create my own till i get used to the life style.

        Thanks again!

        • Craig

          Sounds good Kiki,

          If you find that your normal eating habits are severely calorie restricted, then I suggest working your calorie range up slowly. This is a normal sign of a damaged metabolism (when you’re not hungry, but you’re not eating much). Working your way up is a good way to not put weight on, rather than forcing yourself to eat a lot more than you’re used to and shocking your metabolism (which may result in weight gain).

          You’ll definitely want to keep an eye on protein because too much protein = not in ketosis.

          Hope that helps!

  88. Dany

    Hi Craig,

    Been doing Keto for 2 weeks (1400 calories, 20 g carbs, 88 protein, 109 fats): lost 4.5 lbs, went on the road and even though I didn’t cheat very much at all gained 3 back upon my return…water weight or am I too low on calories?

    Anyway, I’m 5’1″, 123 probably 23% body fat (maybe a little lower). I lift 3 days a week for 30/40 minutes and do cardio 3 days a week (usually some tabata intervals followed by moderate cardio for the remaining time). In the summer I hike on the weekend too.

    My goal is to lose body fat and keep my muscle. I put lightly active because I sit in front of a computer all day, so not much activity outside of my workouts. I just recalculated my macros using 1.0 g of protein since I really don’t want to lose muscle (in fact I would like to gain that). The numbers come out to: 1485 calories, 20 carbs, 95 protein, 114 fat.

    Given that my main goal is to lose fat (and get more cut), and the fact that I regained that weight so fast…am I doing something wrong? Should I decrease protein, increase calories? I have to admit I’m constantly hungry but I’m afraid I won’t lose anything if I increase calories.

    Thanks for your help

    • Craig


      The calorie counts sound low to me for what you’re describing activity wise. I would suggest recalculating with a more accurate count on your exercise. Since you’re already so small, also, you shouldn’t be using a 20% deficit – probably something closer to 10% or 15% at the max. At lower weight/bodyfat amounts, our body doesn’t have large fat stores that it can dig into for energy, so you have to reduce your deficit.

      Other than that, have you been tracking everything you eat? That’s usually one of the biggest factors.

      Hope that helps.

      • Dany

        Hi Craig, yes I track everything using MyFitnessPal. Now I’m just stuck on the +2 lbs and can’t seem to shake it (so I basically only lost 3 lbs and my measurements have increased slightly – I take waist, hips and bicep). So frustrating and I’m afraid increasing cals will go against me given what happened to me by being on the road and not being able to track macros.

        I will try with at 15% deficit but should I also lower the protein intake from 1.0?

        As far as calculating the exercise, I really don’t know how many calories I burn (the machines at the gym are notoriously inaccurate) so should I just use the “Moderately active category” in your calculator? I don’t have an active day job but that might account better for the level of exercise I have?

        • Craig

          Well, you will have to do some slight experimentation to see what works best for you. Having a heart rate monitor will help a lot in the amount of calories you burn, but if you’re just using what the calculator gives you, then experimentation would probably be key. It did, by the sounds of it, seem that your calories were very low, though.

  89. Ellonda

    Hi Craig! I need help. I’ve lost some weight (22.5 pounds in 11 weeks) but I started working out and haven’t lost a pound in 3 weeks. I actually went up 3 pounds. It was suggested that I redo my macos. I’ve looked at 3 different calculators and each has me a WAY diff caloric intake. You helped me with this before. Right now and for the past month or so I’ve been eating 1565 calories and 80/15/5. I’ve been working out with HIIT daily for the past 2.3 weeks. My bootcamp ends on Friday, but I walk 40 min each day to walk (20 in the am, 20 in the pm) and I plan to work out, at least 3 days a week, 30 min. What should me new macros be? Should I change them to get better results?

    I’m female, b-day 9/10/1983, 252lbs (lowest weight since 8/9/14). HELP ASAP! Thanks!!!!

    • Craig


      Sounds like your macros should be higher. I would prefer for you to read through all the options and try to figure out how you can calculate your own macros, though. It’s not too difficult if you read through each section carefully.

  90. Sharon

    Please help! I am not sure how to figure this!???? I am 4ft. 10. and weigh 117..What are my marcos for losing weight? 1413 calories sounds a lot? Am I wrong? Help please!

    • Craig

      Sharon, those macros sound about right. If you’re not used to eating so much, I suggest building your way up and seeing how comfortable you are. Building up your eating habits is better done over time rather than at once in order to not shock your metabolism.

  91. srihari

    Hi There,

    I have a few questions.

    I am a vegetarian trying to do a Keto diet.

    1) My main source of FATS are NUTS, FLAXSEED OIL, COCONUT OIL.
    2) In terms of carbs I am not eating a lot of carbs but my carb counts are only the carbs in nuts and protein shakes.
    3) My main source of protein is protein shakes.

    My bodyweight is 84KG and I am 27% body fat and my aim is to drop bodyfat and build muscle

    My workout is Low to Moderate Intensity weight training and 20 mins of HIIT after each weight training session (except leg day)
    In the evening I throw in another HIIT session for 30 mins. I am not really able to calculate the amount of calories burned in these 2 session. I am loosing KG weight in a week.

    My Macros are as follows.

    grams percentage
    Protein 133 26
    Carbs 60 12 ( I am trying to get it to 50g but not happening due to hidden carbs in other foods)
    Fats 140 62

    Once a week I make a high carb day where anything goes( crisps, pizza, chocolate, gummy bears etc)

    I calculated this in a different method but will use your calculator to get the new baseline next week.

    My question is

    1) Do the carbs in the nuts count towards Keto? My guess is it does, but correct me if I am wrong.
    2) Does the Post workout Carbs count? (I am experimenting with both Low and High GI carbs after workout to see what works best. I am tyring low GI so that there is not a huge insulin spike which may be counterproductive to fat burning mode)?
    3) Also do the calorie baseline look fine I am going into sever deficit?
    4) Also is it ok to have that one day where anything goes?

    Thanks for taking the time in reading my post and answering :)

    • Craig

      The protein is far too high on the other calculator. I won’t really advise on that since you’re using a different calculator than this one. To answer your questions:

      1. Yes, carbs in everything count toward your totals.
      2. Yes, post workout carbs still count. All carbs count.
      3. I don’t know what your TDEE is, so I can’t determine your calorie deficit myself. I suggest not going past 20% if you’re working out.
      4. I personally don’t like to support TKD upfront, and by the way you describe it, it’s not properly executed CKD. So, I suggest reading up on that if you plan to take it seriously. As for the CKD itself, I suggest trying SKD before taking a higher carb route. It usually does the trick for most people.

  92. C.

    Thanks for a great website. I am 5’1″, 115 lbs (22%BF). 50 y/o. Active 5-6 day/wk. Mix of cardio, weights, HIIT. Exploring keto to help reduce risk for blood sugar issues in future and feel better during intense workouts. In my 30-40’s I was an endurance runner and became quite a carbavore. Finding it very hard to stay keto. 4-5 days to get into keto and then I get huge cravings and fall off the wagon. Never saw myself as a weak-willed person, but this is quite discouraging. My goal is to lose 10 lbs to a weight I felt very healthy at. Per the calculator, I get to have 1649 kcals. This is very high for me, historically as a carb-eater. Any insights/suggestions? Would love to hear what craving buster tips are available. thanks for great info!

  93. Mike

    For some reason the calculator is not allowing me to enter in all my information. I am trying to find out my macros, as it changes on a few apps i have tried. I am 76cm, 243lbs, about 23% bmi. I have been trying to do 100p/100f/20c plan. I am not sure how far I am off, as like i said, i keep getting diffrent calculations.

    Thanks in advance, alot of helpful stuff on your site.

    • Craig


      Try to let to calculator load for a few extra seconds before inputting any information. What I would suggest is finding your body fat percentage (this is different than BMI). This will allow you to use the calculator properly. Currently, your protein seems high and fat seems low – but I can’t really comment much more without knowing more information.

      Hope that helps,

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