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Keto Calculator

Keto Calculator

This is a simple calculator to measure your nutritional needs on a ketogenic diet. Put in your information and adjust your percentages as needed. I’ve tried to include a couple of studies in this, to give an idea where I got the formulas from and why they work.

Your Measurements

Enter your total body weight in pounds or kilograms, and your total bodyfat percentage. If you don’t know your bodyfat, you can visually estimate your body fat percentage.

Enter Body Weight (lbs.)
Enter Body Weight (kgs.)
Enter Body Fat Percentage


Energy Expenditure

This will give us an idea of how much the minimum amount of calories your body will burn in a day. Here we are calculating the Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and the Thermic Effect of Food (TEF). The BMR is simple the amount of calories we burn while our bodies are at rest, and the TEF is the amount of calories we burn  from eating and digesting food.We are using the Katch-McCardle formula which takes lean body mass into account.

Net Weight (Pounds)
Net Weight (Kilograms)
BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate)
TEF (Thermic Effect of Food)


Activity Level

Based on your activity level, we will get a more realistic look at the average amount of calories your body burns per day.

Sedentary. Not much daily activity, little to no exercise.
Lightly active. Daytime walking. 1–3 hours a week of light exercise.
Moderately active. Active day job. Exercise 3–5 hours a week.
Very active. Intense exercise 6-7 days a week.
Extremely active. Training twice a day, very intense workouts.
Total Daily Energy Expenditure (kcal)


Do you exercise?


Do you want to lose weight, maintain your weight, or gain mass? Choose your goals appropriately and only ever use a 10-15% calorie surplus or 15-30% deficit. Any higher of a deficit can have negative effects on your dieting, based on this study.

Deficit or Surplus Percentage %
Lose Weight
Maintain Weight
Gain Mass
Total Calories to Consume

Carbohydrates & Protein

It is highly recommended in a ketogenic diet that you keep your carb intake below 30g per day. You want to stay within healthy protein ranges, in order to retain muscle mass or gain muscle mass depending on your goals. We suggest between 0.8g – 1.2g per pound of lean body mass based on these studies if you want to build muscle. We suggest around 0.6g per pound of lean body mass if you want to maintain muscle (DON’T BE WORRIED IF THIS IS RED).If you want to learn more about how the body uses these, check out macronutrients on a keto diet.

Daily Protein Ratio (g/lbm)
Daily Carb Intake (g)


Here are your nutritional macros. You should eat according to these, and try to spread your meals out during the day. Don’t worry about getting exact numbers to the tee. You can afford a 5% fluctuation in either direction, but as long as you are close to your ranges it will balance itself out.

0 kcal Daily Calorie Intake
0 g Net Carbs (0%, 0 kcal)
0 g Protein (0%, 0 kcal)
0 g Fat (0%, 0 kcal)

If you are stumped on what you should be eating or what you can eat to get close to these values, you can take a look at my 7 Day Keto Diet Plan for ideas.


Darthluiggi – Formulas and tweaking. He’s over at reddit/r/ketogains. He  spent over 10 years tweaking the formulas and did a fantastic job!
Craig – Formatting and conversions from original keto calculator into JavaScript.

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  1. I just wanted to say thank you for making this keto calculator! I have been on a few other websites and they have not given me what I wanted. I did not see good results for the past 3 weeks now and decided to strictly follow what your macros were.

    I’ve been using this for the last week and a half and the results are great! thank you!

    • No problem! Glad you’re finding success in your diet – you’ll get to your goals I’m sure :)

      I based this off of Martin’s keto calculator but decided to go more in depth with protein and exercise. Based on the research I did, his protein counts were a bit low, so I have adjusted them for less loss of muscle mass.

      Feel free to ask any question you might have about keto around the site, I try to post something new every day, but even if I don’t I try to stay active.

  2. according to the keto calculator, I am to eat 1868 kcal a day. I use myfitnesspal to keep track of what I eat. According to myfitnesspal, I should eat 1200 kcal a day to lose about 1 lb a week. This seems like a lot of discrepancy. I understand the theory behind the ketogenic diet, but I should be ultimately in caloric deficit daily to lose weight, no? Also, in some other keto calculator on the web, I should keep my caloric intake at around 1600 a day. Am I going to be able to lose weight at all eating 1868 kcal even if I follow the ketogenic diet?
    Thanks in advance for your response.

    • Clara,

      Did you read the instructions next to each title? You can edit your calorie deficit depending on what you weigh. You should also be editing your protein ratios if you are sedentary. Most likely you did not adjust these and that’s why there’s such a large difference between the other keto calculator and this one.

      • yep, I did do all that. I am pretty active and work out 5 to 6 days a week ( HIIT and weights). It would be nice to eat 1800 calories a day and still lose weight if this keto calculator is correct.

        • Clara,

          If you’re doing HIIT and Weights then yes I think that 1800 calories would allow you to lose weight. 1800 is even pretty low for that amount of working out.

      • Craig, I was wondering the same as Clara. My macro info is spot on with hers. I don’t know her height, age or current weight but I did notice that the macros of a fellow ketoer who is male, 5’9 and 220 lbs are lower than mine. So am I on the right track? I’m a 5’4 female, 40 years old, 152 lbs (lost 2 lbs since Jan 15th) with 20-22% BF. I only do 10-20 minutes of cardio daily but I weight train 45-60 minutes 5 days a week.

        • Keshia,

          It really depends on what your end goals are for this. If you want to lose weight, or if you want to gain muscle mass. Since you’re already relatively low body fat for a woman, I figure you want to gain muscle mass?

          If you want to lose weight, you have to go into a calorie deficit, but if you want to gain weight you need to be at a calorie surplus. Most likely the male friend who is a ketoer has a high deficit because he wants to lose weight. When you’re lower bodyfat, your deficit needs to be much lower because your fat stores cannot cover a large deficit like his could.

          Anyway, let me know your goals and I can help out. For you, for losing weight I got:
          2003 kcal Daily Calorie Intake
          20 g Net Carbs (4%, 80 kcal)
          73 g Protein (15%, 292 kcal)
          181 g Fat (81%, 1631 kcal)

          And for gaining mass, I got:
          2448 kcal Daily Calorie Intake
          20 g Net Carbs (3%, 80 kcal)
          97 g Protein (16%, 389 kcal)
          220 g Fat (81%, 1978 kcal)

          So if you want to do something like that between your off days and your lifting days, that’s fine – but just know that it’s pretty difficult (if not impossible after a few weeks) to gain muscle mass without being in a calorie surplus.

          • Thanks Craig. My goal is to lower my body fat more while maintaining what muscle I do have. So if I’m understanding this right, based on your response, A 20% deficit is too high and I need to ADD a few more calories to lose the fat?

          • Right Keshia,

            What I would do is calculate all your macros with all your exercise included, and then do a 5-10% deficit on that. That way your fat stores can cover the deficits and it won’t be too large. Too large of a deficit can cause metabolic damage.

          • Another question please. I’m never sure how to categorize my activity level. Yes, I go all out for that hour in the gym but I’m a full time wife and mom. So the rest of my day entails things like house/yard work and errands. So I usually just put lightly active. What’s your opinion about that?

          • That’s fine. You could get away with moderately active, but the best thing for you to do would be to have an accurate idea of your exercise so you can accurately find your macros. I think around 2000-2300 calories will be something to what you’ll be needing.

  3. Hey there. So my husband and I are starting this diet tomorrow. I am 5’8 127 lbs. and my husband is 215 6’0. My goal is not to lose more than a couple of lbs. but to lose the soft stuff and get some definition. My husband needs the lbs. I have read a lot about ketogenic diets and the ratios vary a bit. What I got from this calculator was a pretty high caloric intake. Now I was told to not even worry about the calories just your macro ratio. Also the protein seemed high as well. Can you offer us any tips as we start? I just want to do this right. Thanks!

    • Crystal,

      Sure. So for you – you should be at a calorie deficit. But since you’re pretty low weight already, I suggest something like a 5-10% deficit (No more than 10%). To get “defined” while losing weight is pretty much impossible. You CAN gain muscle in a calorie deficit, but only for the first few weeks and you’d have to be doing quite intense strength training. You might want to consider doing a surplus, to gain both fat and muscle, and then switching to a “cut phase” where you cut your fat but keep your muscle.

      As for your husband, if he needs to gain – he should be in a calorie surplus. Normally for suplus’ I suggest 10%.

      The protein in my calculator is, by default, higher than most. For someone that is inactive and trying to lose weight, I always suggest using a 0.6g ratio. For someone that is active, keep it default. When losing weight, you can lose muscle, and I personally find that a bit higher protein that other calculators do help with preservation of muscle during the weight loss. Some other people disagree, but I link to the studies that I read through to come to the conclusion I did.

      Hope that explains everything – as for tips, just read through some of the articles on the website. I spent a lot of time writing them and they’re packed full of information. If you want to get on a more personal level, you can join our facebook group too: https://www.facebook.com/groups/keto.diet/

      See you on the site (and maybe on facebook)!

      • Completely agree. I wasn’t happy with the lower protein intake. I love my protein. So I initially put a 15% deficit purely because I am at the low end on my weight and my BMI is 19.4%. I just want to be cut. Thanks so much for your quick response and I am sure you will be hearing from me again!

        • Yeah I wouldn’t suggest 15% deficit. Per pound of fat, you “generally” (and that’s assuming a lot of conditions) can cover 50 calories per 1 pound of fat. So keep that in mind when you calculate your deficits. Too high of a deficit can be counter-productive and also cause metabolic damage. See you around :)

  4. Hi! Thank you for the calculator:)!!! I am planning on starting the Ketogenic diet on March 1. I am 188lbs, 5ft3in.My body fat percentage is an estimated 45%. My goal weight is around 110-120. I did the calculations for a 10% deficit and for a 25% deficit. I am sedentary but plan on walking at least 30 minuets daily. Which deficit would be most effective at losing the weight quickly and is still healthy so that I don’t cause metabolic damage.

  5. Please please help me, I am so confused with the working out of cal and carbs. I am a 44 yrs, female, weight is 68kg and height is 167cm and desprately need to loos 2kg per week. I will be forever greatfull if you can help me with how much cal and carb to eat before I start on my keto diet.



    • Suzette,

      Losing 2kg per week is extremely unhealthy weight loss, so you’ll never be able to lose that much without doing a large amount of damage to both your body and your metabolism. As for your macros, I don’t know what your bodyfat % is, so I can’t really help out.

      Best of luck

  6. Hey Craig,
    Loving your site! It has become my go to for everything. I’m on week 2 of ketogenic diet and realized I need to be more detailed about my macros. I’m 4’11, 111 lbs but 35% BF (hence the keto)and I’m doing Jillian Michaels get Ripped in 30 (5-6x/week). I’m trying to figure out how I can lose FAT, but maintain muscle/get stronger –> get leaner BF%?

    I’m using Myfitness pal to log in all of my habits and macros. So, hopefully with your help I can aim for the right numbers.
    Thank you in advance for your help!

    • Hey Sony, thanks! What I would suggest is to keep a 0.8g protein ratio (it’s default, so no need to change anything) but use moderately active as your activity level. Don’t worry about putting any of your exercise into the calculator (just leave it as moderately active). You should be eating a decent amount of calories a day to keep up with the exercise, but enough to keep yourself in a deficit. Keto is a pretty muscle sparing diet, so you shouldn’t worry too much about maintaining muscle. Gaining muscle is kind of iffy, you might see some progress at first, but after that you can’t really gain much muscle without a calorie surplus. So, for now, just continue losing weight – the rest sounds great. Keep track of your macros and you’ll be set :)

      We have a facebook group (link is in the sidebar – Ketogenic Living) that you can join. Many people help out and support there. See you around (or in the group)!

      • Thanks so much! While I push hard for that 30 min – 45 min workout, the rest of my day is mostly sitting around. Do you think mod activity is still applicable?

        Also, when it comes to nutrition bars like Quest bars- should I pay attention to all carb or only net carbs? Thank you!

        • Also, what’s a good deficit to do? I did the calculation for a 25% deficit since it says to stick within 15-25? Thank you for all of your help. =)

          • Since you’re exercising I suggest keeping it between 15-20%. 25% may be too high considering your exercise also. Moderately active is still fine to use.

            As for Quest Bars and things of that sort – some are OK and some are not. Erythritol is common in a lot of these, which directly passes through the digestive tract (humans don’t have the enzymes to break it down, so I never count them). It’s up to you whether you want to count them or not, but I never had a problem with Erythritol.

  7. Hey Craig,
    I had a friend who has done this diet has lost over 100 pounds so I wanted to start the diet on March First. I am 6’4 about 320 and I would say about 45 -50% BF and want to lose weight. Also I work in retail so I am constantly walking around on my feet. I was doing good with the calculator until I got to the surplus/deficit section. Wanted to get further clarification on that section. Also, the hardest part of this diet for me is giving up juice! I am addicted lol… Wanted to know do you have any tips or alternatives for this? My friend switched to diet soda but I’m not really a fan. I was looking at maybe diet snapple or coke zero? Thanks in advance

    • Barry,
      You should be fine doing a 20% deficit. You have enough fat stores to be able to cover a larger deficit (even with your job taken into account). As for juice, I don’t really have a solution. I always recommend water – and a lot of it. You could try the different flavorings for drinks that are sugar free (like Crystal Light, Mio, etc.).

      If you have any more questions let me know, we also have a facebook group that helps people out (it’s called Ketogenic Living, the link is in the side bar).

      All the best and good luck!

  8. The calculator is not working for me.

  9. It’s working now! Thank you!

  10. Hey there, so I’ve been doing ketogenic for about 3 weeks now and I’ve lost 17 pounds, however I have found I have been stalled for about a week. I recently introduced a whey isolate (with sucralose, only 1g carb per scoop), as I could not get the required 80-85g protein/day. I am a vegetarian so it’s not as easy to get no-low carb protein sources. I have been doing the lowest carb veggie meats and they haven’t been a problem so far. I am not currently working out, but I do plan on doing some weights/cardio just to tone up. I also do bulletproof in the morning.

    I’m not really sure what is causing the stall or what I can do. I read about the fat fast, but I cannot bring nuts into my house since my roommate is allergic. Do I cut out the whey and see if it helps, even though my protein intake will then only be at 40-50g/day?

    Any input is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    • Awesome job so far Dallas! Are you allowed to eat eggs? If so, you could bring eggs into the mix to up your protein and cut back on the isolate.

      If not, keep with it for a little longer – sometimes I see stalls for 1-2 weeks and then they start losing again. :) Best of luck and let me know what happens!

      • I can definitely eat eggs, and I try to, I just have difficulty finding ways to eat them, since overly “egg-y” tastes make me gag. I’ve tried steamed (with some cheese), boiled, and egg salad, but they aren’t things I want to eat every day. Since most spices have hidden carbs, I can’t exactly jazz them up that way either. Who knew eggs could be such a predicament?!

        I’m heading to California in 2.5 weeks and want to lose another 10 pounds before I go so I can rock a bikini. This is why my stall is causing panic. I will try reducing the isolate and adding in some exercise and hope and pray my body wants to burn fat!

        • That works – just make sure your deficit is not too high. You can get away with spices on eggs because it’s not like you’re going to be adding a tablespoon of spice to some eggs. More like 1/2 tsp. of some spices to 3-4 eggs (which is 18-24g protein). So you can add some spices, it wouldn’t make a large difference I’d say :)

          Either way let me know what happens!

          • Just an update..I decided to do a fat fast. I’m on day 2, so far down 1 pound in the day and a half I’ve been doing it. It seems to be the break through I needed. After finishing I will resume with tweaked macros.

            Question though..yesterday I had BP coffee in the a.m, 15 macadamias throughout the day, 3 tbsp. of natural peanut butter, and a vega hydrator (an electrolyte drink). Does that sound decent to you? I wasn’t hungry throughout the day, and I’m positive I can manage the same for the next 2 days (I may stretch out to 5 days total depending). That makes it 898 cals, 89% fat, 5% protein, 6% carbs.

          • Dallas, that sounds right for a fat fast – but I highly suggest not stretching it longer than 3 days time. Honestly, fat fasting is just for getting into keto or breaking a plateau and I am a little bit against it. Losing 1 pound in a day (though it’s probably a lot of water) is still an unhealthy way to think about weight. You should be aiming for 1-2 pounds a week, max. Just keep that in mind and don’t get too crazy with the fat fasting ;)

  11. Craig, first of all many thanks for putting all this together. It’s a really great site and a really great help!

    So I’ve just started this and my Macros worked out to be (wanting to lose weight – and putting a deficit of 15%):

    KCals – 2159
    Net Carbs – 25g which I set
    Protein – 151g (daily protein ration of 1)
    Fat – 162g

    I worked out my eating today to have been:

    KCals – 2028
    Net Carbs – 24.4
    Protein – 126.3g (daily protein ration of 1)
    Fat – 173.2g

    I also went for a 5k run today / and I generally weight train quite intensively for 40/45mins 3 times a week. My lifestyle otherwise is fairly sedentary.

    So given my lifestyle/exercise regime, if I ate as I actually did today – is there any danger in that? Am I over or under anything significantly?

    Thanks again!

    • Thanks BN!

      What is your actual weight? If you’re relatively heavy (body fat % wise) you can afford to go into a higher deficit, so I wouldn’t mind you sitting at those numbers. But, if you’re more lean (lower bodyfat %) then you’d probably need to increase your calories a bit to put up with the exercise. You’re not in danger really for a little while, so you have time to sort it all out and figure out what works for you the best, That said, I certainly don’t think a larger deficit than 35% in total (if you’re quite heavy) would be that healthy.

      All the best!

      • Thanks for the quick reply Craig!

        I’m 182lbs / 5’10″ / and using the visual estimation I’m probably in the 15%-19% body fat range.

        • BN,

          Yeah, you’d definitely want to up the calories a bit. You don’t have too much to lose, so your fat stores can’t cover as much as a very heavy person, for example. Anyway, hope that helps – best of luck :)

  12. Hi Craig,

    I’ve got a couple of questions…

    I’ve been doing LCHF since Jan (always been low carb in the past but more LCHP).

    I’m 175 cm tall, weigh 63.5 kg and have 25 % body fat (about 50 kg lean mass). I used to be extremely overweight, about 160 kg (BMI >50) and through D&E and weight loss surgery I have lost 95 kg or so. I have a considerable amount of excess skin which influences by body fat % (according to the dexa-scan technician). My ‘trunk’ body fat is 16.5 % but legs (where most of the skin is) is 30 %. So I don’t really have an accurate body fat vs excess skin measurement. However, according to the dexa-scan my lean mass is 50 g.

    I’m trying to lose a few more kg before I have surgery to remove the skin. I’ve entered by data into your keto-calculator and got the following:
    1327 kcal Daily Calorie Intake
    25 g Net Carbs (8%, 100 kcal)
    63 g Protein (19%, 252 kcal)
    108 g Fat (73%, 975 kcal)

    That is basically what I eat, give or take a bit. I’m very strict with my carbs and really do try to get my protein and fat in but some days it is a bit low. I’ve had zero weight loss and I’m starting to wonder why….

    Just to complicate things, I’m wondering if my WLS history – a lap band and now a gastric bypass would be affecting things? With the lap band I used to eat 1,000 – 1,200 calories a day and have done so since about 2006. So I’m wondering if there have been long-term alterations to my metabolic rate? I’m a scientist by training so I’ve tried to search the literature but it’s a very sketchy subject with no clear answers – any thoughts?

    I realise that my deficit is quite large but if I eat anymore my weight goes up – I got down to 62.5 kg at once stage and now I’ve gained about 1 kg or so. I am assuming that it’s muscle given that I do 30 min pilates and 1 hr of callanetics per week…

    I’m definitely in ketosis – I check my fasting ketones in the morning and also in the evening. My readings range from 0.6 – 3.2 mmol/L but generally they’re higher in the morning than the afternoon. I’ve no history of diabetes or anything – my BG levels are < 5.5 mmol/L.

    Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!

    • Katherine,

      I actually suggest upping the calories a bit and working on a smaller deficit. Yes, you’ll gain some weight at first, but you can actually repair the metabolic damage that was done from lap band surgery/eating little/etc. It does take time, though, so you’d have to push through it. This metabolic damage could very well be the reason you’re not losing weight, unfortunately.

      • Thanks Craig!

        I’ve been reading around your site and come to a similar conclusion :) I’ll see how I go – I really do wonder about the long-term damage to my metabolism and really hoping that I can start to repair my body..

        Thanks again – and thanks for such a *fantastic* site – with references :)

        • Appreciate it Katherine :)

          The timing for how long it’ll take for repair is kind of dependent on the person so I can’t give too much more details on that. But once you do start healing properly, you should see better results! Wish you the best!

  13. Hi Craig,
    Wanted to know if you could give me a hand at what my macros need to be. Needing to drop at least
    80lbs. Currently at 248, wanting to get between 165-175 (larger build). I am sedentary, but would like to take
    up daily walking of at least 30 minutes; but haven’t as yet. My BMI, I think that’s what it asked for is high, the 45% or higher =(. If you need any other info…let me know.
    Thanks a bunch! Tj

    • TJ, it asks for your Bodyfat %, not for your BMI. I took a guess and put in that you were 34% Bodyfat, but I think you should check out the “visual guide to estimating bodyfat” so you can be a bit more accurate.

      With those numbers, I got:
      1998 kcal Daily Calorie Intake
      20 g Net Carbs (4%, 80 kcal)
      98 g Protein (20%, 393 kcal)
      169 g Fat (76%, 1525 kcal)

      • Okay, so it is 45% that I need =( WELL I AM WORKING ON IT ;)
        So, I just go enter it with that in mind? Isn’t that kind of calorie per day going to make me gain even more??? I’m so use to seeing that 1200 is needed to lose. Wow.
        Thanks for your help, again, Tj

        • Tj, yeah you still have to feed your body energy. You could go into an aggressive deficit of 30% if you’re 45% bodyfat, though, since your fat stores can cover the deficit :)

  14. Hi Craig, I need some advice. I’ve been doing Keto almost 3 months now and can’t lose 1 pound. I consulted with a very popular keto person who mentioned that cortisol may be an issue. My 5 day split workout may be too much stress, therefore preventing me from keto adapting. What do you think about that? Do I really need to limit my workouts to lose weight (only 10-15 pounds)? Thanks for your input.

    • Keshia,

      I think Stephanie is criminal to charge so much for her consultations. I keep hearing over and over how little success people have had. First make sure you’re eating enough for your workouts, and then make sure your macros are on point (AKA getting enough fat/moderate protein/low carb). If you are still having problems it could be a number of reasons so you can email me or catch me on facebook to go more in depth :)

      • PHEW…..I’m sooo glad you didn’t say to stop working out! Lol… I’m not a man, but I know that there are plenty of men on keto that kill it in the gym everyday….so why not me! Thanks, I’ll send you my specifics.

  15. Hi Craig
    Great site! Thanks so much for the content. It’s really informative. I just had a couple of quick questions regarding my macros.
    I used your calculator and it came up with 52g protein, 20g carbs, 170g fat.
    I am trying to lose 4kg to get into fitness modelling as well as building muscle. I weight train everyday and do intense cardio about 3 times a week (mainly interval sprints). I’m a bit concerned with the minimal protein being 52g for an entire day. Can you tell me if this sounds right?
    I’m a PT and have used cutting diets, bulking diets etc but now I’m really focused on losing body fat and would like to be around 14-16%. At the moment I’m sitting at around 22% but not sure how accurate the reading is on my scales. I’d really appreciate your feedback!
    Thanks Craig!

    • Simone,

      If you’re doing weight lifting you’ll need to use a higher protein ratio. The default is set to 0.6 and that is meant more for sedentary people. Try something like 0.8 – 1.0 ratio and you’ll get better number more suited for someone with your work out regimen!

      Hope that helps :)

  16. Hey,

    Can someone help me calculate my macros? I’ve used several calculators and they all come out with different figures which is getting confusing to say the least!

    My info: 175cm height, 75kg weight, 15% BF, I do 2x 1hr cardio sessions a week (20min rowing at 9 setting, 20min skipping, 15 min cycling at 6 setting), I also do PUSH PULL weights 4 times a week (roughly 3 exercises per muscle group, 3-4 sets, 8-10 reps….including compound exercises like squats, bench, deadlift,etc.) each weight workout takes about 2 hours

    The part I’m not sure about with the above calculator is the Exercise part and how much calories to add in order to offset my calorie count.

    My aim to get my maintain my muscle mass and get my body fat down to 10%.

    Thanks for any help, much appreciated!

    • Quyen,

      You’re going to have to experiment with macros for yourself to see what works out. It’s pretty difficult to reduce bodyfat while maintaining or building muscle, so you may have to cut working down some and decrease calories a bit in that time frame (as I’m sure you know, it’s called a cut).

  17. Hi Craig,

    I’m 5’5″ and weigh 143lbs. I work out 2-3 times a week cardio 20 mins each time sometimes if inspired, 40 minutes. I’m looking to lose 15-20lbs. I’ve been low carb for 2 months and so far lost 10lbs. My body fat i would estimate 27%. I used your calculator and it said around 1381 calories. How can i loose weight quickly (over the next month or so), am i calculating correctly? I’d like to get down to 15-20% body fat for now. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    • Alicia, my best advice I can give you is to stop trying to lose weight “quickly”. It took time to gain weight, it’s going to take time to lose weight. Losing weight very rapidly is just unhealthy and will have negative consequences attached to it.

      • I would be happy with losing 10-15lbs over any amount of time but im wondering if my calculations are correct. I have been stuck at the scale for over a week and need to see if i’m doing this all correctly. Based on my numbers, what do you think?

        • Alicia, I got these numbers using the same numbers you gave me:
          1410 kcal Daily Calorie Intake
          20 g Net Carbs (6%, 80 kcal)
          63 g Protein (18%, 251 kcal)
          120 g Fat (77%, 1079 kcal)

          I would suggest upping your calories on the days you are doing working out, though, by 100-200 (just up your fat intake and protein intake slightly).
          Hope that helps.

          • Thank you so much! I’ve only been at 100g fat each day and i almost always go over my protein intake by 70g!!!! My carbs have been great lately and they are anywhere between 10g and 17g a day. I just have been stuck on that scale for what feels like forever!

          • Alicia, if you’re going over on protein by that much then I am thinking that would be your problem. Excess protein is turned into glucose during gluconeogeneis, and this could be causing your stall. Reduce your protein, up your fat, and see where that takes you.

  18. Thanks Craig! That makes complete sense!!! :)

  19. The calculator is confusing me. I don’t really know how much energy or calories I’m burning when I work out. Right now I’ve been inactive because of an injury, but I calculated based on what I plan on doing when I get back into working out. Workouts I usually do are: dead lifts, bench press, shoulder press, hip rotation with weighted olympic bars, basic sit ups and crunches, clean and press. I usually workout for about an hour, minus my warm ups and stretches. On the weekends sometimes I go hiking which lasts for 4-7 hours. I plan on maybe playing basketball once or twice a week. When I play, its usually 2-3 hours. I also rock climb once or twice a week for about 2 hours a day. Once I’m active again I think I’m fairly active but I still gain weight.

    I’m male, 5’2, 160 pounds right now. I’m pretty muscular but based on the charts I’m about 34 percent in body fat.

    This was my result:

    1854 kcal Daily Calorie Intake
    20 g Net Carbs (4%, 80 kcal)
    63 g Protein (14%, 253 kcal)
    169 g Fat (82%, 1521 kcal)

    Does this sound alright to you?

    • Andy,

      That sounds a little low, calories wise, for working out as much as you plan to. I’d suggest upping the calories (lowering the deficit you’ll be in) and go from there. I’d think something like 2000-2200 would be around where you’d want to be.

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