About Us

About Us

Why We’re Here

What is healthy in today’s day and age?  There are so many diets and nutrition plans and work out plans and daily plans we really don’t know how to keep up! But here at Ruled.me we hope that together we can make a difference in people’s lives. We want everyone to live a healthy, happy, and balanced life while still enjoying the food, nutrition, and workouts they choose. Whether you’re a couch potato, or a gym rat – there’s always more you can learn.

Being that both of us lost a chunk of our weight dieting, diets have become somewhat of our forte. We’ve tried tons of “fad diets”, specialized diets, and even some custom diets that we made ourselves. There’s nothing better than solid scientific reasoning behind why a diet works – and we’re here to spread that wealth of knowledge to you.

Some things we offer here at Ruled.me:

  • Keto Diet Information
  • Dieting Tips
  • Low Carb Recipes
  • Strength & Endurance Training Routines
  • Health & Nutrition Info

How We Help

There are many paths to walk in the journey of health and wellness that lies ahead and we will guide you through every step of the way. Ruled.me will provide quality informational and inspirational articles and recipes in the keto diet for the health, fitness, nutrition, and wellness spectrum. We want to share our success and ultimately share in the success of every like-minded and driven person who joins our community.

We hope that you take the pledge and decide to be a happy, intrinsic, self-aware individual that draws from the strength within rather than the strength of external influence. Before we take the adventure together, you must first take a deep look inside of yourself. You must soul search and analyze what has hindered you in your goals.

How We Motivate

Take the pledge today to realize what in fact rules you, what has taken control of your life, what makes your choices for you without even a second thought.. By first deciding what type of influence has had a dominant hold in your life previous to this point will allow you to develop a suitable plan to take back your life. The ability of free choice is a gift within all of us, exercise your right to choose who runs your life. The external forces or the inherent willpower each and every one of us is born with? You be the judge.

Motivation is the key to everything when it comes to fitness. Losing weight, looking good, keeping your doctors and yourself happy. Everyone has their reason to start a healthy lifestyle, and we believe everyone has the right to be informed.

Who We Are

My Keto Diet Ending
Craig lost over 70 pounds, granted not easily, and has learned a lot along the way. He’s here to help, inform, and motivate people to do the same by getting in the best shape they can with the tools they have. Plummeting from 230 pounds all the way down to 130, skyrocketing back up to 200 pounds, and now sitting at a moderate buck sixty – he is looking to gain muscle mass and keep his nutrition in check. The barbell and the science behind food are some of his favorite subjects to learn and talk about.