About Ruled.me

We hear you. You want to live a healthy lifestyle, you’ve done your research, and the keto diet is the best fit for your needs. But who has time to spend hours on search engines and at the bookstore to find what you’re looking for?

Here at ruled.me, we truly believe in what keto is about (and the science that backs it). From recipes to accurate info to all the support you need, ruled.me is your one-stop resource for a smooth transition to the ketogenic diet.

The path to a healthier lifestyle has never been paved with dragging feet. Our aim is simple: we want to make keto as approachable and – dare we say it – as fun as possible. We’re here to motivate you as you explore delicious recipes to continue enjoying the food you cook, applaud your weight loss successes big and small, and give you a factual approach to make keto a sustainable approach to your journey.

Why Ruled.me?

On ruled.me you’ll find everything you need to “rule” the keto diet: diet plans and tips, keto-friendly recipes and cookbooks, recommended tools and resources, and so much more. You’ll also never be alone! Thousands of fellow ketoers are cheering each other on in our online community as they navigate keto living.

The person behind ruled.me is Craig Clarke, but we don’t want to make this about one person – we want to make it about your journey. We aim to bring you the most informational, user-friendly, easy to navigate website on keto and welcome feedback from anyone on how to improve further.

To learn more about how to begin your ketogenic journey, check out our free Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide to the Ketogenic Diet that will explain everything you need to know to get started.

Need Extra Help?

In addition to the wealth of information and recipes that can be found right here on this site, we offer specialized meal plans to help make your transition as effortless as possible.

The Keto Academy program includes 200+ delicious low-carb recipes for every taste, weekly shopping lists to stay on track, and expert guidance that make your goals a reality.

If you’re feeling especially gung-ho about jump-starting your healthier lifestyle, feel free to join in where you’ll find interactive keto plans that have been optimized for quicker and better results.

We’re not in the business of selling something just to make a few quick bucks – you’ll never be guilted by sneaky marketing tactics into buying something that doesn’t work and then being dropped like a rock when we’re done.

So, what are you waiting for? Come on in and get started!