Steven Has Lost 80 Pounds in 7 Months on Keto

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Once my daughter was born, I found new motivation to be a healthier father and husband. I wanted to be there for my grandchildren and be healthy enough to retire and travel the world with my family. I have lost 80 pounds in just over 7 months, and I have never felt better. My blood sugar is perfect, and my cholesterol went from dangerously high to within normal ranges for someone my age. Keto has changed my life and I would never go back to the old me!

At 22, I had found the love of my life and had a perfect daughter. I was set to finish school soon, and our little family had so much potential for success. Although all of that foreseen success was excellent, there was still something holding it all back. The bitter unhappiness I had with what I looked like and how I viewed myself began to weigh on me more and more. With my daughter came the natural looks into the future to imagine what she would be like as an adult.

I already couldn’t wait to see her graduate high school and determine what she wanted to do with her life and help her every way I could. When imaging all the possible futures our family could have, not one of them involved me not being able to go somewhere because I had health problems, or not being able to be active enough to keep up with her because I was so overweight. I would never want my daughter to spend nights wondering if I was going to be aright due to my weight and the subsequent effects it was having on my health.

With that motivation, I made the decision to change my life. I no longer wanted to be the goal-oriented person who couldn’t control their eating habits. I wanted to add one more hurdle to cross in doing my part to create the perfect family. I can now look back and honestly say that was the best decision I have ever made. In just over seven months I have lost 80 pounds, my cholesterol is within normal ranges, and I have perfect blood sugar. My energy is through the roof, and I have never felt better.

You are about to read how I accomplished this immense task, so buckle up! Each person is different, and everyone will have their own motivation and purpose for changing their lives. Embrace that! Embrace your reasoning, and be happy with the changes you have made for yourself. Your future self and mine will both be over the moon!

1. What tactics did you employ to help you get to your goal? What did you find helped you get to your goals best?

Initially, my tactics were weighing myself weekly and counting calories as well as net carbs. After a couple of months, I realized that I was always too satiated to really eat enough to make calorie counting necessary. I drank plenty of water and ate two meals a day.

2. What is the most impactful change you’ve made to your diet and why do you feel it’s been the most important?

The most impactful change I have made to my diet is portioning. I used to say “I don’t even really like sweets, I just love meat and potatoes.” While my average sugar intake may have been low, I ate much larger portions multiple times throughout the day. Understanding that my body was utilizing my excess body fat for energy helped me to understand that I only needed to eat what was essential to provide nutrients to my body.

I think eating for the purpose of nutrition versus eating out of pleasure has been the most important. The entire mindset of food and its meaning has changed for me, and it is truly incredible.

3. What is the best single piece of advice you can give to someone that is just starting out?

You have to want it. You have to really want it. We have all had those talks to ourselves at night where we say we are finished eating poorly, but unfortunately go back to our same habits the next day. It’s not easy, but no one ever said it would be. I don’t think it’s easier to turn down carb-filled food now than it was when I began, but once the progress mounts up and you realize how much better you feel it does get better, you just have to hold on.

4. How do you feel your life is now that you’re at your goal?

I have an overwhelming sense of accomplishment, yet the desire to continue my personal journey with weight loss. Keto isn’t just to reach a goal, but to change your lifestyle altogether. The benefits to overall health are outstanding, and I personally look forward to seeing where my body is meant to be by continuing to eat properly and practicing proper health in every aspect of my life.

5. What do you consider the biggest change in your day-to-day life?

The mental fixation on food being alleviated is definitely the biggest change for my day to day life. You would not believe the amount of time I would spend wondering what I would eat next. I was either thinking about what I was going to be eating, eating, or thinking about what I was eating next.

The damper that put on mental productivity as well as overall enjoyment for life was immense. Once the mindset on food changed from pleasure to nutrition for me, I was able to think about all the other things in life, and felt like a huge weight was lifted. Forgetting meals is not uncommon for me now, and before Keto I never willingly skipped a meal.

6. What did you do to find support throughout your journey?

My initial reason for starting Keto was my support throughout my journey, my daughter. I wanted to be healthy for her, and for her children one day. I wanted to be able to run around with her and take vacations together. “I want to be the cool grandpa who can play basketball with the grandkids” I would tell my wife. That goal of long-lasting health was my motivation, and no amount of sweets or bread could trump how I want to spend many memorable days with my family.

7. What do you currently do to manage your day-to-day diet?

I am actually pretty sporadic with my day to day diet. I don’t go as hardcore into meal planning as some people, and I feel like each person will find their own routine. What I do however, is equip myself with all the keto staples and go with what I am feeling that day. Many different meats, vegetables, oils, and cheeses, as well as the occasional bag of pork rinds is what stays in my kitchen.

I only drink water, which also stems from the idea of consuming food and drinks for nutrition instead of pleasure.

8. What is your favorite keto recipe from that’s become a staple?

This is by far the easiest question in this article! The easy 30 minute Keto chili is my favorite meal. It has all the best ingredients for a hearty meal, as well as the spice to kick It up a notch. We make it at least once a week, and it never disappoints. It reheats well for work lunches, that is if there is any left over!

9. If there is one thing that you could do differently during your journey, what would it be and why?

The one thing I wish I would have done differently would be to accept the small victories. I did lose weight pretty fast, but I never gave myself enough credit in the process. It was because I truly felt like I wasn’t doing anything in order to see the results I did. Who would have thought that eliminating carbs would make such a difference without exercise?

The reality is that diet has a much larger role in weight loss than many people may let on. That common opinion made me feel that I didn’t deserve the results I had fought for. So if this has inspired you, please enjoy the small victories. You aren’t cheating, this diet isn’t going to clog your arteries, and you aren’t taking the easy way out by any means.

This is a lifestyle, and you will always have the support of other Keto-ers out there. I know this may be cliché, but if I could do this, you can too, I promise!