Recommended Keto Products

I’ve tried a LOT of keto products over the last 10 years, and I’m still always trying to get my hands on new stuff. In this section of the site, you’ll find my up-to-date favorites for cooking, specialty items, keto supplements, and workout equipment.

From our most used brands to science-backed supplements, I’ll explain what is keto-friendly, why I believe these keto-friendly products are truly worth suggesting, and how you can use them for weight loss or living a healthier lifestyle. You won’t find padded reviews or affiliate links to keto weight loss pills that don’t work – we only recommend products we actually use.

Specialty Keto Brand Recommendations

Good Food Makes It Easy.

Whether you’re trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle, meeting your macronutrient targets is much more enjoyable when you have great and delicious food to eat.I’m a pretty picky eater and I love eating foods that are the best quality and taste great.

In this section, I’ve gone through many brands of specialty foods like almond flour, coconut flour, erythritol, stevia, chia seeds, and so forth, but I’ve settled on a select few that I’ve come to favor and enjoy their taste.


Kitchen Recommendations

Having the Best Tools for the Best You.

Eating out regularly can just be a plain nightmare in terms of knowing what is actually in your foods.

From being able to track to being able to be sure of what you ate, part of staying healthy and continuing to lose weight is preparing your own food.In this section, you’ll find my favorite kitchen gadgets for making life easier and simpler when making and storing the food you want.


Cooking Recommendations

Make Life Easier for Yourself.

Since we’ll be doing a lot of cooking, having the best equipment for the job is a necessity. Being able to make the whole cooking and cleanup process a breeze is something I never take for granted.

For example, silicone is one of my favorite things to use (long-lasting non-stick properties), and one of the easiest things to clean.In this section, I list my favorite cookware and bakeware that makes life just a little bit easier when you have other things on your mind.


Keto Supplement Recommendations

What’s Needed and What’s Not.

When it comes to buying supplements, the dollar amount can really rack up fast. I’ve spend thousands of dollars on supplements that did nothing, but now I’ve figured out what works and what doesn’t.

Most supplements just aren’t worth buying, but some have a great scientific backing and give you a great boost.In this section of the recommendations, you’ll find a list of what I personally take and recommend, and why.


Exercise Recommendations

Not All Gear is Created Equal.

While you don’t need much to work out at home, having the right equipment is a big help.

All of the little things that you don’t really think about just make your overall experience better. From shaker bottles to heart rate monitors, to dumbbells, this section will cover all of the things I’ve tried and loved.I’ve tried a number of products over the years, and have settled on a handful that are durable, practical, and best of all – affordable.