Keto Delivered November 2015 Unboxing

Thanksgiving is now over (I hope you guys had a great one, by the way!) and most everyone has received their Keto Delivered box. I’ve been really excited to see all of the positive feedback and the huge amount of anticipation for the December box to become available.

With the holiday season in full effect, I thought that most people would be doing traveling in some sort of way: either by air or road. I wanted to make this Keto Delivered box something that will facilitate the holiday travels by including a few portable foods and things that are easy to carry along on any trip!

Now, the star of the box was definitely the mustard for me. While it isn’t exactly travel friendly, it definitely ties into the holidays. Since I was a kid, my dad has been a mustard fanatic. From bottles to jars, yellow to brown, he has tried mustard from all over the world – and while I hated it as a kid, I’ve grown to really love it. I hope you can join in on our family tradition and eat some mustard alongside us!

So, what’s in the box you ask? Let’s get into it: here’s the third month of Keto Delivered, unboxed for you!

Mustard & Co Classic


Mustard and Co. took shape in 2013 on the basis that food is best enjoyed in the company of bold condiments. After months in the kitchen tweaking his original recipe, and only minor injuries, Justin Hoffman teamed up with Bryan Mitchiner to provide high-quality, minimally processed mustard to the masses. The condiment world will never be the same.

Mustard and Co. emphasizes quality local ingredients, and traditional techniques that preserve the mustard seed’s inherent, horseradish-like spiciness. This guarantees that you get raw, organic, real mustard flavor with each taste, keeping your food in good company. Eat boldly.

Mustard has always been a holiday specific condiment for my family. Not only does my dad break out his special collection of mustards during this season, but he knows how to pair just about any of his mustard with a different food. From stuffed pork roulade, Brussels sprouts, and salmon to appetizers like cheese plates and chicken wings. There’s a different pairing for each mustard, depending on flavor and robustness.

Mustard and Co. did an awesome job with their mustard. Although it might be considered slightly carby for mustard – this stuff goes a LONG way. When you might use 1 tbsp. of mustard from the normal store, you’d only use about 1 tsp. or less of this. It’s super flavorful and super delicious. Oh, and did I forget to mention you can make some awesome hearty soups with it (like this mustard and tarragon chicken soup)?

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Moon Cheese: Gouda


It’s the cheese that CRUNCHES! Low carb, all natural, gluten free, non-GMO, high in protein, and an excellent source of calcium. They CRUNCHIFY 100% natural cheese into the tastiest snack possible (on this planet at least)! With all the goodness of cheese, Moon Cheese is the perfect on-the-go, healthy snack with no refrigeration required!

Moon Cheese has only one ingredient: cheese. That’s it, nothing else — just cheese! Each 2 ounce (57g) packet of Moon Cheese begins its life as 1/4 POUND (340g) of “raw” cheese. Using a unique technology, they remove only the water from the cheese while keeping all of its original nutrition & flavor. This is how Moon Cheese remains shelf-stable for up to one year without refrigeration! There’s nothing else like it, and they encourage you to share your Moon Cheese generously.

Anywhere you go, pack these in a bag. It’s cheese – without refrigeration and they taste awesome. One of my guilty pleasures growing up was cheese balls. Not just out of the bag (or in our case, the huge container), they had to harden up a bit. I was infamous in my family for leaving the lid off of the cheese balls so they became nice and stale – my favorite! Moon cheese brought back so many memories of that, and with such convenient small bags to take with you just about anywhere, they’re my new keto favorite.

Even if you don’t want to use them as a snack while traveling, they make for some creative additions to actual meals. Crumbling them up and using them as a topping (like I did in this Green Bean Casserole) or even coating chicken in it and frying it up – they taste fantastic and they add crunch to just about anything.

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S.A.L.T. Sisters Steakhouse Seasoning


s.a.l.t. sisters was named for daughters Sydney, Alexis, Lauren & Taylor and has grown to become a lifestyle company for your kitchen. Their products are designed to add flavor to your recipes and make cooking easier. They pride their spice mixes on the highest quality, non-GMO, gluten free, no preservative ingredients.

Adding spices to food should be super simple – not needing to combine 5 or 6 separate seasonings to have a good taste come through. Rather using a mix can be simplistic because you just have to add a little bit here and there to make your food taste great. One reason I loved this blend was because it had a heavy-handed approach to salt (similar to how I use salt in my own cooking).

Salt is very underutilized in cooking for most people. Though there are so many scare stories about not eating too much sodium, people on a ketogenic diet need extra sodium intake. So, using this seasoning on just about everything makes a lot of sense! Restaurant food is known to be good because of the extra salt they use in their seasoning, and this definitely makes any dish taste restaurant quality.

Obviously the first thing I wanted to try this on was steak (after all, it is named the steakhouse seasoning). Instead of going the regular routine of eating steak, I decided a cold steak salad was what I wanted. Let me just say that the flavors are out of this world – nice and subtle but brings just the right amount of everything you need. It goes well on eggs, in salad dressings, on just about any meat, and even roasted vegetables.

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Braaitime Peri Peri Biltong


Braaitime is providing you a delicious meaty piece of South Africa! Made from Kudu, Springbok, Wildebeest, or anything that roams the plains this tasty treat is nothing to take for granted. This biltong is made from beef. The result of this process is a firm tasty exterior, and a soft buttery interior, not unlike prosciutto. Their recipe comes from his wife’s family (they are Zimbabweans and have a unique take on the process).

Peri Peri is the African cousin of the Cayenne pepper. Also known as the African Birds Eye Pepper it has the same Skovel heat rating as cayenne pepper but with more peppery, earthy flavor. The pepper has always been used to add heat and flavor to dishes in Africa and was first popularized in Europe by the Portuguese about 400 years ago after they had sailed the Horn of Africa and discovered it.

Since 2005 Braaitime has been proud to provide this unique and high quality beef snack to you from their little USDA Plant in Monmouth County New Jersey. No wonder they’ve been in business so long – this stuff is just plain good. Unlike normal jerky, it’s a little bit more on the softer side, but that’s because it has more fat than typical jerky. It’s a super full bag, too, so you’re not just taking a small snack that lasts 5 minutes with you. You’re taking an entire meal with you that can fit in a backpack, suitcase, purse, or just under your arm.

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Skout Jalapeno Salsa Pumpkin Seeds


Bring on the Zest! Skout Organic’s Jalapeno Salsa Trailpaks, are one healthy snack that comes with a bit of a kick. Packed with a ton of great nutrients and protein these little seeds will get you through your day with a little extra spice!

These snack packs aren’t like your average pumpkin seeds. They’re well-seasoned and bring just enough kick to not make you get bored of eating the same thing over and over.

They’re also fantastic on salads (check this one out) or to add some extra crunch to your roasted vegetables. Not only that, but you can add it to mug cakes, grind it up and use it as a dusting coat on a chicken fried steak, pork chops, or even fish. I love foods that can have multiple uses – from traveling to cooking main courses, pumpkin seeds can definitely have a part in my regular kitchen rotation.

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Keto Bars


Keto Bars are a dark chocolate coconut nutrition bar that can be enjoyed as breakfast, a midday snack, or as a nice after dinner dessert. With a brownie like texture, they’re a great alternative to the usual chalky protein bars.

Keto Bars, with 18g fat, 7g protein, and only 2.5 net carbs are made with love and the exact types of ingredients that keto dieters are looking for. Out with the fake unnatural ingredients like sugar alcohols, in with natural dark chocolate, raw coconut, eggs, heavy cream, and butter. Plus, they’re handmade in the USA.

With typical protein bars, you’re getting all of the protein and none of the fat. Not to mention you’re looking at 15g or more sugar alcohols (most of the time being high GI sugar alcohols that spike blood sugar). Typical protein bars just aren’t cut out to be keto, and definitely should be avoided in most cases. Keto Bars are similar to a protein bar’s convenience, but are fat based rather than protein.

These little bars can keep you running for hours at a time. Take them camping, take them on the plane, or if you have a long road trip ahead of yourself – make sure you pack at least one! These are the perfect size tiny little bars that are literally like a fat bomb in your pocket. With just a small amount of protein in them it fills you up while eating it and the fat will act as a long lasting energy source. If you find yourself camping or traveling often, these are a must have!

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Stur Drinks Coconut Water & Pineapple


Stur is made from only the best natural fruit and stevia extracts – and never contain any artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. Their products are also sugar-free and calorie-free! Stur was made by a husband for his wife and twins – their brand is helping others to love water naturally.

Who doesn’t drink water? It’s refreshing, it’s great for you, and it keeps your body functioning properly. The only downside is that is can get boring when you’re chugging a gallon down a day. These little flavor shots are fantastic for those who get a little bored with ordinary water.

Normally with the crystal lite or MIO flavor shots, you’re looking at using a higher GI sweetener like Splenda as the base – but Stur uses stevia, which makes them unique. Plus, their flavor combinations are really great.

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Keto Delivered, Delivered!

As always, I hope you guys enjoyed reading the reasoning behind my choices for what went in the Keto Delivered box this month. It was a ton of fun to see what reactions people had this month. Since I normally include less snack-based items, I enjoyed seeing the feedback and I’m really happy everyone’s loving their boxes so far!

Make sure that if you want quality keto foods delivered right to your doorstep, grab yourself a box over at Keto Delivered. Be quick, though, the December box is extremely limited and will sell out within a short period of time!


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