Keto Delivered February 2016 Unboxing

In this month’s Keto Delivered box, I wanted to bring together some flavors that would go together well with a Valentine’s day theme. I thought that chocolate and spice would be perfectly paired when you think of foods that you may have on the special day.

I wanted to make sure that all of the larger items would last a long time and would keep fueling recipes from February until the March box was sent out. Alongside the larger items, there were a few smaller items for snacking and taking with you if you decided to take advantage of the weather that’s warming up quickly.

So, what’s inside the box you ask? Let’s get into it! Here’s the February Keto Delivered, unboxed for you!

Fix Hot Sauce


After visiting Vietnam, Fix made it their mission to bottle the premium bold flavors of South Asia and bring it back home. I have to say they did a really great job with this – the flavors are clean and not muddled like you see with many sriracha sauces out there.

Think about the classic sriracha and then add a texture and more in-your-face flavor to it. That’s exactly what Fix does with their hot sauce. Even though there are more carbs than other sauces in sriracha, you can use it sparingly while still getting all of the flavor that it has to offer because it really packs a punch. For example we made a Sriracha Crispy Baked Chicken that only uses 2 tbsp. sauce between 4 chicken thighs. That comes out to a very small 1.3g carbs per thigh, but none of the flavor is lost.

You can also go the route where you use the sriracha as more of a seasoning to flavor an entire dish as well. We decided to have a play on artichoke dip since it’s always a favorite to share with pork rinds: Spicy Chicken Artichoke Dip Casserole. We added chicken, artichokes, and cheese to create a creamy, spicy, and absolutely flavor packed dish that everyone will enjoy!

You can grab a bottle of their small-batch made hot sauce over at

NutZez Brownie Batter Almond Butter


Nut Zez is an all natural company providing almond butters that satisfy cravings in a healthy way with minimal ingredients.

Brownie. Batter. Almond butter. That pretty much describes the best taste that you can get on a spoon and into your mouth. It’s really easy to use in different ways, allowing you to create quite a lot of new recipes with it. This month they were our featured ingredient, with Double Chocolate Brownie Bars. Brownie bars with a chocolate icing on top and perfect for a quick/easy breakfast as you walk out the door.

If you want something a bit more on the simple side, you can definitely have it too. Ready in just minutes, a simple Brownie Batter Mug Cake will put the sweet cravings to rest.

You can see more of their awesome flavors at Make sure you use coupon KETO for 10% off!

Caveman Coffee Cacao Butter


Using only the sustainably sourced ingredients, Caveman Coffee uses only quality products from farms that they believe in.

Cacao butter is so versatile. It can be used in just about any type of recipe from savory to sweet because it breaks down into an oil the same way coconut oil does. At room temperature it’s solid, but it can be molded and flavored into any fat bomb you can dream up.

It’s a great substitution to change up your usual rotation of MCT/coconut oil in your ketoproof coffee in the morning, too! Plus, you can make these Keto Coffee Cubes for a super simple take on ketoproof coffee. Simply drop a block or two into your morning java and blend it up. Ready in just minutes and packed full of nutritious fats.

This month we really wanted to feature the cacao butter in a decadent way, and you can’t beat White Chocolate Macadamia Ice Cream. It’s super rich and tastes just as you’d expect it to.

You can see all of their coffee-centric goods at

Mission Meats Graze Sticks (x2)


100% Tasty Grass-Fed Beef sticks from Mission Meats are free of nitrates/nitrites, gluten, artificial coloring and MSG. Plus they give back 10% of their profits to great social companies out there to help the world be a better place.

When you think of snack sticks, you might think of a gas station embodiment of a Slim Jim. You definitely don’t think about that when you taste a stick of this kind of quality. Mission Meats is by far one of my favorite snack sticks out there – the flavor comes through with every bite and they’re not trying to mask the flavor of the meat itself.

See more of their mission and their wicked tasty meat sticks at Make sure to use coupon KETO for 10% off!

Adapt Bar


Born from a ketogenic lifestyle, Adapt offers great quality products that are low in carbs as well as the right fat to protein ratios.

This is one of my favorite changes from the regular old protein bar. They’re not marketing these as protein bars, as they’re going directly into the keto market; promising bars and coffee shots that can truly be your best friend. They bars are a bit small at first glance, but are fantastic when it comes to both the macros and the flavor. They definitely have no problem satiating you.

I really wanted to make a recipe with these, but I just love how they taste. There’s no recipe and alterations needed for this one – it’s exactly what you’d hope for in a keto bar. It’s almost like a little fat bomb that you can carry around anywhere for whenever you need a pick-me-up of fats.

See more of their delicious flavors and other products (like coffee shots!) over at

Keto Delivered, Delivered

I hope you all enjoyed the delicious treats that were inside the February Keto Delivered box. I’ve been having a ton of fun sourcing new items, meeting new people, and of course – supporting small businesses. That’s something we can all get behind!

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A sweet, chocolaty, and spicy box that revolved around a Valentine's Day theme. Make sure you check out February's Keto Delivered box!