Ronald Robinson Lost 100lbs with His Wife

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First off I just to say THANK YOU! My wife and I have lost a combined 100 lbs!

When we decided to go against humanity and cut carbs out of our diet it was terrifying to be honest. We just were tired of not being comfortable anymore. Everything was hard whether it be stairs or fitting in plane seats. Sucking my stomach in to bend down and tie my shoes was my breaking point so I began to do some research about keto diets and Ruled.Me popped up first.

Being somebody who does a lot of research before they pull the trigger, I went to other sites but NO ONE offered the content and guidance that you provided. With the recipes, you listed the foods to substitute in order to make them Ketofied. You made it easy to understand, implement, and maintain this lifestyle. I call it a lifestyle because diets are temporary and we REFUSE to go back.

Our health markers have all dramatically improved and honestly quality of life has also. To us there aren’t too many greater feelings than going through your closet and realizing that you are too SMALL to fit any of your clothes! I completely understand that there are many ways to reach a certain goal but eliminating carbohydrates has worked for us and Craig has made that road very smooth! Thank you again!

What is your favorite recipe from
It’s between the Low Carb Bacon Meatloaf and the Buttermilk Pancakes. Who doesn’t love bacon? I really thought going low carb I would have to say goodbye to my beloved pancakes. So to see I can still have my indulgence (just tweaked) was a life saver!

What is your favorite ingredient to use when making ketogenic recipes?
I have to say coconut flour! The versatility of it is endless. I use it in place of bread crumbs, making biscuits, and did I mention my love for pancakes?

What is/was your motivation to keep on track?
My motivation is my daughter. On a scale of 1-10 she is a 20 when it comes to energy. The way I felt when the weight began to come off through Ketosis was second to none. Having the energy and endurance to run and play with her was all I needed to make this my lifestyle.

Did you ever encounter a stall? If so, how did you get over it?
My wife and I did encounter a stall after about 3 mos we realized the weight wasn’t coming off as fast. I did some more research and realized that all fats are not created equal. Exchanging saturated fats for more of the Poly and Monounsaturated fats to our diet did the trick. These keep you on track and digest faster than saturated fat which will make your body tap into its body fat stores faster.

How did you hear about keto, and why did you start?
When my wife was pregnant with our daughter in 2012, she was placed on a low carb diet and she lost 30 lbs while pregnant! That was the first time being introduced to it but lacking the motivation and being ignorant to research about keto I didn’t follow along with her. A new baby and some 3 am bottle warming brought on the pounds. It wasn’t until Christmas 2014 we both looked at each other and said enough is enough and dove in head first. We had tried everything but didn’t realize that we had the blueprint for her pregnancy diet. Now the research began and Ruled.Me joined my vocabulary.

In what aspects have your life changed since going keto?
Obviously weight loss, energy, and a sudden need to overhaul my wardrobe. The one thing that stands out is Confidence. In my career, my faith, and overall view of myself in society my confidence has skyrocketed. I’ve always been very self conscious and wanted to transform but lacked the necessary tools to do anything about it. I was the guy who walked into a store and didn’t waste time looking at the clothes rack in the front of the store. I knew my section was far in the back, in the corner, close to the luggage. I thought that when clothes got tighter it just meant that I needed a bigger shirt. Now I’m 6’5” so going to that section will be a mainstay but now I can stop at 2X shirts and the 38 waist pants!

What piece of advice would you offer to people that are just starting out on keto?
Don’t quit! This can be used as a lifestyle or a diet. The dreaded “keto flu” is strong enough in some instances to knock most people out. But when I tell you the happiness that waits on the other side, you will plow through it. Also leaving carbs behind doesn’t mean chicken and broccoli are your future forever. A little effort can have you eating the same foods with just little tweaks to the recipe. Doesn’t a Bun-less bacon cheeseburger with an egg on top sound much better than a house salad with lemon juice as dressing?

What did you personally do in your first 2 weeks of keto? (i.e. Drink broth, go for a walk, throw food out, etc.)
Exercise! I took up bodybuilding and my wife began taking bootcamp classes. We also got rid of all temptation in our house (Rice, cookies, sugar) just to make the transition easier. You will come face to face with those things but your goal has to outweigh your temporary satisfaction. We have those things now just because of our daughter but saying no to them is second nature now.