Karla and Juan Carlos Lost Over 100 Lbs Together!

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Hello my dear fellow keto community. My name is Karla Ugarte and I am a 45 year old elementary teacher from Hidalgo, Texas.

All my life I have been morbidly obese since I was a toddler. I used to be in tons of diets all the time. I took many weight loss medications that only made my problem worse and make me gain more pounds every time I failed. I always felt that nothing would ever work for me and felt very miserable, depressed and tired all the time.

After I got married I developed more severe complications due to my obesity such as diabetes, high blood pressure, severe sleeping apnea that would make me fall asleep all day while teaching to my wonderful students. About 10 months ago my wonderful husband Juan Carlos found an article on the web about the ketogenic lifestyle and he loves cooking a lot so he said that he wanted to try it with me and that I didn’t need to worry anymore about cooking since he was the one that was going to provide me with delicious ketogenic meals that he had found all over the internet.

Both of us completely changed the way we were eating and started eating his delicious Mexican keto meals. Soon we noticed that the pounds started to melt by eating in a very delicious and fulfilling way. After 3 months my doctor was shocked when my diabetes, sleeping apnea and high blood pressure were reversed and I no longer needed any medications. For the first time in my life, I was feeling very happy, full of energy and with lots of confidence. I have lost 70 pounds and my hubby has lost 45 pounds in just 10 months and we love the ketogenic lifestyle.

At my school, everybody started to notice how much weight I was loosing and they all saw my delicious Mexican ketogenic plates that my hubby was preparing that soon many other teachers wanted to follow keto and wanted to buy my husband’s ketogenic Mexican meals. It’s been one of the greatest joys of my life to finally be able to set my body free from all diseases that affect obese people. I feel like a totally new person and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me and my loving and supporting keto hubby.

You asked me what tactics did I employed to help me get to my goal? My answer is that I am still working towards my goal. I still haven’t lost all the weight that I need to loose since it has been only 10 months following the ketogenic way of life but what has helped me the most is to make it simple. Just stick myself eating clean, nothing very processed, I eat lots of healthy fats to keep myself from becoming hungry and eat lots of great healthy carbs such as plenty of greens with fat since I have noticed that eating great fiber helps me lose more weight and doesn’t have an impact in spiking my insulin response. Also, I have found great low carb desserts in www.ruled.me such as cakes and cookies for when I have a craving for something sweet.

A piece of advice that I always give to my keto friends is to never give up. Sometimes we are humans that go through difficult situations and may fall off the keto wagon for a meal or for a day but living the keto WOE is about being patient and not giving up ever. The secret to being successful in keto is found in the daily routine of eating clean as much as you can, in the daily small improvements in the way we eat until we can see the long term results of our effort.

Other things that have made an impact in eating keto is that I surround myself with people that understand the importance of eating in a low carb way. I have friends, coworkers and lots of support groups in facebook that embrace keto and share recipes such as your page. I also try to keep a journal with my measurements and my weight. Apps such as my fat secret and my fitness pal can also help people to track their macros and weight loss.

One of the favorite recipes I enjoy the most from www.ruled.me since I love spicy food is the Buffalo Chicken with Jalapeno and the Low Carb Pepperoni Pizza for my kids. I am so grateful to have found a great way to lose weight and feel healthy and I just can’t believe how easy it is to lose weight and eat in a very delicious way.