Kris Went from a Size 20 to a Size 6 on Keto

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I have had great success not only in weight loss but in many other facets of my health and wellness. I have been on a strictly ketogenic diet since July 2018. I avoid all grains, sugars, starches, and stay under 20g TOTAL carbs per day. In that time, I have lost 75lbs! ( yeah!!) Also, a chronic hives condition no doctor Could figure out…(2 years with horrible hives) is gone.

I haven’t had Asthma now for a year (after 15 years with it bad), I was on blood pressure meds for 5 years, and now med free for a year. My IBS I had for years is gone. Off anti-depressants and all in all feel like a new happy, healthy gal! I started as a size 20, and just zipped up a size 6 this AM!

1. What tactics did you employ to help you get to your goal? What did you find helped you get to your goals best?

The first thing I did was to seek out recipes for the special occasions that would inevitably pop up in life. Easy appetizers to bring to a gathering, and nailing down a killer cupcake for birthday celebrations. I never show up without one dish of “keto” foods, so I know I will always have something to eat if I want it.

If I could stay on track during those times, I could easily do the in-between. I then looked for casseroles, and things I could prep one day a week and eat over multiple times throughout the week. Sunday became prep day and I would portion easy to grab meals so there were no excuses. I cleaned my cupboards of processed, sugar-laden, high carb foods so there were no temptations. I got some friends on board and kept them (and myself) accountable.

2. What is the most impactful change you’ve made to your diet and why do you feel it’s been the most important?

Cutting out processed foods. Eating real, whole, foods has made a big difference. I feel better, my digestion is better, and I know what goes into things. I focus on eating ingredients, not things comprised of ingredients as much as possible. If I buy a package, I scrutinize its ingredients. If I don’t know what one is, it doesn’t come home with me.

3. What is the best single piece of advice you can give to someone that is just starting out?

Stay 100% for 30 days. Absolutely no cheating of any kind. Dedicate that much time to yourself. I feel like if someone does that and sees the results, it is so motivating, they have a better success rate. And replenish your electrolytes! Keto flu doesn’t have to be a thing!!!

4. How do you feel your life is now that you’re at your goal?

My life has improved in so many ways. I am off all medications, I have more energy, I have even been told my personality has improved. I have succeeded at work, in love.. etc. I have more energy to go out and do things. I am no longer the couch potato hermit I used to be!

5. What do you consider the biggest change in your day-to-day life?

I cook every day. Even if its just something small, I am always am throwing something together. (but I like it)

6. What did you do to find support throughout your journey?

I set up a small facebook group with myself and 4 others to do it together. Our group of 5 has lost about 400lbs. Now my private FB space has 149 people all friends, or friends of friends who have seen success first hand, and want to try it too.

7. What do you currently do to manage your day-to-day diet?

After 19 months, it’s pretty natural to me. I don’t track macros anymore. I am more conscious of portion sizes, I continue to eat real foods, and I intermittent fast now.

8. What is your favorite keto recipe from that’s become a staple?

Instant Pot Smothered Pork Chops. In fact, making it tonight again. SO good.

9. If there is one thing that you could do differently during your journey, what would it be and why?

Weigh less. I would get frustrated by the scale and let it affect me. I rarely weigh now, I just go by how my clothes feel, the notch on my belt etc.