I no longer have to take any acid reflux meds

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I thought I’d send you an update, along with pics taken last month after I’m down 30 pounds.

I started back on a protein power type of low-carb diet on 1/17/15. For the next two months, I research a keto/lchf way of eating. I found your website and purchased the Keto Academy to get me started. Then around 3/17/15, I started doing a ketogenic WOE. In the two months prior I had lost 9 pounds, but wasn’t happy with that way of eating.

I love keto/lchf, which is a very satisfying way of eating. Since January, I have now lost a total of 35 pounds with no stalls. I average over 4 pounds every 30 days, which is fine by me, since I’m doing this for my health. I no longer have to take any acid reflux meds, hope to be off my blood pressure meds, as well as watching the weight almost effortlessly comes off.

Thanks for your website and all the recipes and aids you have there,

Elaine Markley

What is your favorite recipe from Ruled.me?
Love all your mug cakes and your Asian Chicken Thighs.

What is your favorite ingredient to use when making ketogenic recipes?
Probably just being able to use lots of fat. I buy leaf lard on ebay and fry chicken and veggies in that.

What is/was your motivation to keep on track?
My motivation isn’t weight loss, although that’s definitely a bonus. It’s all for my health and getting off my blood pressure meds, as well as feeling good.

Did you ever encounter a stall? If so, how did you get over it?
Low carb since January, keto since March with NO stalls. It’s not the fastest weight loss, but so far I’m losing on average 4.2 pounds every 30 days! I’m now down 35 pounds. I only weigh once every 30 days, as well as taking measurements I’m most concerned about, neck, waist, belly and hips.

How did you hear about keto, and why did you start?
Even though I started a Protein Power low carb diet in January, I was wanting something more, so started researching keto and started that in March. I had already been following low-carb recipe blogs when the keto diet kept coming up. After researching, I decided, this was definitely the way to change and sustain a lifestyle way of eating.

In what aspects have your life changed since going keto?
I have been able to get off all acid reflux meds, which I had been on for years and years! I hope to be able to get rid of my high blood pressure meds as well.

What piece of advice would you offer to people that are just starting out on keto?
Do your research! It seems like on the Keto Facebook groups I follow, I am always telling people how to prevent or get over the ‘keto flu’! Drink half your weight in ounces of water per day and be sure and get enough good salt like Celtic Grey Sea Salt or Himalayan Pink Salt! I don’t know if the fact that I had started low carbing in January, or the fact that I knew about the loss of electrolytes and needing water and salt, prevented me getting ‘keto flu’ but I never felt bad from day one.

What did you personally do in your first 2 weeks of keto? (i.e. Drink broth, go for a walk, throw food out, etc.)
I made sure to drink enough water and get enough good salt. I also made bone broth and would drink that. The biggest adjustment for me was getting enough fat in my diet! I’m the type of person who has no problem tracking what I eat daily. I still do! Because I’ve dieted on and off for years on various different diets, I track my calories as well as my macros. I use your macro calculator and also after I’ve lost more weight, reuse it to get the latest info. Since I started, I bought a new refrigerator and when I cleaned the old one out, I threw away everything that was not keto. A few months later I did the same in my pantry. There is nothing now in the house that I can’t have. I still eat out once a week for lunch with a friend, but know what to eat. I’m not interested in cheating and haven’t. There are some days when I seem to be hungrier. On those days, I eat more fat. There are so many recipes on your website, as well as the rest of the Internet, that I really don’t believe there isn’t anything that can’t be remade as low-carb/keto! I love this way of eating. It is the best way in the world to get healthy, stay healthy, and lose weight! I’m always trying to convert other people to this way of eating as well!