Ben’s 115 Pound Weight Loss

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Today I’m sharing the story of Ben. With a total weight loss of 115 pounds and a complete turnaround in his life, he’s done an awesome job at losing the weight and keeping it off. Now he’s going for athleticism and living a healthy life!

If you’re just starting off, my best advice for you is don’t cheat, and BE STRICT. Very strict with yourself for the first 2-4 weeks.  Most of all, stay SIMPLE. Don’t over-complicate things too early on, otherwise you’ll start to feel overwhelmed and not want to do it.

Will you get bored of the foods if you keep it overly simply? Yes. But, will you see results? Most definitely.

Once you get through 2-4 weeks of simple, slight boring, but strict meals – start venturing out into trying the treats and more complex dishes. Oh, and please, for the love of EVERYTHING – drink lots of water. 3-4 litres. Every. Single. Day.

Now that I’ve put my 0.02¢ in, I’ll let Ben take it away!

Name & Age


My name is Ben Holcomb, and I’m 27.


Before Keto




My life before keto was a little bit lackluster. It was all work and no established social life. I never had a problem talking to people or building relationships, but my dating life wasn’t thrilling me and my confidence was decreased in some areas.


Why Keto?


Honestly, I read an article on Drew Carey’s dramatic 100 pound weight loss and how low-carb dieting helped him. I’m naturally an obsessive researcher with excessive curiosity, so I read all about low carb and ketosis. I was hooked and I started within a week, lost 15 pounds my first month and never looked back.


How Much Have You Lost?




I lost 115 pounds in 11 months and have kept it off. Now I am doing keto again to help me reach my athletic goals.

I stuck to under 40g of actual carbs a day (didn’t count net carbs). I walked a lot. Though I workout a lot now, I actually didn’t workout much during my initial weight loss. I walked a lot in the city, but zero visits to the gym the first time around.


What About Other Benefits?


Much better skin complexion, and dramatically less inflammation. Sometimes my legs actually feel massaged after a 3-4 mile run. It’s truly remarkable.