I am confident that Keto will help me do it

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I would like to share my keto weight loss story. Attached are my before and after photos. (Before in pink, after in black). I started my keto lifestyle last year September 2014 and it helped me lose 40 pounds in 4 months. I went from 243lbs to 203 lbs. Granted, I wasn’t super strict doing keto at this time, but it still helped me lose a significant amount of weight and I have kept it off. Currently, I am back on keto and this time I am being strict with it. (no cheat days). I have about 60-70 more pounds to lose and I am confident that keto will help me do it. Cheers to health!

Deanna Garret Keto Success Story

The ruled.me site has helped me. I get emails all the time with recipes for delicious meals and tips to stick with keto. It is really nice to know there are others out there supporting me during this time, and giving me free tips on how to get healthy!

– Deanna Garret