Dawn Lost 50 Lbs

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It all started November 2014 with boimetrics testing for our health insurance. After getting my results, I just wanted to cry. I want to be healthy for myself and my kids. I’ve tried every diet imaginable with little to no success. February 2015 I did a lot of research on ketogenic lifestyle and started to make a change. I use ruled.me to figure my macro nutrients and I LOVE the recipes! I try at least 1 new recipe a week, being a busy working mother of 2. At my heaviest in February I started at 240lbs. As of September 15,2015 I’m at 189. I lose between 1-2 pounds a week and I am getting a lot of folks asking how did I do it?! I give them my go to site (ruled.me) and tell them to try it, it will change your life! I’m so happy with the results and success I’ve had and I’m looking forward to this year’s boimetrics screening.

Dawn keto success story

What is your favorite recipe from Ruled.me?
My name is Dawn. I love the keto waffles. They are easy to make and versatile so I can make them up ahead of time and freeze then toast them. Also the browned butter pecan ice cream.

What is your favorite ingredient to use when making ketogenic recipes?
I use a lot of coconut oil and heavy cream in my food/drinks that tends to be the #1 ingredients I replace often.

What is/was your motivation to keep on track?
Once I started seeing results the choice was easy for me to keep going, I think you really have to get it in your mind set that you want to change.

Did you ever encounter a stall? If so, how did you get over it?
I did experience some stalls along the way and adjusted my diet by either intermittent fasting or a fat fast.

How did you hear about keto, and why did you start?
I heard about keto from Dr. Sarah Hallberg who also shared recipes with me to try. I had a cholesterol screen last week my before was over 400 and the doctor’s office called to share that it is now 93!! Its a great feeling to know that the changes I’ve made to my diet and life will keep me healthy and happy.

In what aspects have your life changed since going keto?
I have had an overwhelming amount of compliments and encouraging things said to me about my weight that also keep me on track.

What piece of advice would you offer to people that are just starting out on keto?
Starting out on keto I would say that it takes some tweaking and getting used to eating that amount of fat but once you get the hang of it the weight just slowly comes off every week without much effort.

What did you personally do in your first 2 weeks of keto? (i.e. Drink broth, go for a walk, throw food out, etc.)
My first two weeks of keto I drank ketoproof keto coffee every morning and I walked 2 days a week. I do like to do yoga at home and a few strength training exercises to keep up my muscle mass. I feel fantastic and I’m never going back to the old me! Thank you for sharing all your recipes and information to help us along our journey.