Start Your Keto Journey Right

Updated Jan 3rd, 2018 – Written by Craig Clarke

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Here are a few of the things you’ll get:

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  • Downloadable guides to use on-the-go.
  • Meal plans to show you exactly what to eat.
  • Grocery lists that you can print out and take with you.
  • Layman explanations of confusing topics (like macros).
  • Tips on eating, budgeting, planning, and more.
  • A roadmap to keto – all of the tools you need to succeed.
  • Personal help and advice directly from me.
Pave your way to success! Our 7 day keto crash course will help you understand the building blocks of keto.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does keto sound right for you? Here are some of the most commonly asked questions:

Q. How much weight will I lose on this challenge?
A. It depends from person to person. If you weigh much more than the average person, you can also expect to lose much more weight. The rate at which you lose fat varies tremendously. Your height, weight, body fat %, activity levels, and what you eat greatly impact your results. If you stay strict and consistent, you can expect great results.

Q. Why only 7 days?
A. You can learn all of the basics in 7 days or less. When it comes to understanding what and why you only need a few days. We help with tools to simplify understanding keto and give you meals, grocery lists, and tips on how to succeed. The meal plans included have a span of 30 days or longer – so you will always have a reference.

Q. How many carbs are allowed on this challenge?
A. Generally, between 20-30g net carbs are aimed for per day.

Q. Should I exercise while on this challenge?
A. You can, but it’s not required. Exercise and fasting can always boost your results, but if you’re already struggling there is no point in trying to do more. Do the challenge at your own pace.

Q. I’m vegetarian/vegan, can I still do this challenge?
A. You can, but many of our tools and recipes are written with meat-eaters in mind. You can still participate (we are doing our best to add more vegan/vegetarian recipes to the website), but please keep in mind some of our literature and downloadables will contain meat-based recipes.

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Food You’ll Eat

You won’t find any sugar-filled meals here. We’re all about fat forward cooking that brings the flavor along with it! When you’re cooking great for yourself, you won’t miss any of the carbs. Below, you can see some examples of the food you can eat while staying healthy:

Success Stories

Real people do keto. I have personally lost over 90 pounds with keto and have been on keto for over 7 years. We start for the weight loss, we stay for health! Below are just a few of the thousands of success stories. Need more motivation? Head over to our Success Stories >

Taryn Baacke Keto Success Story

Taryn’s 32 lb. Journey: Dedication and consistency go a long way – join in with our successes.

Tony Keto Success Story

Tony’s 50 lb. Success: Small changes can intill big impacts on our life.

Pave your way to success! Our 7 day keto crash course will help you understand the building blocks of keto.