The Keto Academy

Keto Made Easy

Keto Academy goes above and beyond, approaching weight loss and optimal health from every angle. It includes an all-inclusive guide to the ketogenic diet to a comprehensive meal plan that spans an entire month of meals that are easy to create and delicious to eat.

Keto Slow Cooking Made Easy

Slow Cooking Has Never Been Easier

Keto Slow Cooking is an art. When done right, it’ll produce fantastic and delicious results. In this recipe book, you’ll find incredible time saving meals ranging from breakfast to dessert.

– 40 Unique Mouthwatering Recipes
– Wide Variety of Cuisines
– Easy-to-Use Layout
– Simple, Everyday Ingredients
– Nutritional Breakdown for Every Recipe

And much more…

Keto-fied! Comfort Foods Made Low Carb

Your Favorites, Without the Carbs

Getting a little more technical, we start reaching into the vast foods we have available to us. From natural sweeteners, to specialty flours, we use what we have available to really boost what we put in front of us.

Beautiful, vivid photography accompanies each recipe in the book, so let your eyes lead your appetite. You’ll get a true impression of the look and texture of each dish before you even set foot in the kitchen. If you want to keep eating those delicious comfort foods you’ve come to love, then this is a book you’ll really want to have.

Cooking by the RULED Book

Simple, Easy, and Delicious Recipes

If you want easy recipes that can be made in advance, then this book is for you. Ranging from breakfast to dessert to snacks, this will cover the basis for almost all your needs and then some.

Not only are these recipes easy, they are delicious to boot. Allowing you to relax in your time off, and still have lunch ready for the next day.

With a new-found arsenal of variety, Cooking by the RULED Book is sure to leave you and your family salivating as you discover the secrets to delicious and healthy low carb menu options for all occasions.