How to Cook Perfect Crispy Bacon in the Oven

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I like to think one of the main reasons we switch over to a ketogenic diet is not for losing weight or living a healthier lifestyle, but for the love of the glorious bacon we get to eat all the time. Don’t get me wrong, losing weight and living healthy is great, but not as great as the first taste of bacon you get in the morning on a daily basis!

Being as I consume bacon so often, I was starting to get tired of the same old pan fried, semi-dry and sometimes soggy mess that ends up coming out. I started experimenting with oven cooking the bacon, and granted it is a lot better – it wasn’t perfect.

Adding a small pool of water around your bacon will help the meat stay tender and juicy while the fat and edges of the meat get to crisp perfection.

You might be asking: What do I do with all the bacon grease that’s laying on that baking sheet? Save it for next time. Instead of using water, use the extra bacon fat. Baking bacon in bacon drippings? I think that’s an instant win.

The Preparation

  • Bacon
  • Bacon
  • Bacon

Wait, did I remember to say bacon?

The Execution

1. Preheat your oven to 400 degrees.

2. Get a cookie sheet that’s laying around and put some foil over it.

3. Lay down your strips of bacon in a neat row, so they are just about touching each other on each side.

4. Pour 1 cup of water over the bacon – try to distribute it evenly.

Add Water on top of the bacon

5. Put your bacon into the oven for 20 minutes. Yes, it takes a long time – but it’s well worth the wait.

Fresh bacon in the oven

6. Keep waiting.

Crisping up

7. Jeez, how long is this going to take!? I want my bacon already!

Bacon almost finished

8. Oh good it’s finally done! Take your bacon out and observe that beautiful pork.

Beautiful bacon

9. Transfer that bacon over to a paper towel to drain excess grease and ensure maximum crispiness.


10. Put this stuff on anything and everything!

Delicious and crisp bacon from the oven