What is BPC?

BPC is the abbreviation for Bulletproof coffee, which is simply based on the idea of adding fat to your coffee to give you a fat-filled energy boost to start your morning.

The official recipe relies on Bulletproof products, including Bulletproof coffee and brain octane oil with some non-bulletproof branded grass-fed butter (or bulletproof ghee) as well. Altogether, these ingredients increase your ketone levels and give you a massive boost of energy and mental clarity to start your day.

The sales pitch for getting all of these “high-quality” bulletproof products is tempting, but you don’t need these products to make your very own Bulletproof-esque coffee. In fact, we show you how to get all of the same benefits with cheaper ingredients of similar quality with our ketoproof coffee and iced ketoproof green tea.

Plus, if you want to get a much cheaper version of Brain Octane Oil, all you need to do is search for an MCT supplement that only contains caprylic acid (the C8 medium chain triglyceride). This MCT absorbs much more quickly and tends to increase ketone levels more rapidly than the standard MCT oil supplements.

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