Should I take keto//os or other ketone supplements?

Keto//os and other ketone supplements do raise ketone levels, but they don’t come with all of the benefits of a ketogenic diet. If you want a ketone boost while you are on the ketogenic diet, I recommend supplementing with medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) instead.

For those that are looking to supplement with a KETO//OS product, I recommend going for KETO//OS 2.1 (with ketone salts and MCTs) because it will provide you with the most ketone boosting potential.

To take a closer look at Keto//os products and their potential benefits and side effects, click here to be taken to an in-depth article on the topic.

Whether or not you decide to supplement with KETO//OS, MCT oil, or another ketone boosting supplement, keep in mind that it will not provide you with all of the positive effects that you can get from the ketogenic diet. To find out how to get all of these benefits, check out our keto diet beginner’s guide.

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