Should I take a multivitamin?

It depends on your diet and health needs, but you most likely won’t need to take a multivitamin while you are on the keto diet.

The only time a multivitamin would be beneficial is if you are eating mostly processed foods that have almost no vitamins and minerals in them. On the other hand, if you eat a wide variety of keto foods, you’ll probably be providing your body with all of the vitamins and minerals that it needs.

This is due to the fact that the keto diet is rich in micronutrient dense foods like low carb vegetables, low carb fruit, dairy, meat, eggs, fish, and organ meats. By eating a wide variety of these foods, you will cover your vitamin and mineral needs — and it will be much safer and healthier for you than taking multivitamin supplements.

To make sure you aren’t deficient in any micronutrients, you can use the cronometer app (we teach you how to set it up in this article). If you notice you are not getting enough of certain vitamins or minerals, take a look at our guide to micronutrients to find out what keto foods you should eat more of or take a vitamin/mineral supplement that covers your needs.

It is important to cover your needs individually rather than just consuming a broad spectrum multivitamin because some vitamins and minerals can be toxic to the body in high doses.

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