Lower Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is estimated to cause about 12.8% of all deaths, according to the World Health Organization. Fortunately, The current research data suggests that the ketogenic diet may be the solution to this problem.

When researchers compared the impact that the low-carbohydrate diet and three other diets had on blood pressure and other measures of cardiovascular fitness in women, they found that the low carb dieters had the best results.

These participants decreased their systolic and diastolic blood pressure more than any other group.

This data was later confirmed in another study where researchers compared the low-carbohydrate diet to a combination of a low-fat diet and orlistat (a weight-loss and blood pressure lowering medication) on blood pressure. After the study was complete, the researchers concluded that low carb diets are:  “more effective for lowering blood pressure.”

This doesn’t mean you should throw your blood pressure medication away just yet. Make sure you read through this article and discuss the keto diet with your doctor first.

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