Donna is 25 Pounds Down Since the New Year!

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When Donna shared her story in the Ketogenic Living Facebook Group, I thought it was fantastic! I asked her if I could share it on here and she was happy to oblige. So far, she’s down 25 pounds since the New Year, but isn’t stopping there. She wants everyone to know the great weight loss benefits of Keto. Here’s Donna!

Hi Craig,

I was always a thin person. I could eat whatever I wanted and I didn’t have any consequences for it. I was a carb junkie for 35 years. But then something happened. My clothes started to get tight. My stomach started to protrude. I started to gain weight. As I got older, my active lifestyle no longer sustained my way of eating.

At 36 I was 5’6″ and 130 lbs. By 41 I was 170 lbs. As my size 14 jeans started to become tighter I knew that I would not be able to stay the course I was on forever. I didn’t have a lot of time to devote to working out though. I work 10 hour shifts sitting down on an assembly line. How was I going to do this?


I had become aware of the Ketogenic Diet on Reddit. I remember reading about it so I went to the subreddit to look around. The photos astounded me. The before and after shots… wow. And as I read on I could see that people were able to do this without having to devote hours of their lives at the gym. I was on board.

At work, after the 1st of the year 2014, we decided to have a Biggest Loser competition and I knew it was the perfect time to do this. My journey started. I devoured as much information as I could read. I looked at numerous recipe sites. I had a new found love for cooking (I hated cooking before this, I ate just to get over being hungry, but I ate foods loaded with carbs.)


As the weeks went on, my husband began to notice the changes in me. He began to try the food I was making. He became convinced in this way of life. As of today he has lost 30 lbs. I wish I had pictures of him to share too!

Our competition at work has ended, and I’m down 25 lbs! But this story isn’t over. I just joined a 90 day low carb challenge. I’m still going to enter my stats into My Fitness Pal to keep accountable to myself. I’m going to keep connecting with people who also live this lifestyle. I’m going to encourage those that need it, and if I slip up I will not beat myself up. I am going to continue this for the long haul. I’m much better off for it.

Thanks for letting me share Craig! (No need to thank me, your story was great. I wish you the best of luck on your continuing journey ahead!)