Dirty Blondie Pancake Stack

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For those of you who don’t know, today is National Pancake Day! Normally I’d be ignoring that fact, making a ketoproof coffee or some scrambled eggs, and calling it a morning. This time around, that is NOT happening – I’m making my pancakes and eating them too.

When Mellissa told me I could do a guest post on her site over at I Breathe I’m Hungry, I was super excited. Such a widely known blog letting…me, of all people, post on her blog? Well, that showed I must be doing something right! I knew exactly which recipe I wanted to post over there – pancakes!

I call these Dirty Blondie Pancakes, but they’re certainly far from dirty and definitely close to deliciousness served up on a plate.

It’s a stack of 2 types of pancakes: Maple Pecan and Brownie Batter Chocolate Chunk! You really can’t go wrong with maple and chocolate going together, and believe me – this won’t set you astray.

Fluffy, sweet, delicious pancakes. The maple pecan comes out quite a bit sweeter than the chocolate – but I think it works very well together. Not only do they complement each other’s flavor, but the sweetness plays off one another too!

Mellissa has been doing low carb versions of recipes for a long time, in fact; she started blogging all the way back in 2011! She’s got some crazy delicious recipes, decadently tempting photos, and a sinfully creative mind. Check her out some time!

Oh, I’m sure you’re all wondering about the recipe, don’t you worry. The recipe is over on her site:

Dirty Blondie Pancake Stack Recipe

Hope you guys enjoy, and happy pancake day!

Dirty Blondie Pancake Stack - Low Carb and Gluten Free Breakfast Recipe - Shared via www.ruled.me