Motivate the Keto Community

Inspire people to follow in your footsteps by sharing your success story.

Just being able to see that it can be done by the average person is a huge boost in confidence for ketoers just starting. For veterans, it can help push through a plateau or pull them back up when things aren’t going their way. Keep us going with your stories!

Prizes to Win

We’re excited to reward the most motivating success stories with over $2400 in prizes!

  • 1st. $500 Amazon Gift Card + $300 in keto goodies
  • 2nd. $400 Amazon Gift Card + $200 in goodies
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To enter, scroll below and share your story with us – it’s that easy.

Share your keto success story for a chance to win some awesome prizes!

Share Your Success Story

Do you want to motivate others in the keto community? Simply tell us a little bit about you, your success, and how you made it. Attach a photo of your starting and end points in your journey, and we’ll get back to you to follow up with some additional information!

P.S. Remember that success doesn’t only mean weight loss. It can mean getting your blood sugar under control, getting off medications, or any other type of non-scale victory!

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We’re excited to hear your story – make sure to enter before the end of January to be in the running!