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    Help getting a pump

    Hey guys, first time at this type of diet and first time here. 36 years old, bulk/cut style training most of my life but only now starting Keto have I seen the best results I have ever achieved. I carb up once every two weeks.

    Been reading a lot about how the pump is gone due to no carbs and it's killing me because as I have been getting older I have been training only for the pump. I am dieting happy on about 10-20g of carbs a day but wondering will there be any benefit as far as getting a pump goes if I were to take in some type of carb pre- training in the hopes that I burn it off anyway? I use supplements, try the top-of-the-line new stuff always, citrulline, arginine, agmatine etc. but no matter what I do I can't get a pump for the life of me and I used to train lightweight high intensity and get ridiculous pumps when eating "normal".

    Any help?

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    RE: Help getting a pump

    Can I ask how long you've been on CKD?

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    RE: Help getting a pump

    Dr Davis just sent out an email about this so Im sure its on his wheatbelly blog.
    It takes 4-6wks to adapt over, once ur in ketosis, to get back to normal and then increase with your athletics, including wgt lifting. You will feel terrible even, for a few wks. Do not give in and carb up. Just lay low if you can and it will come back. Ive read about runners who can run marathons with just water and FEEL GREAT at the end. But if they were to try it in the first months of ketosis they would have keeled over.

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    RE: Help getting a pump

    Quote Originally Posted by Craig
    Can I ask how long you've been on CKD?
    This is good to know! I was wondering how long it would take until I felt better and got my pump back!

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