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    Overtraining made me pre-diabetic?

    Hi all,

    I'm training for Ironman (will be in 3 weeks) and following - not always strictly - a keto diet.

    I use a Precision Xtra blood meter for monitoring.

    Then on 17th January I ran twice as far as I usually run and much further than I should have. Almost got sick. Felt low for a few days. But the night before that, my glucose and ketones were 87 and 2.2 respectively. Since then my glucose has sometimes been over 100 even in a fasted state.

    Now I'm worried that I'm pre-diabetic.

    I wasn't sure where to post this or who to ask for help, so I'm starting here.

    I have attached my weight, fat%, ketones and glucose graphs as well as all entries with associated notes.

    I can include more information if necessary including complete meal list over same time period and resting HR and HRV data from my Garmin fenix5.

    Hopefully someone here can help me to stop stressing out.
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