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    Chocolate Keto Brownie

    Hello everyone, this is actually a recipe taken from this website but I was bored and did a video on how I make it. I also changed the recipe a little bit. It's so simple to make and so tasty that I make this every week. It is perfect for keto diet.
    Preparation time: about 10-15 minutes
    Cooking time: 25 minutes
    1,458 KCAL
    11g of Carb (3%)
    35g of Protein (10%)
    137g of Fat (87%)

    3 eggs
    100g Mascarpone
    100g Butter (82% fat)
    50g Cocoa Powder (lowest carb powder you can find)
    Any type of essence that you like, as much as you like (just don't put the whole bottle)
    Sweetner (any type that you normally use, as much as you think is sweet enough for you)
    75g of Almonds (in my video I forgot to add almonds so the info you have above is without the almonds, just add it yourself

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    I followed the directions and I must say that the brownie came out just as in the youtube video posted. It tastes just like a regular brownie, with a very slight hint of bitterness from the cocoa powder. The rum extract provides a nice, intense flavor to the overall taste. There could be no better treat for the Chocolate Cake Day.

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