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    Having issues after my first week

    After 1 week on Keto, my body does not like me so much. I have stomach cramps and diarrhoea. My energy level is low. Any ideas for me?

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    Don't give up on it just yet. As with any diet, your body is changing its "chemistry". So its common to experience some side effects. What you are experiencing is something called the "Keto Flu". Its a result of the lack of carbs that your body is used to. Keep hydrated (more than you normally would). Once you get out of that "flu", it should go away and you should actually feel more energized.

    Research as much as you can about keto...the first few weeks is always hard for most because you're learning so many new things.
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    How? <25g carbs per day

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    If you are use MCT oil in your diet USE THE POWDER. Less risk of Diarrhea. I am starting from scratch and I know you can do this. The 1st week can be tough as your body will stop burning sugar and start burning fat (can take up to a few weeks). Make sure you are getting your electrolytes and vitamins you need too.

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