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Thread: TKD?

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    Hi, I'm Rhonda,
    I'm 48, Mother of 6 girls. Youngest being 4. Its my time at last to invest in myself! YAY!! I have been following a strict Keto diet (no dairy, green carbs) since Jan 2nd, with great success!! This Monday will begin my 4th week of weight training/conditioning which I do 4x a week with 45mins cardio on the 3 off days. My question is...should I give my body more time to adapt? or should I try TKD? My trainer, not knowing a lot about Keto, was under the impression that Keto was for seditary people. She suggested I eat some slow burning carbs like oatmeal. But from what I'm learning...I don't want to do that. Would it be recommended to wait and let my body adjust or maybe add a EFX Karbolyn drink before my weight work outs?
    Thank you for your thoughts and help...

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    RE: TKD?

    Personally I can't see the need for TKD and I lift weights 4 or 5 days a week. I did look into it and considered it briefly, but honestly don't feel the need. I just keep it keto and eat more fat when I'm more active.

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